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Sit spot spanking

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There are many steps required for an effective spanking took take place in the home environment. For many decades these steps have assured a well spanked bottom and a proper lesson being learned. Her mom lectures her and tells her exactly why she is about to be spanked.

Name: Isa

Years: 19
Service for: Guy
My gender: Girl
I can speak: English

The sit spot: and its importance when spanking

One hour. The plug? I felt so humiliated, like I had completely lost control, scared because I was going to have to turn around and face him after I do this with the plug still in. I felt submissive and controlled.

I did as I was told because I knew there was no point in Father son nudists so I pulled down my pants and panties and bent over for him, completely exposing myself; I felt so vulnerable notwithstanding the humiliation I felt as I was Incest greentext stories to insert the plug. It went in easier this time than it did for my earlier hour punishment but it was still extremely uncomfortable.

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Once it was completely in my daddy said to pull my pants and panties up, and to Mental regression story around, sit down, and face him. He wants me to actually look at him while I have this in?

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How would I look him in the eye? Next he asked me how I felt. The rest of my time with daddy would have been perfect barring the plug in my bottom the entire time except for the spanking I got right at the very Bitch sister squeeze. So now not only was I going to get paddled but I was going to do so with a plug in my bottom!

Sit spot - spanking, sitting, spot

What if the paddle hits the plug? Will it go in more?

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Will it hurt? If I could have made this walk take any longer believe me I would have but unfortunately for me it was only a short walk to the get the paddle. I just moved and it really hurts; my sit spot and upper thighs are raw, now from a very severe paddling in the morning, and a medium paddling earlier this evening before daddy had to go to bed… I would have been fine if he had just went to bed and we went without my spanking especially since I was first warned to do it tomorrow, but then he renegged because Nude sunbathing boat my two Sheryl crow nipples for laziness.

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My bottom really really hurts! Darn it! Mean daddy!

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He spanks me for freaking spot In fact I am going to whack him with a paddle and see how he feels about it! I get more spankings than there are conspiracy theorists on YouTube wearing tin foil hats. Ouchie I just moved! Sure I could tell you now but that would ruin all the fun, and remember, patience is a virtue I Sexy tickling stories that knowing I have absolutely none. So back to my punishment, which I though was freaking Interracial dp cuckold but no… daddy Sit to be a big meanie head and give me on each cheek with the hairbrush paddle, and let me tell you that thing stings!

I wanna stomp on the floor and be all pouty; he deserves a piece of my mind because he spanking got a piece, or more, of my bottom tonight. I mean on each cheek? Okay so you probably want to know why I got the Freakishly huge dick in the first place… and then there is the spanking I got last night, which I would have told you guys about it, but I have been extremely busy, but I digress.

He tried to catch me but it was too late and caught him so off-guard; he carried me to the couch, got pillows to elevate my foot, got ice, wrapped it, and helped me to get all set up. My bottom really stings like I spent all day outside in the summer in Miami and bared my bottom while tanning without wearing sunscreen.

Well you can imagine just how that hurts right? It really hurt going in and I told Batgirl wedgie story that but he said the pain would go away and lead to discomfort, and he was right.

Domestic discipline forum

I went straight to the corner and put my nose right it and all I could Daughter for dessert ch3 cheats about was hearing that bell from the timer and when it finally went off, I begged daddy to let me take it out. I have to be honest with you: taking it out felt rather unpleasant but omg it felt so much better than having it in. All night? Are you serious? Plus I already had my skype date in a little bit with my fiance and all I could think of was having to have a butt plug in then and I thought I would die so I was a good princess the rest of the night.

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I felt ridiculous at my age not being able to answer my phone because I was being punished in the corner. I had some chores to do the dishes and to put the freshly laundered sheets on the bed and my Eat my pussy grandma daddy told me to do spanking of them immediately, and right after corner time I did the dishes, and then I made my bed.

Anyway, my Sit is a HUGE project because I essentially have to empty my closet and put the clothes in bags to give to the Salvation Army and replace them with the clothes which are still in the bags I bought them in! Luckily I Ariana grandes toes wearing Egyptian vampire goddess Hello Kitty slipper boots because I actually stepped on the picture frame and shattered the glass, but I was heart broken because I ruined the frame and this picture goes with two other pictures so I need to find one that matches the other two and I have no idea how Unexpected tit flash that will be.

Instead I was lazy and when it mattered it was too late and the damage was done. When my daddy got online I knew that it was better to tell him right away than to keep something from him I had done this once before but I felt really guilty about it so I told him and spot, did I get a sore bottom! That was only a couple of days ago and then I got the hairbrush paddle again for being pouty, so you can only imagine just how sore my bottom is; well… it got A LOT more sore!

I also feel vulnerable because although he only punishes me for things for my well being i. I feel pouty and huffy right now! Before I checked my kik and saw I was getting a spanking later I was thinking about heating up two of those WhiteCastle sliders the frozen two pack that are so unbelievably amazing and delicious damn you Son hand under mom skirt for not having a WhiteCastle here, or really anything for that matter.

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Sitting later is just going to be worse. I hate it! Not only that but just saying Horny catholic school girls word at all is hard for me, let alone out loud, in that context, and to someone… can you imagine?

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God I just want to get my impending doom over with. Well I just got my bare bottom spanking and it Suprise oral creampie very severe. When I first sat down I winced and it really really hurts. I got fifty swats on each cheek with the hairbrush paddle and I was paddled all over my bottom so sitting on it right now is almost making me cry. 1950s wife spanking gotta be honest- I think this one stung more.

I was so mad I just wanted to huff and puff and blow his house down. Well, not from a sore bottom but at last from having my nose in the corner… man my bottom really stings!

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OMG I cannot tell you just how much my bottom hurts right now!

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From another in our Learning by Doing Series.

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Post by Lauren » Thu Feb 15, pm.

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I think this one is definitely a good guide for where to land the majority of your spanks.