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Satyr transformation story

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Commissioned by musclelover Dan leaned lightly against a tree, his ears straining for the song. Yes, that was it, a light trill, but enough. It had glued itself in his mind Son loves moms tits, and he found himself desperate to find the person playing it.

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Satyr in the woods part 2

Download Submission. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. As some of you may know, I adore history and archaeology, even having graduated Forced written sex a Bachelor of it.

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So it is Wwe writers assistant no surprise to many that I like to travel to such ancients places at times, looking at relicts and buildings of times past and gone, reminding us of how old civilizations looked like.

So this time, it has drawn me again to a place in Greece, homeland of western philosophy, democracy, and wonderfull looking temples and that weird thought by Plato that if a woman is not regularly calmed down by sleeping with a man, her uterus will wander around her body, causing hysteria.

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On this voyage I tried to travel more abroad the more walked paths, to avoid the flocks of tourists crowding the more well known places like Delphi or Jerking off in front of family, going more into the countryside. After all, a many places in Greece have temple relicts and interesting sighs to visit, but not all of them are easily accessable or well known.

Which is perfect for me, as I do not like great crowds wandering around these places.

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Both because I don't like people in large s, and second, because it hurts me to see these sights being Slutty daughters tumblr and also damaged by so many people visiting them. This place I wanted to visit was an old temple dedicated to the god Dionysos, god of the grape-harvest, winemaking and wine, of fertility, ritual madness, religious ecstasy.

He is one of the lesser known old gods, so luckily this meant this temple was pretty much left alone. Though I guess the other reason why might Skyrim serana fanfiction that the remains of said temple are also heavily depicting the demi-creatures accompanying Dionysos.

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You may know them as Satyrs, and these beings in ancient Greece often were depicted in quite some So the temple might actually not have been that child-friendly. But I enjoyed the sight of this temple quite a lot, even though the path to it brought me through some rough terrain. It was really just a small path through the woods with small streams interrupting it here and there, boulders and broken stones all over, it all Naked lady answers door naked fordelivery guy took a toll on my feet, making me slip and stumble at times.

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So when I arrived there, my feet were hurting heavily. I could only enjoy the temple sight for so long before I had to heed the call of my aching feet and take off my shoes and socks, freeing them and giving them some time to relax I want to bang my cousin in the open air.

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And as it was quite a warm summer day as well, I decided to ditch the sweater too, leaving me just with a t-shirt and my shorts. As I was sitting there at the side of this temple, I decided that if I were allready to relax here, I could do so properly. I reached for my backpack and pulled Lana companion gifts a small clay cup and a bottle of Ouzo.

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Now, even though Dionysos is the god of wine, he surely will forgive me for not taking a liking to them, Milfs skinny dipping instead prefer the taste of Ouzo, which is an anis apperetif. When I took the first few sips, I felt myself more at ease, calming down after the long trek up the hills and through the forests, the strong scent and story filling my mind, the sound of wind I watched my mom masterbate birds in the tree canopy, it all together helped me feel more calm and rest my mind.

The pulsing sensation at my forehead I attribed at satyr to the strains of walking so long without rest, same went for the surprisingly painless transformation of my feet. Only when I opened my eyes again after having enjoyed the warm sunrays of the setting sun did I notice two things. First, my toesnails suddenly looked a lot larger than they should have looked.

And second was the recognizeable glow of my pendant.

Satyr in the woods part 2

A smirk appeared on my slightly altered face allready as I reached up to the pulsing spots on my forehead, while I watched my feet twist and twitch more and more as my toes merged and reformed into a pair of split hooves. I resisted the urge to reach down to my ankle as brown and copper coloured fur started to grow in, swiftly overtaking my own sparsely existing body-hair. I grunted some more as my stance changed, my feet going quickly from planti- to digit-graded, my toe-nails now large sturdy hooves, which will give me a perfect stance in this rugged terrain, perfect for Sex in a nudist colony back later.

My pendant pulsed once or twice as it affected my shorts too, the fabric molding to a green loincloth, leaving my now fully furred legs Public peeing accidents, and enough space for my growing in tail as well.

I let out a happy bleat, sipped some more of the Ouzo and toasted towards the temple-ruin. When I allready looked the way, I could also do my part to please the old god and his friends depicted there with some alcohol and a fitting toast. Maybe I should stay even a bit longer here, to fill that temple at least once again with the presence of a Satyr.

Such an awesome piece of art once more brought to you by Ageaus. KenzoNoodleCompany My Daughter seduces dad story art gallery link.

You're becoming a satyr

MTT3 Writer link parent. I am sure we will find something from Greek cuisine that pleases your tongue, my friend. KenzoNoodleCompany My old art gallery link parent. Just about anything except olives and ouzo hahaha. This website uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience. Woman fucked by goat More.

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Matt made his way through the thick woods, parting scores of small branches that were blocking his path.

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A transformation story containing gay sex and satyrs.

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She slept peacefully on the grass of the quad.

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After an initial warmth in your abdomen, you begin to reel in sickness.

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His car had broken down in the middle of a dirt road going to Larsen Mountain.