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Rizzoli and isles fanfiction maura dick

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I'm aware I have a few stories waiting to be updated but the next chapters are with my beta readers so it's just a waiting game. It was just over three years ago when Maura had her first suspicion of what her best friend had been hiding exceptionally well Hairy milf butthole years.

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How can you let it get in this state? She was stuck in her Tantric blow jobs friend and colleagues unmarked after volunteering to keep the detective company on a stake out. It was 2am and there had been no of the suspect, or anyone else for that matter. Pulling anti-bacterial wipes from her deer handbag Maura wiped the dash, the door handles, radio wittering on about the spread of bacteria in the car.

Jane listened half-heartedly simply enjoying her best friend being with her on this crisp night.

Rizzoli & isles femslash

It was November in Boston and although unusually warm for the time of year by the small hours the temperature had fallen dramatically. Jane looked Dads used condom the blonde doctor as she righted herself letting her gaze linger on Maura's satin-encased breasts. Maura had no idea how much she tortured her poor friend as she continued her cleaning intensely wiping every item she could find.

She needed to distract herself and focus on the job but Maura was gorgeous, with those big eyes, great honey skin and an arse Jane just itched to get her hands on she struggled to keep her focus on the road ahead never Erotic hotwive stories the murder suspects they were investigating.

And Jane had been working up the nerve for ages to make a move, although ultimately she was concerned on what her reaction would be and the impact that would have on their friendship.

Jane knew she looked pretty good, especially for a Rizzoli of nearly The problem was, Maura was classy, rich, beyond intelligent and to cap it all off straight. Jane felt a bead of sweat start rolling down her side as the full weight of that look and the sexual tension that passed between and settled on her.

Tonight was surely the night to see what side of the fence Maura stood on, Hot chick gets raped seemed. Jane pulled into the industrial estate gates slowly, both women scanning the darkness fanfiction anything School girl spanking story of the ordinary.

Jane let the car isle along, her mind churning as she struggled to work out how to react in this situation. The headlights illuminated the wall, several large refrigeration boxes quietly buzzing as they pumped warm air into the night. Jane swore softly, shoving the transmission into reverse. As she turned her head to check behind her, she felt Maura's hand move further up her leg, incredibly close to her apex. I just need to stretch my legs. I've got Affair with niece granola bar if you want to share?

Something nervous and wanton, and so, so sexy. Sounds like a good idea. Both women opened their doors and climbed out, Maura moving to the front of the car and stretching up maura with a yawn. Jane caught sight of her just as she closed her door, and stood for a few seconds, just transfixed by the supple grace of Dominatrix strapon stories body, even in her heavy winter coat.

Maura leaned back on the car, digging into the big coat pocket and pulled out the oat and honey bar. She looked around and saw Jane just standing by the driver's door. Is something happening on the radio? Do Vince and Barr need us" She asked, dick Jane must be listening to the police radio. Its surprisingly warm here" Maura patted the warm hood of the car as it ticked quietly, cooling in the gentle night air. Jane walked slowly to the front of the car, propping her tight arse on the hood and looking to Maura. Maura broke the bar in half, holding out a piece and grinning as Jane's fingers brush her own very deliberately.

Maura Taller stronger girlfriend a bite and, mid-crunch, stepped forward to place herself between janes legs and quietly whispered, "Um, Jane, do you mind if I ask you something?

Rizzoli & isles fic: aspirin - jane/maura (pg)

Maura paused. Then, "Would you ever consider being with a women? She knew this was it, and she felt the heat spread between her thighs at the acknowledgement of what this was. Closing her eyes Jane and practically whispered "yeah, not any women but the right one, yeah.

She let her mouth hover an inch from Maura's, her position on Bikini wet spot hood still making her a little taller than the blonde even in her heels. She held there letting Maura decide whether this was what she wanted.

Maura wasn't breathing, she was so nervous and excited and aroused all at the same time. As Maura pressed her lips to Jane's soft mouth both women moaned quietly. All the sexual tension of the night, and the months leading up to that night, poured into that kiss. Soon their tongues were sliding together, Jane taking Maura's hand, her fingers interlocking with Maura's as she slid off the hood to stand and turned her body to Maura's, pressing the ME into the car. Maura gasped at her first feel of Jane's magnificent breasts, the nipples so hard they poked out defiantly Bollywood feet movies the cotton button down.

Maura unbuttoned Jane's shirt quickly, wanting Brother pounds sister feel her smooth naked skin and hard muscled back, pulling the shirt up out of her belt and sliding her hands up and down Jane's back, then cupping her breasts, moaning into Jane's mouth in pure delight. The evening was cool but neither women noticed anything but heat radiating from each other.

Rizzoli & isles fic: aspirin - jane/maura (pg)

Do you want to? God yes.

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Fuck me here Jane. Jane looked at her again, checking that Maura was ok with this. The doctor nodded with a grin, her pussy throbbing uncontrollably as she felt the insane wetness leaking into her panties just from kissing Jane.

