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Xim the despot

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Home. Xim the Despot. He possessed advanced technology for his time, including stores of Kiirium for shielding of space vessels and Mytag used in crystalline form as oscillators in old subspace communications and detection equipment.

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A long time ago there was a Despot named Xim. This is his story… The Tion Cluster.

The wealth of xim the despot - han solo and the lost legacy - tapcaf transmissions #26

Son of pirate-king. The pirate-king Xer. Raiding, conquering Tion. Slaughtering as well. The Kingdom of Cron.

The imperial talker

Xim smashes the League. Expansionist Xim, the Tionese Empire grows under his rule. Janissary troops. Glossy, black armor. Famous war Spandex bondage stories Reserved as shock troops and guards.

Xim the despot - armour

Tough and effective. Robots with the Force?

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The Crimson Condottieri; Rakatan enhanced. Eibon Scimitar — The first great capital ship.

The history of xim and the tion cluster

Conquest of riches. Flaunting Tiny tit naked prosperity. Driven by his greed. Mytag crystal skull masthead of Xim the Despot. A famed artifact. Haiku Addendum: the skull, pictured above, can be seen in Solo. Obsessed with the Hutts. Determined to add their worlds Xim prepares for war. Rakatan title: Daritharuler of worlds.

The Xim Wars begin.

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Tionese forces invade the Hutt Empire. Two great Hutt leaders: Kossak unites the Hutt clans. Boonta le the fight. Sleheyron failure — Xim is unable to take another Girl striping in public world. Lured into a trap.

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The three battles at Vontor. Xim will lose them all.

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Defeated warships. The First Battle of Vontor. A rematch follows.


At Second Vontor, A ground battle ensues and Xim is beat again. A final showdown. The Third Battle of Vontor. Legendary ship.

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Captured in battle. Paraded through streets in chains.

Any books/comics/things featuring xim the despot?

Xim, Hutt prisoner. The Despot, long dead, twenty-five millennia. His legend endures.

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Imperial Atrocities. Luke Skywalker ANH. Luke Skywalker ESB. Dark Lords of the Sith. Star Wars Planets. The Great Jedi Purge. Star Wars Aliens. Check out these other Haikuesday 2.

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