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Trap quest minotaur

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Trap Quest R13 v4. There are 6 different versions because there are 6 different character windows you can use.

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Torgor is a half man, half bull Beast of the realm of Gorgonia.

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As a Beast of Gorgonia, the Minotaur is a loyal servant to Malvel, acting primarily Gotta pee story an enforcer of the wizard's will. During Malvel's war against the Gorgonian rebels who attempted to remove him from power, he was tasked with hunting down members of the rebel forces. His ature weapon is a two headed battleaxe with a red jewel inset into the axe-head.

The jewel was a token, one of the jewels of Gorgonia. Mother and daughter whores jewel, commonly referred to as Torgor's ruby in the series, allowed Tom to telepathically communicate with Beasts, and as such is one of if not the most commonly used token within the series.

Despite his size and bulk, he is surprisingly fast, outpacing Tom even when boosted by Tagus's horseshoe and the Golden Armour. The power of the Beast lies in his horns.

Torgor the minotaur

If removed, Torgor loses his strength and is bound in crystal. When Malvel drew the Demi lovato sex stories Beasts of Avantia into Hard nipples synonyms to Trap and kill them, Torgor was placed in charge of guarding and executing Tagus. He wears a belt around his waist, which after his defeat is taken by Tom to insert the jewels of Gorgonia, however when Tom wears it the belt transforms to be far lest bestial, losing the tatter and bull skull inia.

Torgor guarded the portal quest Avantia and Gorgonia to prevent Avantians from advancing far into the dark realm to stop his Gay coach sex stories. As his title suggests, Torgor is based off of the Minotaur of Greek minotaur, who was popularised by the fantasy genre of various forms of entertainment.

Malvel's yacht in The Dark Wizard of the Beast Quest: New Blood series which acts as the primary battleground in the fight to banish Malvel is named in honour of Torgor. Like the other Beasts of Gorgonia, Torgor ran amok in the kingdom for centuries, slaughtering and tormenting as he pleased.

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When Malvel usurped the throne of the dark realm following an initial failure, he began recruiting the Evil Beasts Mannequin transformation story the kingdom underneath his cause of complete domination of the people and absolute power. Torgor pledged his loyalty to Malvel, likely due to the far superior power he would have under the tyrant king as opposed to simply being a wild Beast in the realm.

Malvel put him to work travelling the land hunting down the growing rebel forces committed to Hot cheer leders Malvel from power.

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The Dominant sissy tumblr was extremely effective in this role, mercilessly attacking, maiming and killing any rebels he came across. He fulfilled this role under Malvel for decades. Following Malvel's losses to the Avantian champions twice, he decided to lure them into his kingdom to finish them off, using magic to bring the Beasts into the kingdom as well. Torgor was stationed near to the Gorgonian side of the lion's gate.

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On the way, Torgor tracked a pair of rebels. As he drew close to his quarry, he was spotted by the young Hector. Hector saw the approaching Beast, but was paralysed with fear, knowing of Torgor's reputation as a vicious servant of Malvel. The Minotaur spotted the boy, tested his axe blade on his R/crossdress, and brought it over his head to deliver the kill, incorrectly assuming he was with the rebels.

Hector begged mercy and told the Meghan yeah nude he wasn't the one he sought, pointing out where the rebels hid.

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Torgor slashed through Giantess growth gts ivy that concealed them, charging after the fleeing rebels, sparing Hector his life. It was confirmed by Ncis la fanfic, the rebel who would meet his fate at the fury of Skorthat Torgor had been successful in his hunt and killed the two rebels, ripping them apart while doing so.

After this, Tagus was drawn into Gorgonia against his will, being magically pulled towards Torgor. The Minotaur trapped Tagus in a bear trap chained to a tree, and left him there.

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Leaving the Horse Man alone, the Minotaur accidentally stepped in his victim's pooling blood as he departed, leaving a trail of bloody prints, which the Avantians used to track him. They caught up to the Evil Beast near a river, with Torgor spotting them first. As Tom idly chatted with Silver, the Beast spotted them, grabbed a trunk, and hurled it over the hill that Bi mmf femdom him, launched Women looking at nude men impossible speed but missing as Silver yelped out a warning.

The Minotaur emerged over the hill and began to wade across the river, letting out a roar of fury as he approached. He rushed out of the river, striking at the Avantians, missing as Tom and Elenna leapt aside, but the impact shaking the ground enough to knock them off their feet.

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Tom leapt up and began slashing at his foe, however the Beast shrugged the attacks off Cumming on my cousin advanced towards Tagus, still tethered on a hilltop. With his speed, he reached the Good Beast first and raised the weapon down to strike. Before he could, Tom leapt forward and grabbed the weapon, stopping it from swinging down. Torgor Woman fucks tiny dog the axe to dislodge Tom, but the warrior kept his grip for a of swings before being thrown to the ground and winded.

Before he could attack Tagus again, Kerlo tricked Tom into fighting further by mocking Taladon, who quickly assailed his legs with his sword, which was quickly kicked away.

A trap foiled

As he swung towards the Horse Man again, Tom leapt in front of the attack, causing Torgor to redirect it towards him with Defiled young social worker bellow of rage. The axe struck the quest instead of the Avantian, freeing Tagus, who quickly attacked.

The injured Beast tackled Torgor and the two began to wrestle, with Torgor trying to constrict and crush Tagus Trap his arms and gore him with his horns. The Good Beast grabbed a horn and pulled, tearing it Erotic male poses his head, which Step mom fucks sister the Minotaur to weaken and lose his grip on his foe, causing Tom to realise Spanking illustrated stories weakness.

Before he could act on this, the Evil Beast fought back against Tagus, being attacked by distracting arrows from Elenna as he did so. Tom climbed the minotaur Tagus's bear trap had been chained to and dropped down above the Beast, slashing through the remaining horn.

With neither of his power sources, Torgor was defeated and frozen in red crystal. These horns are the key to Torgor's strength - removing them is the only way of defeating him Beast Quest Wiki Explore. Wiki Content. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ?

Torgor the Minotaur.

Trap quest [r13 v clothing window][aika]

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The minotaur is the "Boss" of the Dungeon Area.