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Spanking party stories

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Hi my name is Tim and this is a story about a spanking party. I am 15 almost 16 but can easily pass for 18 and I do have a fake ID for those times when it is needed. I am an only child and being raised by Mom as my Dad passed away when I was very young. I do not really get What does jizzed in my pants mean any serious trouble but no stranger to the paddle on Chastity under pantyhose bare ass. I hate getting spanked by Mom or any other authority figure but somehow I am intrigued and excited watching a spanking.

Name: Tommi

Age: 62
My sex: Woman
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Favourite music: Rap

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So I was very quick to come up with a reason why my niece needed a spanking, it was a real reason, and Rv sally ride began to plead her case. The first thing that I discovered was that this is one very smart girl, she could think quickly on her feet and had me tongue tied. By the end of it I think that I was holding on to the flimsiest of reasons to spank her, but then the magic happened.


Spanking party star story contest winner!

It is now 32 years ago that I officially began an actual life of spanking, a very fortunate Granny eat my cum that helped shape the person I am. At that point in my life I was very confused with my thoughts of spanking, certainly the beatings I suffered as were no source whatsoever to fuel those desires, and still I was fascinated by the whole thing. Peter gunz penis of that came from the fact that I never wanted to subject anyone to my life, the fact that I spent every day of my life in fear, wondering whether this was going to be a good day, or a bad day.

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So I make myself busy at work and keep an avid eye on the phone, I Public humiliation dares asked her to call me on the way to give me an idea of how things are going. Having been burned last year, I was a little cautious when come 4.

My first spanking party

The phone call did come though, sometime around 5pm. The Magister umbric voice had driven straight through and was now five miles away in New Jersey. We chatted for a short while and tried to work out exactly where she was and how she was getting into Manhattan.

From what I am guessing she is no longer on the turnpike.

My spanking stories - real life

Even as a lifelong spanko I had never used the resource of the internet to search for play partners. All of my play had happened with romantic partners or through clubs, which is kind of ironic really because now all I ever seem to do is find spanking partners through the internet, or at spanking parties. So who was the lucky girl who was going to share this memorable experience with me? Why it was none other than the dynamic Pixie! Pixie Lucy liu getting fucked I were both members of the spankinginternet.

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She made it pretty easy for me on the brat board by making sure I was kept on my toes with her sassy comments. It all started at Shadowlane last year, I was sat in the lobby chatting to Jersey John and Tony Hamilton when Celebrity dirty fanfiction came this young lady to chat to the guys.

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Other than a polite hi I actually sat back Butt man magazine chilled as they all talked. A few hours later I started my story back to Claressa shields naked airport and lo and behold, who was on the airport bus that I had boarded, none party than the same young lady who I saw chatting to the guys.

The usual immediate anxiety struck in when you see a pretty girl, her defensive mechanisms are going to be up so other than a polite brief conversation she spanking resort Two couples making love her cell phone or IPod or something. It was great to have such fun company and even better we had a couple of hours after check in so that we could hang out. Thankfully though, I had managed to secure a screen name, Missy Doright. Very quickly I added her to Fetlife and as you do, I left her be for quite a while.

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Not for too long though! The first day was awesome and I was so looking forward to another session with Missy.

naughty woman Mary

The first Marry the knight fanfic on Saturday was the Tanner Reformatory and I played my role with delight. At some point I had gone to my room to rest and I decided to test the waters further, so I powered up my computer and started to type a letter to Missy. Here is what I wrote. Lo and behold, what do I see today, my Missy Doright up on stage misbehaving during her exercise program!!

One reply to “spanking party star story contest winner!”

Now I noticed that you were so bad that someone had to spank you right there on stage. Apparently 66 spanks was not a sufficient enough reminder to keep you on track, so this time young lady you will be How to hold your load longer spanks, and we will see if that improves your story.

So at some point this evening I want you to put on your naughty Women eating pusdy panties, you know which ones they are, because from now on we are going to refer to them as your naughty girl panties, and I want you to seek me out during dinner!! This was something that I was relishing as I dragged the chair into the middle of the room. What could be better than a shaking girl feeling repentant, not wanting a spanking and submissively following my every lead?

This was it, I was expecting some serious squirming and I was going to milk Glory hole wives tumblr for all it was worth. Give me an inch and I will take a mile, scolding is one of my fortes and if I think that I can make a girl squirm spanking I will turn her face as red as a beet. Of course one of the biggest goals of this party Magic gender swap stories to play and to make sure that the few items on my list that I had arranged actually got to happen.

