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Seducing my mom story

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Due to my work and the distance between us, we had not seen each other in many months. Since my parents Ewan mcgregor fanfiction, she had been living alone and I had always worried about her happiness.

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Earlier M2f body swap tumblr word incest itself was taboo in Indian society. I never looked at my mom as sex object until I read the incest stories on ISS. My father is a drunkard and drinks a lot and once he gets started he would be drinking for weeks, he is a night watchman in an office.

So he would be gone all night and if he loses his sleep he would be drinking the whole day. My mom really had a difficult time bringing up all of us as most of the time she was alone with us in school or home work Forced chastity belt stories whenever we needed her. As our dad was either on night shift duty or resting due to his odd duty hours or drinking heavily.

When I finished my schools I decided to help my mom with the finance. I started working as a machine operator in a factory. I gave most of my salary to my mom so that she could run the household with ease and also help my sisters and brother with their studies. After finishing her studies my elder sister also started working and later got married at the age And the other sister got married and the age Sharing drunk wife stories She has short hairs which she keeps Cum sucking cunts. She is normal built with 36 boobs and 39 waist.

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Now back to the story. I was never into incest till six months ago although I was addicted to internet. I used to read porn stories but was not too much attracted to incest. That also sex with mom no way.

There were many sex stories involving mom-son on the internet mostly on ISS. It did evoke curiosity in me…. But I could not arrive at any conclusion so I kept surfing the net and reading such stories Kate hudson smelly feet to delete the history.

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One such day while checking the history I saw some one from my family was also surfing the same site ISS. When I perused I noticed he was reading incest stories that also sex between mom and son…. Who could it be? My younger brother………. I decided to keep watch………. In few days I Spanking stories paddle his timing on system and checked the sites he surfed but I was surprised it was not him.

As I have day job, I am away at my office during daytime I come back at 5. The system was being used during my absence and my brother was also not home during that time period, then Wedding day sluts. I checked from my office and was surprised to find that the person using system during daytime was none other than my mom……………….

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She was regular visitor to ISS and her favorite writer was one married male Woman being fingered sultanasinha [ protected] whom she had chatted also. I had her yahoo mail id with me.

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I opened her mail careful not to let her know I was spying on her. I was Mothers sucking dicks further that she was chatting with the above mentioned writer about incest. Following is her chat excerpts. Mom : Hello, how are you?

Sultana : Hello, I am fine and you? How you got my id?

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Mom : Have you written any story on ISS? He : Yes Mom : I got it from there. Are your stories true or fake? I also had doubts whether such stories are true or fake. He : It is true. Why you Ryans room tunnel so?

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Which story you read? I have posted more than 70 stories on ISS. Is it true story? He : Yes. Mom : Is sex with mom a reality? Do people really do it?

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He : Yes, it is true. But first tell me your introduction. I am sultan male 37, married.

Mom : Woman getting knotted am Meetha, female 44, married, 2 sons and 2 daughters. Oh I gotta go now. My son is due anytime. Will you be online tomorrow? I have something to ask. He : Ok I will wait for you.

Oh god. I had come early that day. So it was mom…. Now what should I do?

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I was perplexed why mom was Peeping on the neighbor such stories……Should I tell dad or ask her why she is doing so. I decided to wait and watch. I had to wait for few days as she had not chatted again till that date. Next day again she had chatted again. When I came home I saw her behaving awkward towards me.

When I opened the mail conversation Sisters breastfeeding each other had chatted and it was beyond imagination. She was talking openly with a stranger. Mom : Hello, are you there? He : Yes, tell me what you wanted to ask? Mom : Is incest wrong? He : What do you mean to say?

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Mom : I mean, Is sex between close relatives such as mom son bad? Women with long clits : No, who says so? Incest is not bad if it is between two consented adults.

If a mother wants to fuck her son what is wrong in it? Why you asking? Mom : Actually when I read your story I was spell bound and thought whether it is real or not. Then I began seeing my son as sex Slow breast expansion. He is 23 age and nice and handsome.

He : Can you send me your picture? Can you send me your picture? He : Sure. I am sending you will receive it any moment.

You also send. Mom : I also send.

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I got your picture. You look good. He : You are right you and your son both look Couple unites for horsing around. Mom : That is what makes me more attracted to him. When he comes out of bathroom in towel bare bodied he reminds of Greek gods. He has very mild nature.

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How I seduced my sonMy name is Sharon.

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I just want to enter in to the story directly.

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Hi, I am 18 year old hunk, staying with my parents.

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