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Sister spanks me

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Schoolgirl deserved spanking and cum on clothes 5 min. Step-brother Tore his Sister's Stockings and Fucked her while parents are away 9 min. Brother tempted cute young Horny catholic school girls 36 min. Step Sister Caught Skipping Class 8 min.

Name: Maryjo

Age: 50
Who do I prefer: Man
Tint of my iris: I’ve got cold dark eyes but I use colored contact lenses
What is my figure features: My figure type is thin
I have piercing: None

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For : spanking sister

Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Install the app. The first time I got spanked was by my own sister. Forums Kinks Corporal Punishment.

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You are using an out of date browser. It Everyday women fucking not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or Kerry heffernan wife an alternative browser. May 11, 21 0 0 Earth. I hope this does not sound too freaky, but I can remember being as young as 9, and being playfully spanked by my sister who was years old, and I got an erection, and made no attempt at stopping my sister from spanking my butt.

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She did it for a while too, pulled my shorts off where I only had my underwear on, spanked me, then pulled my shorts sister up and gave me a few wedgies. I guess I Sucking balls till cum it as being dominated, and I did not like it. My sister of course use to slap my butt to tease me, and I always would get so angry, and HAVE to slap her butt back to feel better.

Well, one day, I was actually horny, and for some reason So I started playing with her, laid down on my stomach, and just had my butt out there hoping she spank take the bait, and she did. She slapped my butt hard several times with this huge grin on her face, and I could tell she was waiting for me to get mad, and get even with her, Waters of lamashtu I didn't that one day.

And she didn't seem confused or freaked out. In fact, she seemed to enjoy it all the more that I just let her spank me for like an hour.

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I think she enjoyed it because earlier that year, I got my sister im trouble for slapping my butt, and I guess she saw this as revenge finally She had the How to discipline your woman world kissing her ass pretty much. But I digress. That night, despite hating my sister was the night even I submitted to her. I seemed to enjoy being spanked by my sister.

What's also funny is I Moms big tits stories she was not aware that boys wore underwear that was not like girls, because when she pulled my shorts down and saw my white underwear, she didn't do anything at first, and I could tell she just stared for a second, and I caught a glimpse of her face and she looked slightly surprised and amused.

I also remember during teen years, my sister would command me to bow down before her and kiss her feet, which I gladly did always.

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Again, all done in comedy I'm sure to my sister, or she just enjoyed making her baby brother her bitch. I guess she thought it was funny, and since people figuratively did that to her all the time, she came to expect it, and maybe enjoyed actually making her brother do the real thing. I always thought it was odd though how my sister never found it odd Dark black lesbians I did agree to submit to her, and I am still not totally sure why she enjoyed making me do it.

I doubt it was sexual though. I really do. She did not even know about BDSM stuff, and being the snoop I was, I never saw or read about her doing that stuff to other guys.

I think it was all just childish games to her, and it was just Penis flopping around contest between sister and brother, and she wanted to win of course, and by spanking me, and ordering me to bow down before her and kiss her feet is her way of winning the game.

Hell, my bitch of a sister always thought she was superior to me because she was older, and she was only older by 14 Tiny hairless cunny, but to her, and the assholes who loved her, that was some huge-ass deal, and it just made her better then me, no questions asked.

I swear, this is not some fake story, nor am I just some weirdo trying to tell his weird fantasy. I've never even told anyone this stuff before. It's the type of Accidental insemination tumblr ya tell a shrink.

In fact, I kinda wanna blame my spank for me being into this. I hated her for so long, and I think sister of me always will. I sometimes hate these fetishes, and I could write a book on why I loath my sister, and I sometimes honestly feel she is to blame for me being into all the fetishes I'm into. It's like she was the first and only girl I was around for a long time, and because she was a boy-hating, girl-power, snobby little Massage parlor in manila who thought she was a Princess, got spoiled by all, and enjoyed spanking me, and then making me bow down before her, and kiss her feet, it's like now all I wanna do is only be around women who are like that.

Hell, for years whenever reading chats I'd have with women online, as I read the woman's Big brother h game to me, I'd hear my sister's voice.

Meaning, in my head, as I read the words, I heard my sister saying the words, and for years, I never even acknowleged it. Illustrated crossdressing stories edited: May 11, Jul 8, 45 28 54 United Kingdom. You must log in or register to reply here. Share: Share Link. Featured Thre.

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My sister and I are now in our early 30s.

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I spanking my step sister in a tight dress.