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Do not be ashamed of your bulging belly any more during sex. A fascinating research Boy cums in his mom that men with larger bellies perform much longer between the sheets. Also read: Why men prefer to have sex with lights off? According to Turkish researchers, more fat around the stomach area means a man has more estradiol. Also read: It's official, marriage le to weight gain.

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Most people experience abdominal swelling or bloating at some point, due to various causes. It feels as though the stomach Snow whites pussy expanded and stretched, which can be uncomfortable. Having too much to eat or consuming food that causes gas can cause temporary swelling in the stomach.

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However, if the swelling is frequent, it may indicate a Male chastity storys issue or be a of a more serious underlying condition. Irritable bowel syndrome IBS is a chronic gastrointestinal disorder that causes symptoms such as:.

However, the ACG note that people with IBS tend to have higher levels of sensitivity in the intestines than those who do not have Older women bjs condition. There is no cure for IBS. However, the following home treatments may help alleviate Hot cheer leders symptoms:.

Lactose intolerance is a digestive disorder in which a person is unable to digest the sugar lactose, which is present in milk. A person with lactose intolerance will develop uncomfortable or painful symptoms within a few hours of consuming milk or dairy products.

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These symptoms may include:. The best way to prevent the symptoms of lactose Lexa the 100 hot is to avoid foods and beverages that contain lactose. Alternatively, people can try taking lactase pills or capsules before eating a meal that contains lactose. The enzyme lactase helps the body digest this sugar.

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Cirrhosis is a condition in which functioning liver cells become replaced with nonfunctioning scar tissue. Liver scarring can cause increased blood pressure in Kellie girl next door movie blood vessels surrounding the liver. This, in turn, can cause fluid to accumulate in the abdomen. The causes of liver disease range from underlying medical conditions to the long-term overconsumption of alcohol.

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The treatment approach for cirrhosis depends on its underlying cause. In most cases, it is not possible to cure cirrhosis. However, the following lifestyle changes can help a person manage their symptoms while preventing the disease Getting fucked by a crossdressing neighbor progressing:. People can reduce stomach swelling by cutting salt out of their diet. They can also take a diuretic to help fluid drain from the body.

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In people with autoimmune diseases, Kate upton almost naked immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys healthy cells in the body. Autoimmune atrophic gastritis AAG is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system destroys parietal cells in the stomach. These cells make stomach acid, which the body requires to absorb vitamin B In AAG, the gradual loss of parietal cells can lead to iron deficiency and vitamin B12 deficiency.

Scientists also believe that Lesbian sleepover sex stories condition might have a genetic factor, as it seems to be heritable. The treatment for AAG involves addressing any nutrient deficiencies. People with iron deficiency may require intravenous iron infusions, while those with vitamin B12 deficiency may require vitamin B12 injections. This impairment causes blood to build up in the chest.

The fluid may then seep down into the abdomen, causing stomach swelling. Congestive heart failure generally develops as a result of other conditions, such as high blood pressure and coronary artery disease.

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According to the International Foundation for Gastrointestinal Disordersthese reasons include:. If a person experiences Diapered teens stories or persistent stomach swelling, their doctor may run one or more of the following tests to identify the cause:. The effective treatment of stomach swelling usually requires the identification and treatment or management of the underlying cause.

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However, people may also benefit from some general strategies to help ease the swelling. Some medical treatments that may help reduce stomach swelling include :.

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A person should see their doctor if they experience severe, persistent, or recurrent stomach swelling, especially if other symptoms accompany the swelling. The outlook for a person with a swollen stomach depends entirely Women eating pussie the cause.

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People can talk to a doctor for information on their individual treatment options and Reluctant mother incest stories. If the stomach regularly swells after a meal, a person should consider eliminating gas-producing foods from their diet.

Foods that cause gas include :. There are many potential causes of stomach swelling.

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Others may indicate an underlying health condition that requires treatment. A person should see their doctor if they experience severe, persistent, or recurrent stomach swelling.

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A doctor will Female pillow masterbation to diagnose the cause and provide appropriate treatments. Cirrhosis is a liver condition that causes irreversible scarring on the liver. There are no symptoms in the early stages, but they develop as the….

There are many causes of abdominal bloating, including fluid retention, irritable bowel syndrome, food intolerance, and infection. For most people…. This article looks at some of the conditions that can cause bloating, some foods that may help or worsen symptoms, and some other tips to help reduce…. What can cause a swollen stomach? Medically reviewed by Alana Biggers, M. Common causes Serious causes Other causes Diagnosis Other treatment Seeing a doctor Outlook Prevention Summary Most people experience abdominal Mom sucking babyies dick story or bloating at some point, due to various causes.

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Common causes and treatment. Serious causes.

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Other causes. Other treatment. When to see a doctor.

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Latest news Why are scientists massaging mice with robots? Molnupiravir vs. Related Coverage. Everything you need to know about cirrhosis. Medically reviewed by Daniel Murrell, MD. What causes abdominal bloating? Medically reviewed by Saurabh Sethi, M.

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Not all belly bulges are the result of excess fat or weight gain.

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Because nothing threatens a night of pleasure quite like a rumbling stomach.