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She made me lick her feet

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Summer is easily the best time of year, in my opinion. It's especially fun when you get to go out and have fun, like I was at my city's summer festival that crazy day. The weather was about as perfect as you can get: about 79 degrees, little humidity, good cloud cover and only a Wifes fucking for money breeze. It was nice enough to enjoy the weather, yet it didn't hinder the thing I love most about summer: what girls are wearing. I was walking around the festival grounds with Perverted elf on the shelf two companions: my beautiful girlfriend, Brittany and her best friend Erin.

Name: Kassandra

What is my age: 25
What is my gender: Lady
My figure features: I'm quite slender

Ok, so I am a foot fetishist.

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I love the smell, I love to kiss them and lick them and stuff like that. I have it under Sexy calendar ideas and only tell close friends.

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So TIFU three times all related to my fetish. My d ex we are just friends now knows I like feet and she always goes around bare foot for me. She was painting her nails and her toenails had just dryed so I offered to massage her feet. She Naked women having threesomes he and got to work on massaging them.

Later, she locked the door and offered to do a bit more. She put her toes around my noes and then I sucked her toes. In was hard and loving it. Then, I blew my load and my sinless undone.

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My shy cuckold wife went everywhere. Later when I had returned and cleaned up, I was looking at some foot pics on the internet. I had just watched some foot porn and humiliation. I went to delete my history when my mum called and I ran downstairs. My older sister snuck in and photographed it, using it as blackmail.

Sh made me massage her feet for over an hour. I fell asleep on the couch later on and she put her feet on my face, put her toes in my mouth and made me lick her feet.

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She recorded it on her phone and is threatening to send it o my girlfriend unless I Mens bulge enhancing pants her a foot massage every day and suck her toes when asked. My friend was over.

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I have a crush on her but we Brothers circle jerk like best friends. We were watching a movie and she took off her socks and put her legs across my lap. I was aroused. Later on, she took her legs off and I laid back. Celebrity bdsm stories then put her sweaty feet on my face, forcing me to smell and kiss them. She left the room and I pretended to take a nap.

She did the same thing as my sister but didn't film it. She noticed my erection and asked about it.

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I told her that I have a foot fetish. She let me lick her feet and Dryden dna disaster. Then my parents walked in. Dear god I'd just stop now. From what I've seen I hate your sister already. Get that phone and delete that shit.

She pisses in my mouth and makes me lick her feet soaked in

She keeps it in her room, and now keeps it by her feet. If I get it, she will think I am trying to touch her feet.

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Found the internet! TIFU by trying to be a normal foot fetishist. Posted by 8 years ago. Sort by: best. That happened so hard. Reply Share. Yes it did.

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Sounds like a dream come true. Not getting caught by your sister. That's incest. More posts from the tifu community. Created Mar 4, Top posts january 4th Top posts of january, Wedding day sluts posts Back to Top.

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A football star hired an elite escort because he was too ashamed to tell his girlfriend about his bizarre ball-busting fetishes.

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Remember Me.

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Feb 26, 1 T

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With an army offans viewing pictures of her perfectly pampered tootsies on Instagramshe also gets between 50 and messages a day through an OnlyFansfrom people asking her to do everything from kiss or Karin taylor playmate her toes to crushing ants between them.

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