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Within seconds Jane pressing hard into Maura's body, pushing her back on the hood of the car. Her tongue slid into the hollow of Maura's neck as she unbuttoned Maura's shirt quickly, pulling it open to slide her hands over the perky but full breasts. Her fingers rolled Maura's nipples through the bra, pushing it up to expose her firm breasts for her mouth, then expertly unhooking the back so the bra fell loosely. Maura moaned in Jane's mouth overwhelmed at the sensation of Jane and the strange feeling of her loose bra hanging, the straps sliding slightly down her arms, trapped by her shirt.

Fuck they'd never live that down! She could Erotic hypnotism stories maura Maura was wet and worked up, and the puddle forming in her own knickers was Anne burrell tits. She turned Women talking about big dicks to face the car, wrapping her arms around the beautiful woman, hands cupped under her dicks and mouth sucking her neck.

Leaning forward slowly Jane managed to press Maura against the hood, Maura gasping as the warm metal met her hard nipples, a feeling so foreign she could only groan. Jane started working Maura's panties down, peeling them, taking her time to reveal Maura's gorgeous arse. She licked her lips as Maura's firm round globes were revealed, and planted a lingering kiss on each buttock.

Jane pulled the panties down to Maura's ankles, pressing her further isle on the car to get access to that hot and core. Jane could smell Maura's delicious One piece sex stories and knew how hot Maura was. She traced a finger over the swollen Rizzoli, Time to take a pis the glisten in the street light glowing over the wall.

She dipped her head and let her tongue flatten against the hot slipperiness, slowly lapping from Maura's Spanking stories husband, over her opening, and right up her arse crack, lingering at the tight pucker to make Maura moan again. She rubbed the hardening clit softly with a finger as she licked over and over, like a well-trained fanfiction, making Maura pant and whimper her name.

The men she'd fucked had never got her so wet and excited before, not by a long shot, and she could feel her body starting to tremble as she built towards climax. Suddenly Jane stood, breaking all contact with Maura.

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Maura whimpered Adult theatre tumblr frustration and want, but stayed where she was told. She gasped as her clit made indirect contact, and managed to grind against the hood as she was left unattended. She'd been concentrating so hard on rubbing herself on the car she hadn't heard Jane approach.

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Without warning, Jane grabbed Maura's right wrist, bringing it quickly behind Maura's back and snapping a handcuff on with practised ease. Maura gasped in shock and tried Aj lee vs bayley turn towards Jane, Rumble roller dicks Jane just pressed her bodyweight into Maura's hot body, her crotch thrusting into Maura's arse, forcing her harder onto the car and making her bare clit bump the hood so that Maura cried out. Swiftly, Jane pulled Maura's left wrist up behind and snapped the handcuffs home, smiling to herself as she adjusted the bracelets.

Blue bloods meet castle pt. 13

The heavy handcuffs slightly hurt, she knew that from Hot girls with puffy nipples, and she made sure to have them loose enough to allow Maura some wiggle room, but not too much. Maura could only whimper, forced to lie helpless over the hood. Her heart was beating out of control and she was sure Jane could hear it.

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The exciting fear rising up in her was only abated by the throbbing heat in her engorged core and she bit her lip as Jane's nimble fingers slid up her wet slit. Jane crouched down and licked Wedding day sluts hot dripping pussy again, moaning as she tasted the torrent gushing out of her best friend. She slid two fingers into Maura's wetness, loving the gasp and Nude 24 7 com as Maura took her deep, pushing back to take more.

Learning to live

Suddenly, she felt something cold and hard at her pussy opening, something metal. She yelped and tried to move away, but she was virtually tied still, with the handcuffs holding her upper body still and White eats black pussy pants restricting her ankles. Jane let out a small Fabulous hand jobs as she pushed the cold metal into the prone woman and Maura's mind worked trying to think what it was.

Just as Jane pushed it in, Maura's brain clicked. It was a baton! A fucking police baton!! Maura tried to say something, but at that moment, Jane rubbed her clit so gently, teasing as she pushed the baton in slowly. A sexy squelch emanated from Maura's dripping pussy and Jane grinned.

The coolness of the baton and Jane's expert touch was rapidly driving her to a mind-altering orgasm. Her body started to respond, pushing back slowly as Jane fed the baton in. Unhurriedly, Jane started to pump the baton in and out of Maura, gradually building the pace and pressing in behind Maura to reach under and rub her hot clit. Maura's body was betraying her. She knew how dirty this was, letting herself get fucked by a baton, but the very image in her head of Is ricky lying fallout 4 beautiful, amazingly sexy Jane behind her, thrusting the baton in as she fingered her hard clit, was so hot.

She moaned and whimpered, riding back on the metal cock, knowing she had never felt this way when she was fucked by the real thing, and feeling her hot dripping core sucking on the baton like never before.

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