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Sister feet story

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Smelling my sister’s feet(really rough draft)

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But here is the first bit of a true experience from my past lemme know if anyone would be Interested in hearing Sexual teasing stories Greetings To the Den Long Time lurker making my first attempt at committing one of my experiences to writing. Going My wife loves black cock through years there are a couple instances with a couple of women or girls in my life that had varying impacts on my foot fetish but perhaps the most influential might perhaps be my own older sister.

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My sister and I are roughly 15 years apart Moms had my sister young but despite that we were always mostly close as she often babysat my younger brother and I when my mother was at work. Which is where we start the good part my Amy lin figure skater was a bit of a disciplinarian my mother tending to be less strict with me her first born son.

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My sister delighted in devising new ways to torture my brother and especially myself and take great glee in finding every excuse to exact such punishment. When she How to meet a nympho arrive home from work in the evenings secretary she would promptly remove her shoes and leave them in the living room by the mantle fireplace and air out her large aromatic soles I vividly remember the almost physical strength with which her foot smell filled the room seconds after her well worn shoes hit the ground.

You know what that means right?

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Great hunh? Should listened the first time. My brother and I shivered at what was to come him in pure disgust,me in a twisted mix Cuckold loving wives caption anticipation shame and also disgust. Her beloved well worn house slippers did little to contain the smell of there contents at this range but nothing could have prepared us for what came next.

With a sip of her coffee and utmost confidence she ordered Leather work pumps impart rich deep dark notes with there age,cheap flats a warm pungent cloying scent with slick slimy toe jam.

Sister feet stories

But these old well worn beloved house slippers were a special vintage worn daily straight after work never washed warm and sticky. Please do continue Fat girls making love story, we're enjoying it. Nice story. Even if the form could be better, the content is great. The thought of using feet as a punishment like that is of course very alluring for people like us, and being made to participate in it, submitting, taking the slippers off, etc, is even more intense.

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The topic is, as you say, pretty taboo, but it's good to be able to talk about it, Her first anul it sounds like you came out of it alright. Growing up all the times it happened there was always the duality of enjoying it but also being ashamed and sometimes overwhelmed for sure I have a greater appreciation for it now in retrospect.

The other consequence of this was my appetite for truly rank soles.

My friends younger brat sisters feet

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OK .

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My sister-in-law and niece have both always turned me on.

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Erotica Intercourse Story: After many years of yearning for my sis's foot, she finally permits me personally to savor them.

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