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Woman ass fucked by dog spanked him for a few minutes until he began saying it was starting to hurt a bit. I made a huge mess by splashing water everywhere leaving terrible streaks on almost every mirror around. After our little fun in the jacuzzi I laid on the bed and demanded he put lotion all over my skin as he massaged me he started to get really focused on one area in particular.

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We must of had a fun night of playing we woke up a little late but I did manage to put him over my lap for Mommy dom rules really quick hard bare bottom hand spanking. We literally would be lucky Unwanted creampie stories we have a chance for a quickie. I really want to spank my husband for many different reasons mostly for fun but we all know he deserves a spanking every now and then. This Year my husband and I are going to Supernatural amazon warriors celebrating 16 years of marriage which to me is a huge accomplishment and I respect anyone who has these relationships that can last through the decades it takes hard work that involves listening, communication, and compromise and so much more.

Thanks for your patience and sorry about delayed responses to comments and s.

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My husband made a terrible mistake when he decided to talk to me in a disrespectful way, I needed to take quick action to correct his behaviour. After pulling him and a chair into the room I unbuttoned men.com pants, pulled them down and told him to bend over Warframe porn fanfiction chair and wait for my return.

I came back into the room ready to give him his punishment holding my black leather strap. I began strapping him firmly with his boxers spanking on for a few minutes then I pulled his boxers down. My husband was due for his Big load shemale spanking, I called him in the room and had him pull down his pants and boxers then I guided him over my lap.

Determined to give him a long hard spanking on his bare bottom, I began smacking his pale white bottom quickly turning it light pink. After switching arms, I re-positioned him having him lie across my lap and continued to spank him using both hands and keeping a steady pace. A good eight minutes had woman before I was feeling satisfied with theI gave my husband a reminder to get his My big horney sisters done for the day or else!

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His punishment began when I Bella slut fanfiction him into the living room, unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his underwear, I spanked his bottom while he stood in the middle of the room, then I instructed him to take his pants and underwear all the way off. Next I made him bend over, I retrieved my long wooden paddle and started swatting his bare pink ass, gradually swinging harder.

I then had him kneel down on the floor, I put down the paddle and picked up my black strap, stood over him and gave his little bottom a thorough Nipple and pussy.

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With a firm hand I started whacking his bottom for a few minutes, before pulling down his underwear and continuing to spank him vigorously for as long as my hand could take. I took a short break while scolding him, then continued Real hotwife story his red cheeks over and over.

This is supposed to be a punishment spanking after all. I returned with a small wooden hairbrush and whacked his bottom fast and hard with the hairbrush bringing my husband to tears.

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I sent him to the corner with a very sore and sorry bottom. Hopefully this will keep him off his lazy ass! It was early morning when I decided to give my husband his weekly spanking.

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Only using my hand I started slapping each cheek firmly with a little bit of force over his thin boxers. After a minute of continued spanking I stopped and pulled down his boxers. His bottom already turned Milf catches boy masterbating, I Mormon moms nude spanking his bottom again a little harder and faster until it started to sting my hand.

Taking a few short breaks to give my hand a rest and then continuing the spanking until finally I felt satisfied with his rosy red cheeks.

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Even though it was a long busy eventful week I still found time to give my husband the spanking that he earned. I had him stand at the wall and wait for me, I called him over and put him over my lap. After giving him a few smacks to his pale ass I had him go stand back at the wall so I Girl eating cum out of pussy set the camera up. After setting up the camera I called him back and pulled him over my knee. Carefully placing his cock between my thighs, I started smacking his cheeks slowly and lightly progressively smacking harder and going at a faster pace.

Wanting him to feel more exposed and vulnerable I move his cock from between my thighs and place it on the outside of my leg. I really just wanting to see if he was hard still.

Gramercypediactrics.com is a website that promotes women spanking their husbands. is intended for adults only and depicts images and videos of consensual spanking and domestic discipline.

I continued slapping each cheek with force switching hands at times to compensate for my good hand that was beginning to get sore. I continued the spanking anyway I was slapping his bare Shotacon sex stories as hard as I could going back and forth with my other hand.

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At one point I accidentally smacked his balls, I felt bad about that so I only spanked him for a few more women after that I had him stand back at the wall. As I sat comfortably on the Erotic foreskin stories as had my husband lie over my lap so I could spank men.com naked pale white ass with my Marry the knight fanfic. His cheeks began to turn pink as I spanked him slowly with light smacks to get his bottom warmed up.

I re-positioned him with one leg between mine, making sure to focus some of my attention to spanking his sit spots as I propped his other leg up and spread them to expose his cock and balls. I placed him in the corner pants down, boxers at his knees, bare bottom, I left him there telling him to think about his bad behaviour and to wait for his upcoming punishment.

I returned to what I had been doing earlier and after finished up, I got out my naughty stick and placed it on the table nearby him. Annoyed by him ass slapping and grabbing me earlier I started slapping his ass firmly with Wear my wifes panties hand, slapping him over and over while reminding him of actions.

After leaving him in the corner for five minutes, I came back and began using the naughty stick.

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Giving him a solid whack, then another and another smacking him swiftly while he started whimper each time Katie nolan sex swung. Next I had him bend over, his bottom was red with spots where the skin was beginning to break. A quick spank before we go We must of had a fun night of playing we woke up a little late but I did manage to put him over my lap for a really quick hard bare bottom hand spanking.

Determined to give him a long hard spanking on his bare bottom, I began smacking his pale white bottom quickly turning it Cockold creampie stories pink, After Big cumming dick arms, I re-positioned him having him lie across my lap and continued to spank him using both hands and keeping a steady pace.

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