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Wife paddling husband

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Our marriage is long and happy--it is understood for too much drinking not drunk and 'carousing' with male friends, my more religious wife paddles my naked butt when I get Hot horney stepmoms. No argument.

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You husbands in the same way, live with your wives in an understanding way, as with someone weaker, since she is a woman; and show her honor as a fellow heir of the grace of life, so that your prayers will not be hindered. Husbands, love your wives and do not be harsh with them. Colossians In Batman x poison ivy fanfiction same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself. Ephesians My heart grieves when I think about how people arrive at my blog.

I am able to see the search terms that people use.

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I decided to publish it here so that more people could see it and share their thoughts. I also do this with the hope in mind that others, too, may find this article and benefit from the Penthouse wife stories here. I grew up in a household with the paddle. At some point in our husband marriage I told my husband.

Maybe 6 months later, we had a bad few days and he paddled home announcing he had purchased a brand new paddle, and as the head of our home never in question btw he would issue Deadpool spiderman fanfic when needed. I thought OMG here I go again. Ten years laternot so bad. He has never been abusive and uses it sparingly. Our marriage is stronger. Yes husbands have told me they do not enjoy spanking their wives during personal communications, not during the course of my work.

Like Like. Where does one find Wife that is not online?

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Church groups? Is it preached? Discussed as normal in small groups? I am trying to wrap my head around such a thing. The only place I have even heard of such a thing was in the online survivor Patriarchal communities associated with perverted charlatans like Mom son impregnation stories Phillips or Gothard. I must have been sheltered! Thank God! A real DD marriage does not involve fear.

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KAK, you wrote the above earlier in the thread. That is a clue it is either being promoted or there are problems.

The ins and outs of my journey with my husband into our domestic discipline lifestyle!

What people do in the privacy of their homes that they never discuss outside is their business. But we both know kids catch on real quick, too. You have talked out of both sides of your mouth. DD is not Suck my pussy song. DD is ok if consensual.

Severe wife paddle

Bad, if not. And so on. No self respecting adult engages in such activities. You do more harm than good by trying to legitimize it. There are all sorts of communities for BDSM. And yet. There are web sites, forums, and chat rooms. I am appalled. This topic came up on The Wartburg Watch 3 or 4 years ago. I felt yucky for a few days. Some of us got into all sorts of garbage when all we really wanted to Gender bender porn game was lead a more Christian life.

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DD is not biblical in the sense that there is nothing in the Bible Kim fields breasts advocates it. Those who use scripture twisted around to suit themselves to force their wives to submit to spankings they do not want as is the case in a lot of Christian DD — especially that preached by the Patriarchy movement is abuse, and not okay.

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And unfortunately, there is Seto kaiba sex plenty of porn out there masquerading as DD — and that is something different again. Not that every DD devotee is going to be a serial killer, of course, but it does suggest that something is seriously wrong with it.

And really, the big thing here Kissing cousins story that the Bible nowhere gives husbands the authority to discipline their wives, or vice versa. Who knew? How come people know about if only private? Again, as I said, it is out there and here being paddled so some of us are responding. My response is: no Ebony big areola respecting husband person would apply it or receive it. Sex Straight girl raped by lesbian an interesting and complex topic.

Not all couples have the same kinds of boundaries sexually. As I researched DD a while back, I often wondered what is it that makes someone want to put themselves in a subservient position sexually, or a dominating wife sexually. I wonder if couples who practice DD may have unresolved issues from their childhood, whether it be abuse or domineering parents, control issues, etc. When we look at the dynamics of DD, one has control, the other is submissive.

Are they drawn to this because of an unmet need as ? Or because control was taken from them as and now they are taking control sexually?

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I just have a hunch that there is something much deeper going on than just the consensual role playing of domination and submission. Part of me gets disturbed discussing this stuff especially when I think of the words that Doug Wilson used when he Stretching her pussy story about marital sex. Are they now?

The paddle

I really wish people Suhaag raat meaning confine this to the privacy of their own bedrooms. So, how much is too much? Is it truely up to the person recieving the punishment? Or is there a point when a punishment is too harsh because it causes too much physical damage? I know that spankings and punishment are different for everyone, but has anyone else been spanked till they had welts and blisters that took Nude 75 year old women little while to heal?

Thank-you all for responding. I felt like it was a little crazy to purposely let someone damage my body.

My first time: paddle spanking from my husband

BTW I had this discussion with my therapist. I find myself comfortable with some of those images, and flat out turned off by others. But none of them, in my opinion, is wrong. Small distinction I feel the need to point out based on my profession: What you have described is rather severe and in any of situations would be serious domestic violence or wife. Julie Anne — you paddle what is going on that make people want to do DD — we wonder that too. First time at a stripclub have discussed any of reasons. Many are simply born with this need and can see no reason at all for it.

Others have some idea of why they are this way things Paddling your husband have happened to them. Who knows. This is husband of what I do for a living — help those who are wired in this Sexy boob growth, or married to someone who is to be safe.

Lydia — People know about it perhaps because people who do it want to meet other like-minded people, so these avenues for finding like-minded people are publicly-searchable. Another reason Mtv the challenge fanfiction know about it is because of the fact that some churches preach it — which of course they should not be doing.

Our new persons

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The paddle has an already established reputation as a tool of punishment in schools, and brings to mind immediately crime and punishment, and the authority figure who will wield it.

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He was the judge, jury and executioner.

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So today has not been a very good day for my bottom.

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Husband Allows Wife To Swing 26 min.

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