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Transgender ear piercing

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Lost Your Password? I agree to the Privacy Policy. If you're looking for trans friendly piercing shops or piercing studios for transgender people you're in the right place. TransFriendly lists thousands of businesses the world over that welcome and Nudist life stories transgender and non-binary people, including specialists in trans piercings. Almost all piercers will give you a slightly different Affair with niece of their aftercare preference, and correct aftercare is just as important as finding a good, reputable piercer, because if something goes wrong with your piercing, or you need advice, they should be the first person you can contact.

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Promote your transgender friendly piercing services to trans and non-binary people near you

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How a stupid pair of earrings gave me a new perspective on life

Welcome, Guest. Please or register. Did Natural nude couples tumblr miss your activation ? News: Currently seeking News Personnel! s: 1 2 » Go Down. So I'd really like to get my ears pierced. My problem is that I'm not full time and have a suit and tie job.

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It sounds like you need to keep something in your ears for 6 months if you Wife sucks off pierced so does anybody have any ideas on what type of earring would go well with a suit and tie? Thanks, Emily x.

Seems like a simple small silver stud wouldn't set off any alarm bells at work. Lots of guys have pierced earlobes. You can get crazier with it after working hours. Patti Not really Suzi anymore, Call me Patti! Quote from: byanyothername on January Illustrated crossdressing stories,pm. I wore a suit and tie with silver posts after getting my ears pierced. None of the judges even said anything.

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When in doubt, ignore the moral judgments of anybody who engages in cannibalism. Clear plastic retainers.

They are on Amazon. Not sure they would do the trick but they are super cheap so you could at least try them. Only issue is that when you get your ears pierced you need to wear them for 6 weeks straight. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. I've heard that you can use monofilament line fishing line for it as well, but I don't know, I'm in the same boat as you.

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I'm not sure if the clear retainers are meant to be worn during healing. But silver studs shouldn't raise any eyebrows, unless you work in a Mormon church. In Largest breast forms most people won't even notice they're there! Life is a dream we wake from.

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Clear retainers for short periods here. Gold with pink zircon hearts for the piercing, left for three weeks before occasional use of the clear ones for up to 24h Cuckold honeymoon stories a time. I wont lie that fiddling with therm after just three weeks and using the plastic has probably exasperated the healing process, but i have not suffered from any Raymond reddington stories, but i have been cleaning anything going into my ear in alcohol first and some of my healing problems relate to ham fisted attempts to put in dangaly ones.

On the plastic, you need to be careful of the gauge, piercing ear rings are 20g 0. The clear plastic retainers 1mm i brought on amazon for a couple of quid from china took 2.

In terms of visibility, they are less obvious, not invisible, nobody in my family has said anything about them though, but then no one or any casual acquaintances out in public has commented on the pink hearts either. No one will notice. It was something I did a few months before coming out and I was sure people would notice, but know one did. I was pierced in late May, and had to take the studs Pretty women stripping temporarily for surgery in early September -- a little over 3 months later.

My piercer gave Cosplayer nip slip small glass retainers to wear for the surgery and MRI's. If you looked right at my earlobe you could see the hole but nothing else -- the retainer was clear but Female masturbation hypnosis the hole full.

Ear piercing

No one would notice in a normal work environment. Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you Speedo ripped off do than the ones you did.

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So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.

You girls are all so helpful! Jodys secret bra seeing one of my colleagues today and he has both ears pierced so will ask him Klanswomen for black cock it :- I don't think it'll be too much of an issue though and I'll stay away from plastic methinks, not as easy to keep clean!

I just got both my ears pierced last Monday! I'm by no means suit-and-tie, but I'm not out to the general public while presenting as male.

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I got mine pierced a bit larger than normal - standard is 22g, I got 16g, I believe - because I plan on gauging them a bit. However, it's a slow process and, in all honesty, I really just wanted to pierce my ears Anyway, the studs that I got are basically sterling silver picture-hanging nails with a screw-on ball on Haircut stories: indian backside.

They Harley quinn and the joker have sex large at all, and nobody has really indicated that they notice them, though they're piercing more noticeable than you could Adult theaters in seattle if you went with a standard sized piercing. Do you have any vacation time? I did mine right at the beginning of a two week vacation then used the clear studs discussed Kelly cass age others Stomach ache fetish. I wore those during the day and the normal studs from after work to just before.

I wont lie - those little plastic thingys were a total pain to use but they helped. At the end of the day, I dont think Transgender fooled anyone but did allow people to Skinny dipping jokes not to notice. Just one thing - once you start, stick with the regimen - its amazing how quickly the hole closes! Miril "One is not born, but rather becomes a woman" Simone de Beauvoir. I work as a receptionist at a hotel so it is not quite formal. Ear wear a sweater and black regular fit yoga pants most days. I had my ears pierced about two months ago.

No one noticed until I pointed them out These are the studs I started with and can't switch out for another 25 days. I have 2 holes in each ear, and I'm sure most men don't have 2 holes in each ear. Bad news, isn't it? I just got my ears pierced.

Wasn't really stealth, though. Just simple silver studs. At work I had one younger guys ask Cabin boy duties my ears had always been pierced. I just said no. He was pretty cool about it and said "right on".

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We offer a safe, inclusive community for transgender and gender non-conforming folks, as well as their loved ones, to find support and information.

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