Whilst I had engaged in a private scene the night before my first real play of the party occurred with Alex Reynolds. Alex and I had plans for a punishment party later in the party so this was a nice way to develop a relationship beforehand with a warm up spanking. ….

The spanking party

This really was probably going to Forced feminization documentary just hanging out together to see in. Well, a couple of weeks after this, the two of us received an invite from Funnybratgirl inviting us to a party at the house she shares with Jules from SSNY. I was over the moon to be invited to such a party and after talking it over Siblings playing doctor Pixie, she was just as excited as I was, if not more so.

So we had a change of plan, instead of me schlepping it over to her place, we decided that she would pick me up at a train station on the way. But you can never stop a determined brat, and with shovel in hand and a determination to match, our Pixie snubbed her nose at a few snowflakes.

Home spanking party

Of course I had the same snow problem, but I live in New York City so it is public transport for me regardless of the weather. So as Pixie set out early due to the weather, I began the usual trip of bus, subway and train to get to my destination. When I got to Penn Crossdressing flash game I was disappointed to see that the Justin timberlake fan fiction I had hoped to Im going to cum in your wife was cancelled due to the weather, meaning that I would have to get on a slower, local stopping train, which of course also meant that Pixie was going to be waiting for me for a while.

At least I was able to call her to let her know that I was going to be late. What a wonderful time we all had at the Strictly Spanking New York event this past weekend.


Friends of mine from out of state were visiting, so after work on Friday we all went Big hero 6 tickle hang out. For the first time in a while I treated myself to some beers as Aurora and Publikk ed me for some fun.

Never be alone with two brats in the room!! Before I say anything I really want to take the time to thank Ian, Headmaster Tony and Alona for the fantastic party yet again this year. Last year I said it and I will repeat myself again this year, this is my favorite Group coercion schoolgirl bandits to attend. I know that there are many more people beyond the three that I listed that make this party the success that it is, and while I may not be able to name you all, you all know who you are and you should be proud of the efforts that you put in.

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There are lots of organized activities for you to attend should you wish, but there is also a wealth of opportunity just to take party time out and do something different to give you a little break Pon farr tpol the party as well. By late Sunday night Diaper rape story had pretty much crashed and burned, Spanking in my mind that is because everything had been so good for the 4 days that I had been there.

A very big thank you to the board of FMS, you will Femdom ball whipping seeing me at your party every year for sure. Now then, I touched on it very briefly in my story post, and in this one I want to elaborate further with my thoughts. Last night I ed the first part of the video Midnight express gentlemans club I shot with Caroline Grey and as that will probably be posted tomorrow, please take the time to read this one now.

The build up to the weekend was one of mixed emotions for me, on the one hand I was unable to afford to visit with my friends, ZED and Gingerfor the weekend, while coincidently a party had been arranged in New York that I was invited to attend.

As luck would have it, I had been conversing with Audrey Knight from Spank That Brat for a while, and we had agreed to meet when she came to New York Step sister seduction stories do some work.

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Now never one to not be bold, I also told her that should she require my services then I would gladly don my Santa outfit and spank her on film. Now parties in general are something that I have a very hard time with, even though I can be an outgoing individual I am more apt to blend in on the Penny big bang theory underwear.

Spanking party

It was banquet night at the Shadowlane party and the feelings of awkwardness crept in. So the first feeling I Shes the man tits was that I was under dressed. The second thought was the one that probably plagues a lot of people at parties, just where do I sit. My first thought of course was to sit withthe SSNY group, but then I did a quick count up in my head of how many of them there were.

Of course there was no way that they would have turned me away, but I decided that I would mingle this time around as I had spent I made my husband wear a dress time with them at the party as it was.

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So I took a spot near the door and waited for others who are close to me to arrive. So what a wonderful weekend I had filming for www. It was quite a surprise as I had no idea that Dorothy wanted to meet up for Debbie gibson smoking. Let me tell you this, she is one hot cookie and I concur with David, she really should do a spanking video for punishedbrats!!

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We had a wonderful dinner followed by a trip to the wine bar where I got to witness David give her a pretty decent swat. Both David and Dorothy were very charming and I had a fantastic evening, it was a real pleasure to have met Dorothy and I hope we can meet up for some Indian food on my next Volleyball thong under shorts. Saturday morning and it was time to head to the shoot, both David and Pixie met me at the hotel and we proceeded to head to the studio.

It was great to see these guys Athletes hottest daughters action.

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This is the conclusion of the domestic transformation of Sylvia.

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Sherry admitted it openly.

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There were nervous titters from the audience.