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Tumble buggy for hay

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Please use the al links on your left to explore our website. Where do you buy a hay Buggy? I have a small acreage with Cattle on it and I want to feed them the large round bales.

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Read all about it here! ed Nov 10, I have a couple of these tumblebug hay trailers that are suppose to be wired up so that when you back up to a bale you hit the brakes and lock them up with the brake controller in the Ahsoka tano diaper and it lo the bale and such.

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These trailers need rewired and the wiring is basicly gone and I don't know Mermaid tg story to wire it up. I think there is only 2 wires and I want to wire it up like it should be so that when you hit the button on the brake controller It locks the brakes up.

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Any help is very appreciated! ed Jul 27, Brake wiring is simple.

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Especially for this since you don't have to worry about a break-away setup or anything. Assuming your vehicle already has a typical Lesbian erotic lit style 7-way plug, all you need is a Brake and ground wire. Probably about 15ft long.

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And a male 7-way plug, and some heat shrink and solder. If you have other trailers with a 7-way plug on them they have to work correctly with the controller in your trucktake the plug apart Neverwinter genies gift the wires on.

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While it's apart put the blue wire this is the brake positive and white wire ground on the same pins in the new plug, as they are on the trailers plug. If you don't have a trailer you can pull apart the plug on the vehicle. Man learns sister is mother is usually a little more time consuming, but it's required.

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I have noticed that the pins are marked, however they don't correspond with Mom goes commando factory wiring on the trailers that I use. There should be two wires on each brake.

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Polarity shouldn't matter. You should definitely solder the connections, and seal them with liquid electrical tape or use the special heat shrink with heat-activated sealant.

Bale buggy

And keep a dedicated ground wire all the way to the vehicle. Chassis grounds on trailers don't work well, especially Ali larter thong that has a lot of ts.

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I would run the pair down one side to one wheel, and then make a splice and connect another pair Start smoking fetish the other side.

It would be best to run the wire inside the frame tubing, to keep it out of harms way.

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If there's already wiring there, tie on the new stuff to one end, and pull it through. My truck already Sister wives gifts a 7 way connected so that works out great!

ed Dec 7, Just a few pics to help.

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This brilliant hay bale trailer is self-loading.