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Soundgasm m4m rape

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For the first time in a while, the moderator team of GoneWildAudio is happy to announce a Halloween themed challenge! Things went so well with our summertime contest, we just had to hold another event for the subreddit. This event is a bit different, however. We are giving you a theme with a Cowgirl milking game prompt for you all to follow.

Name: Grethel

Years old: I'm 46 years old
Where am I from: Danish
I prefer: Kind man
Body type: My figure features is plump
Music: I like opera
Smoker: No

This piece uses sound effects to as strictly as possible follow a visceral experience of the listener, the abuser's perspective.

This perspective constantly strays from the speaker in favor Plants vs nymphos secret code the listener so that you are forced into the shoes of the perpetrator, and thus is a testament to that experience, and not a glorification of the victim's experience.

I don't think there has been a single original fill I've created that hasn't been some statement on a life experience. A friend of mine listened to this and said that listening to my "pleading [and] crying Well, it is real.

Soundgasm m4m

I don't hide that I am an interdisciplinary artist and erotic audio is just one medium I express process. This performance was very real. Performance is art, art is truth, truth is life and life is real.

Glorifying rape is not something I seek to do, but it is no secret that rape victims often carry the echoes of their trauma with them and translate it into fantasy, and how they deal with this can be sometimes healthy, sometimes not. I have been through a severe, traumatic incident instigated by an ex lover.

I was stripped naked and used by multiple people against my will.

This audio walks a fine line between personal rebuttal, the obscene, art, and therapy. As an artist, I needed to create it to get it out of my head, out of my system.

The title of this piece is a phrase, "Why are you trying to ruin my life? This proclamation, "why did you ruin my life?

This is my way of saying out loud, Amish porn stories and on MY terms, what I never got to say to him, to his face. To confront him and to let go, after a fashion. Though, nothing is ever quite that simple.

Why are you trying to ruin my life

But we all must confront our demons in our way and as a creator this is in small part a way for Mommy caught on tape to put to bed some of the ghosts of my past. Hurt happens.

If you are hurting, please do something about it, and especially reach out to others for support if you need it. I hope this provides you a unique lens to experience this piece.

Needs more rape and violence

No background score, just Coed prison sluts and performance. I hope you can enjoy in your own way. Sep 12 Written By Tom Banter. Reddit Post. Soundgasm Link.

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That's all. The purpose is for those interested in this fantasy to be entertained by it, which I encourage if that is what you seek, or aroused by it as I am, admittedly, which distresses me in point addressed by the artist statement below, though I will not allow distress Unwanted creampie story supersede arousal or vice a verse, I can only attempt to reconcile the two.

Tom Banter.

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