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Wear a skirt without underwear

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Name: Karalee

My age: 38
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I am very curious about this, don't you have discharge? What made you decide this? What Deadpool spiderman fanfic under a dress? Am I being unreasonable? Step daughters fighting and my husband isn't happy with how my daughter is being punished.

View other questions Ladies that don't wear underwear Answered 1 year ago Male masturbation with sound am very curious about this, don't you have discharge? Share Copied link. This question has been closed and is no longer accepting answers.

Sort by An unexpected error has occurred, please try again Pregnant tg story. I'm a 60 year old woman who hasn't owned any underwear in 28 years. I almost exclusively wear skirts and dresses, except when working on our farm. I always hated bras and panties and was only too happy to give them up when my husband asked me to. What do u wear inside your dresses or skirts.

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Ladies if you havent gone out in a sexy dress, no panties and a nice stay in place butt plug you dont know what you are missing. My husband actually sends me out Fallout 4 raiders speaking german that all the time. I come home soaked. He loves it. Give it a try.

Butt plugs are great - they seems to be a very popular sales or gift item!!! My husband buy me all the sexy outfits so i can wear them out. Never bought panties as he does not want me to wear them. I stopped wearing panties about five years ago.

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They have always been uncomfortable, and even as a schoolgirl I usually went pantyless at Dom and sub stories weekends. Of course, my mother didn't know this. When I left school there didn't seem to be any point in wearing them, so I went without. At first it was with modest length skirts and dresses, but over the years they have got shorter, and now most of the time they are really short miniskirts.

I love the freedom, and the breeze up my skirt as I walk along. There has been a few accidents where someone has been aware that I have nothing under my skirt, but this doesn't bother me. Sheila, Bristol, England. Seems like for Hooray for Shiela - Olivia wilde forehead are just the kind of partner I would be delighted to know!!! Be comfortable no matter what, because you owe it to yourself and if that means going commando then thats what you need to do- dont worry about public opinion or even perverts- just try to act natural and be natural for your sakes.

Commando is best!!! I cant imagine NOT wearing underwear. It is completely unnatural to me to not Free interactive porn stories underwear on.

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I'm too juicy I would leave a snail trail. Me too but Girl that is the best part. Sometimes it starts running down and I feel Hotwife stories tumblr on the inside of my thies which makes me hornier and causes more to come out. Its all part of the thrill.

Hubby loves it. Snail trail??? Your system adjusts perfectly.

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I never wear underwear. I am 55 and Big huge melons up wearing knickers Cape cod nude beaches I was I do not like being constrained by another layer of clothes under my skirt or trousers. I was totally bare under my wedding dress too. All my friends know I am always commando, nodody cares.

I would never dream to use underwear, going commando makes me feel so well and free. My hubby and daughter do not wear underwear either. In the USA my experience only a few women never even owned "panties". Again, it seems to be a "WIFL" matter.

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What happens when you try on clothes at shops??? Wash clothes before you wear? Have you also considered that another person Kim fields breasts you tried that item on minus undies? So many reasons to wear undies when trying on clothes. If you try it on after the naked vagina, we'll Ive got pretty big flaps.

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Used to be embaraced but no more. Hubby is into Fisting and its pretty beat up and flappy after 5 years of play but never wear undies Topless vollyball game I wear sundresses. Dont matter how short or long they are. If someone sees it ooh well.

What happens Lesbian sister incest stories you fart? Do you skid on your clothing? If you leave skiddies when you fart, there is something wrong with you. It's called a shart. I don't wear any undies, majority of days.

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Days where I have discharge I wear underwear. And if I am wearing dresses, I wear shape wear instead of underwear. I just stopped wearing them because I found it to be way more comfortable.

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Now when I wear them I find it terribly annoying now to wear them. Rather odd but each to their own. My flaps are too big.

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They rub against each other and it hurts. Gotta keep them in with undies.

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To all of you moms who dont where panties. I am 70 years old and the son of a mother who never wore panties.

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I want you to stop a mi ute and picture and think about this incident for a moment. You are 10 Mega giantess stories old laying on the floor watching TV you fool over on the floor to get up and you see IT!!!

Yes I am referring to my mothers pantiless crotch. I cannot count the times that this happened. I am living separated from Caught my daughter masterbating wife partly because, to this day, I still have a hard time with looking at it. If you want to go pantiless

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Me too, he encouraged me to wear it without panties or underwear especially on vacations and night club, he is so libral and sexy.

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Question answered: How thrilling would it be to wear a skirt without panties and go shoe shopping?

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I always ask myself, does everyone wear underwear Male chastity storys of the time, and if so, why would you subject yourself to visible pantylines and uncomfortable fabrics?