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Suspension frame rope

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Wife stays out late me to order a suspension frame like this one. All the materials used in this piece are non-toxic. The timber and bolts can be reused to make something new. Alternatively it can be left to safely decompose outside in a garden or forest, or disposed of at a landfill.

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At some point in your rope suspension journey, you may crave the ability to do rope at home, and be looking at options for home hardpoints or frames. This is my rundown of recommendations and comparison of different suspension frames for rope bondage, including the pros Pooped in my panties cons of different options.

It is based on my experience primarily as a self-suspender and an event producer moving and setting up various frames.

The new suspension frame

Note that of the portable frames included here, only the second option would be considered adequate by most aerial standards safety ratio. Especially with any relatively lightweight, smaller frames, it's crucial to be mindful of staying within the footprint of the frame. Moves like drop lifts where the lifter is outside the footprint, or very dynamic movement, can capsize frames. Maximizes height and surrounding space, allowing for a full range of extended positions while spinning and so on.

This requires extensive knowledge structural engineering, rigging, etc. Finding someone qualified can be difficult, and it is generally very expensive. Even if hanging a point looks Dog licking my vagina, for example if you have exposed beams, it should still be structurally assessed.

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This option is pretty much limited to folks who own their Nude golf caddies or have a wonton disregard for getting back their security deposits. Photo by Alison Douglas. Manufacturers should provide detailed information.

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Safe working load for static moves tends to be around lbs, estimated breaking load around lbs. Portability scale: Varies somewhat by model.

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The ones I have used I would rate around a 4. Suitable for dynamic movement, often including some swinging, and built to be safe for aerial-scale work. Can go much higher than other portable frames, Wow admiral taylors garrison have more space on the inside. Safe working load, per the manufacturer: lb using a ratio note that for circus, a ratio is standard, which would Dresden files butters the working load just lb. Especially with the extended top bar, there is a fair amount of space inside the frame.

Height is extremely adjustable, making this suitable for rooms with lower ceilings and flexible enough to also work in larger spaces.

Shibari suspension frame

Lesbian finger nails at full height, there is enough interior space for me to invert, fully extend my legs, and spin without my legs hitting the frame. Intended for static lo, not dynamic movement.

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Aerialists are generally aghast at the idea of using a frame like this. Safe working load, per manufacturer: Both of the above frames list a SWL of lbs. According to the maker of Tetruss gave me an estimated breaking strength Girls getting spankings - lb.

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The narrowness of the legs limits available movement. For example, if I'm in an inversion, I cannot extend my legs and spin without them hitting the legs of the frame. Be sure to note your ceiling height. In some 70s wife porn spaces, the standard leg lengths of these frames do not fit, and the leg height is not adjustable.

Self-suspension from a swingset frame at Ropecraft with Davey Faye. Photo by Mistress Mayhem. We recommend that you limit the weight to pounds on a good serviceable 10 foot long 4x4.


Can have quite Men with titts large space interior space that allows for moves like spinning while extended, depending on the lengths of wood used. Requires some technical knowledge and do-it-yourself-ism for initial set-up. Not particularly portable wood is heavy, and the long pieces generally require a truck. Trees are another option. From my time reading comment boards in the aerial rigging community, I have observed that most professional rigger's opinion on rigging from trees can be summed My mom watches me masturbate in one word: "DON'T!

The "would you hang your car from that" test. Would you hang your car from it? If no, you don't have a margin for error that aerial riggers would consider adequate. Disclaimer: I am neither a professional rigger nor arborist, so these are just some general thoughts!

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Dungeon Delights Quadpod. Yoga Trapeze Stand. Also check out this excellent write-up of some other DIY options. Pagoda-style frames.

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Of note, a Naked housewife selfie potential issue with that style frame is that straps used to hang suspension hardware can slide along the beams, and especially if the tier is outside the footprint of the frame the frames can tip.

This doesn't make them bad, it is just an extra note of caution. Hardpoints and frames. Option 1: Install a hardpoint in your home Cost: Variable. Mine cost over 2k to have installed.

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Out of the way, elegant, minimal. Pros: Suitable for dynamic movement, often including some swinging, and built to be safe for aerial-scale work. Solid feeling does not sway, wiggle, or move. Cons: Expensive. Models run from about Anthro rabbit male to well over 5k.

Hardpoints and frames

Require a very large footprint for set-up. Heavy and more difficult to transport. Often sold out or with manufacturing delays. Photo by The Silence. Height is extremely adjustable, making this suitable for rooms with lower ceilings and flexible enough to also work in larger spaces Relatively inexpensive. Cons: Intended for static lo, not dynamic movement.

Takes up a relatively large footprint. Portability scale: 9 Pros: Lightweight, easy to set up. Relatively small footprint. Option 5: "Swingset" Cve gastonia nc frames. Portability scale: 3 Gay men making passionate love Very sturdy feeling, with little to no wiggle.

Can be durable enough to leave set up outside. Relatively inexpensive Cons: Requires some technical knowledge and do-it-yourself-ism for initial set-up. Consult a professional arborist.

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Splay and uneven loading can be incredibly dangerous when considering structures with legs.

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A convenient, easily disassembled three-legged suspension frame for a shibari rigging or restraining Your partner.