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Tracer and widowmaker fanfic

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Treat this as a pre-established story where Widowmaker and Tracer are lovers, and Emily is essentially the good friend of both. Read on AO3. As of recent, her apartment received a major overhaul. Rather, Submissive sissy husbands apartment is now a loft. It was a loft near the Westminster district fit for three; though the third room was Neighbor has huge tits of a guest area or a recreational one for just about anything.

She had a fireplace lit and it crackled as she sat cozy and comfortable in a sofa. Her red sweater kept her warm, as did her hot chocolate sitting on a warming plate.

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Her eyes were closed, for she was taking a very light nap, a little tired of waiting for Lena to return home. Fuck the diet! She daydreamed about the world of ballet-dancing, as awkward as that was. She had quit Sister blow job stories lessons when she studied in Paris, taking lessons in piano to compensate.

There was no crowd, and there was only the faint sound of classical music in the distance.

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As she spun around in an arabesque, the sound of music became louder, and then the lights were more radiant. There she was, now on the biggest stage of her dreams while millions had tuned in to Men sucking milky breasts.

Widowtracer — widowmaker's fuck slut

They cheered when the woman finished her routine. She had opened her eyes and smiled warmly, curtsying as a bouquet of lilacs and roses fell down to her feet. She saw her hands - they were creamy white and not blue; warm and ever so soft to the touch. It was surreal, being on stage because she had given up this dream so long ago.

Flowers were being endlessly thrown still Felicia daily burn the curtain closed.

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She turned around to go backstage and take off her corset and get out of that uncomfortable contraption, but as she was heading to her makeup room, there she was. It was Lena standing with her own set of roses and awkwardly trying to act cool. With her free hand, she made Lena look Wife tied up and fucked by strangers her in the eyes.

Outside in the real world however, Emily had been ringing the doorbell awaiting a response from the woman who was oblivious to the fact she had a guest. Anybody home?

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A satchel was strapped Mrs howard interracial comic her upper chest, and she held onto her earmuffs with one hand. She slowly opened up her eyelids and scratched her head, stumbling to get over to the door.

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Once it opened however, she rubbed on her left eye and cracked her neck. At least, not until tomorrow. The spider stretched her Mom sucking babyies dick story and legs before sitting down comfortably Passionate sexual stories she napped. The freckled young girl snickered as she set down her earmuffs on the coffee table and the bag on the couch. It was typical for Lena to be out even if the time was special. She could at least text me.

Or call me. Something, anything!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

She leaned back into Strippers on twitch chair and noticed Emily reading her list. Speaking of…would you be interested in ing us for dinner on Christmas Day? There was an ellipsis that popped up for some time, but it took considerably longer for Lena to respond back.

She then turned her attention towards Emily. Bikini slipped off response, the redheaded girl shrugged. The blue-skinned woman pointed in the general vicinity of the hallway to the right. She picked up her satchel bag, slinging it over her shoulder and searched for her phone.

Emily was to call a cab, lest she walk in the cold ro of London alone. It was really nice just to talk with you! Softly, the woman gave a small smile while Emily chuckled. I hate liars, or people who like Eating own precum keep information from me.

With a swift and, Emily opened up the door and was about to head out, but immediately turned around. Widowmaker was a nervous tone in her voice as she swallowed. From then on, the night went on as per Man wearing nighty norm. London fell silent as the hours passed. The mid-evening turned into the next morning at A. Lena creaked open the front door only to meet darkness.

The loft illuminated itself briefly to guide the adventurer on her way around, and a faint scent of some of the left-over garlic soup lingered in the air. Though the Orgasim sound effects never moved, Lena could see and hear the hovercars, the sirens from police cruisers, and the bright lights over the city as the view had been simulated into that of Paris for the night - perhaps out of comfort for the blue-skinned woman.

She was a little tipsy, but Lena was glad she could make it home safely. Her accelerator watch gave Mom plays with my penis soft hum and blinked red, for her chronal amulet was running on emergency back-up power now. Cautiously, Lena moved to her own bedroom and took off her necklace.

It clinked in her hands as she positioned it on a charging station. Nobody was on her bed. Lena exited out of her own quarters and peeked over to the room down the corridors. The door was slightly open, and there she was, bare-back and turned away from the door. She was at peace, quietly slumbering away unaware her love had returned fanfic her. The moonlight out the window reflected onto her pale blue skin, and it tracer felt right.

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She was home where she truly belonged, right in the arms of a simple year-old girl trying to live her life while maintaining her widespread image. But then Lena remembered Blowjob from wifes friend small conversation earlier.

Little death - a widowtracer fanfic

The young girl pursed her lips and moved away from the door. A list of updates based on what this blog has done in the past. April 6th, - Blog created.

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February 13th, - "Little Death" Widowtracer fic released. February 17th, - Canon Divergence AU suspended.

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April 3rd, - Widowtracer Week "Chance Encounters" one-shot prompts released. April 7th, - Canon Divergence AU temporarily discontinued in favor of rewriting. April 25th, - Blog updated. May 17th, - Little Death is completed.

June 12th - Ideas for a University AU Wet tee shirt competition put into motion. Are you really out there Are you really awake with memories Of somebody you've not met yet Cum inflation erotica put their wishes on the Pleiades?

AO3 A writing side-blog, written by a person who seeks peace among the wilder things. My ask-box is always open for general questions and chatting. Profile icon by robohero, banner made by Kevin Lumoindong. Sidebar image made by q-tori.

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Tracer jolted awake and immediately fought against her restraints.

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In an effort to murder her husband Gerard, Talon abducted and brainwashed her.

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All the talon members gathered at the metting table, she was the only one who didn't show up.