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This is an alert quest for companions. Lokin wants this massive list of materials that when Wife pic forums in will get you to level 10 influence with him.

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From what I understand, once I get rank 10, he will send me into the Rakghoul caves during the next Rakgoul event Nov I am assuming the only way to get the materials is through crafting, but i don't do any crafting. Is there any other way of getting rank 10 with Lokin, or should i just abandon this Im old and horny I would start the crafting if I thought the outcome of this had any benefit whatsoever, but so far these companion alert quests seem kind of useless.

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Asheris Have a Darkside Cookieit Gangs and whores contain traces of awesome stuff! SaerethDL Costello He can be done through items found in the rakghoul event. This means you don't need to craft and as you have to wait for the event to complete it you wont be behind in anyway.

After I reach level 10 he wants me to plant probes at different sites. What sites?

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Are they on Taris or in the event tunnels? It's not my fault! Arcazell This mission just comes across as poorly deed. Not a fan of this one.

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Quote: Originally Posted by Costello. Quote: Originally Posted by mrsrachelm.

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Omg, that is the best analogy ever! Pietrastor My biggest issue is the disparity between various Alerts.

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At the very least that's few hours of pvping. Qyzen - Champion grinding or Hoth or a WB tour. Will take some time regardless.

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Meanhile: Yunn mission - completition time, approximately 5 minutes. I don't mint grinds, I think influence raising is a good hook for these missions.

A kindly old monster

But some companion take zero effort to aqure while others take a ton of time. Not Sexual stories on episode app great de, especially when taking alts into. Krikos BW is making Shanna mccullough imdb players do everything, so they can get a full picture of the game whether they like it or not Krikos's Manual one Chapter one.

DragonsGalore The dear doctor won't be missed on my team, if he's going to require such specific items at specific time periods.

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First things he needs are basic biochem stuff - you Lj the friendly hooligan gather them or buy on the GTN OR you can turn in stuff you have from rakghoul events - these net you a bit more reputation then he sends you to do a quest that is only duable if you enter the rakghoul tunnels so that has to wait for November. LoL this quest ticked me off, I bought the mats of gtn for a little over a mil Big cock cums alot get level 10 influence, then it tells me I can't even get lokin before the rakghoul event!!

Quote: Originally Posted by Costello He can be done through items found in the rakghoul event. Also, his mission has to be completed in the Rakghoul Resurgence event anyway.

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You will run across various companions from the different classes in the game as you play.

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