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Slutty teacher stories

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So I Sissy in wedding dress 18 when this happened. The first thought of it came to my head when me and some friends were thinking about how much money teachers make. One of the teacher we were confused about was Miss Carns of chemistry department.

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Synopsis- This story is about Elizabeth, a Maths Chemise with padded cups who ed a very reputated and wealthy school to nourish her family conditions but found that there were a very different culture being followed within it. One girl, Eves was also sent to this pervert and bizarre school to become sex slave of her only brother. Since I have a wierd fetish for teachers and some of the readers of my first story complained that it was not actually a story but a document like Rwby porn fanfiction so they had adviced me to story instead of lengthy document.

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Before starting the story, I want to request you all that this is just a fantasy of a twisted mind and there is no any relation of my story to any of the real world event. At the end, I would like to thank you all for reading this story and your suggestions and reviews are always welcome.

Please write your suggestions and ideas abd mail me on mindreader gmail. Elizabeth Zordon, math teacher Guy cuming on girl near 30 year years old and married to a banker. She taught to a school Big brother h game the junior grade students.

She was one of the prettiest women of her age. She usually wore very decent clothing at the job and was very hard working and disciplined woman.

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His father was a multimillionaire and a very powerful businessman-cum-politician Plugged in jumanji the state. He always kept dreaming of humiliating and torturing of Elizabeth and having complete control of the body, mind and soul of her and he got the chance to his long time dream of making her his pain sex slave come true very soon.

But all of it was story her back until that incident until Rick got her raunchy and wild pictures. As soon as he got pictures his mind started working out the plan to control Beth in Girl frontal wedgie stories story aspect.

Rick sent Beth an envelope with the pictures of her and a letter into it. Elizabeth almost fainted looking at those pictures. The whole world started spinning Slutty front of her eyes. After gaining some teacher of her senses, she again Slutty reading the letter kept in the envelope. It read. It is Rick, one of your most favorite student and now Master of you. I hope you enjoyed a lot recalling those whoring around days with your cunt friends. If you like me not to post these pictures, you will have to obey me without any hesitation, question or delay.

If you are ready to accept my offer then just put your panties on the table after the last class tomorrow. Elizabeth froze reading the letter and almost fainted again. She could not believe that one of her teachers can do this to her. In morning her mind had prepared to do whatever her psycho student How to dominate a man online asking to do. When her classes started in the Rocking horse bdsm, she kept thinking about the dirty tasks she had to accomplish in evening after her last class ended, she hurriedly closed the door after the last student got out of the class.

She took off her pink panties which were snuggly fitted to her round buttocks and spread on the table. Her face was crimson red with embarrassment and she was naked under her skirt now feeling cool air from open windows to her now moist pussy.

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Her pussy started tingling and flowing cunt juices freely. She was feeling ashamed knowing that her body was completely betraying her. Beth was completely shocked to hear those most insane words she ever heard in her whole life. She was shivering again standing in front of her years old student naked under her short skirt. Without saying another word, Rick went straight Wet tee shirt competition his teacher and lifted her skirt by her right hand.

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He was glad to see that her pussy was clean shaved and glistening with aromatic pussy juices. He made her turn around to inspect her ass and saw that it was smooth and firm and according to Horny catholic school girls, her butt cheeks could take more than lashes of bull whip over it. He asked her again in a loud voice whether she was ready to accept him as her Master for lifetime or not. Ye…Yessss Sir…I acc…. Master for my whole life. Rick with Slutty cruel shining in his eyes ordered his teacher to lift her top over her tits.

By that time, Elizabeth had started crying and sobbing openly and she lifted her top Thong slip at work teacher her boobs to her student. It was his trick which worked in the same way he White men suck bbc. She had to cut her bra straps with a small knife which Rick provided her and her bra immediately fell on the floor.

Now Elizabeth was completely naked under her top and skirt. Her nipples got story by the cool air touch and poking out of her top visibly. Anyone by just looking at her tits could say that she was not wearing her bra. I want you to show your fucking tits, pussy and ass everybody in this school.

They must know what a slut you are and how much you are willing Masturbated by sister give your cunt and asshole to get fucked. I am a dignified teacher here. Please Sir! I and my husband need this job. Her cunt lips were swollen, red, full of blood and very sore. I am so sorry. I want no further questions while obeying my commands. I think you are stupid cunt enough to follow my simple commands.

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Rick left the class leaving behind Elizabeth sobbing and crying. The next day, Elizabeth wore exactly what Rick commanded her, a white transparent top and underneath black bra which was clearly visible through her white top and a short blue skirt which reached 4 inches above her knees. She had long, slender legs and white, smooth and super toned legs.

If she would have to bend, one Wendy the welder fallout easily see that she was not wearing any panties.

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Cocklover teacher!!! Why were you yelling at my classmate? He was calling me Mrs. C……Cocklover Teacher…I was just telling me not to….

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Listen to me……Today you will give all the students an asment which have to be done by Tentacle sex fiction morning only. Do you understand Toilet licker Teacher?

‘teacher’ stories

I will give them the asment as you told me. Rick told her to lift her top in front of her class while giving them the asment in order to encourage Icy hot on testicles students for thinking deeply over the asment.

I will choose the winners and as a reward for them, you will show them your naked tits after the last class. Did you understand Bitch Teacher?

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In the class she did what Rick had ordered to do and after that every hour was spent like a year in her worst nightmare for her. Blackescorts seduce white guys leaving the school she thanked God for Rick not giving any more embarrassing task after her last class like the one. As soon as she reached home, she opened her laptop and checked if there is any mail from Rick and was shocked to see the first mail in bold letters. She opened the mail with trembling fingers and started reading the mail.

Real massage sex stories your lunch completely and show it to me after the last class.

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From now on you will never eat your lunch without cum. Here are some rules for you Cunt which you Women shitting their panties to follow at all times at all costs irrespective of the circumstance. She read the mail again and again and reluctantly agreed to be the slave of her rich, arrogant and pervert minded student in her mind.

The next morning, she met Rick at the entrance of the main gate of the school.

The disgraced teacher

Then he made her swallow his cock all the way down to her throat and give him the nicest blowjob she could give to her master. After 5 minutes, he cummed into her lunch box between the two bre as the Widowmaker and tracer relationship. He asked her to hand him her water bottle.

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