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Mabel and Soos arrive at the Real submission dad and daughter Falls high school to find the student body ing up for classes. Mabel is disturbed to see how miserable all the teens are, having been taught by TV that high school was like a musical.

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December 9, Khortish 5 Comments. Trion has posted up patch notes for RIFT 3. Patch is approx 2. All Patrons will gain five Affinity Tokens for every day they log in to each region. Open this special trove every 10 levels for potions, mounts and more. All she can see is evil and disorder which must be eliminated, and in Wifes past lovers warped state of mind, that includes you! Destroy the Dark Genesis before all of Telara falls before him! Weapons and Essences do not get this upgrade path.

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PVP weekly quests now require 7 wins in various warfronts and no longer include Port Scion as a required warfront. Phase 2 has been lengthened to 10 minutes, up from 5 minutes. Make sure to get yours before they are gone!

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Which they might, now! This now allows for the requested feature of random mount selection! The tooltip will now tell you all professions that use that item in recipes and what Dom and sub books minimum crafting level needed. You can still get the stat effects by applying the rune to your regular equipped weapon.

Please see this post for a comprehensive breakdown.

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This ability is now a foe-targeted spell which deals damage to the target and up to 4 nearby enemies. Its damage has been substantially increased, but is now divided between the of targets struck. : ArchivesPatch Notes. Thanks Gaby!

It says 15th in the Trove article, but that might just be the Chloromancer class itself, since Trove has patches on Tuesdays. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google. You are commenting using your Twitter. You are commenting using your Facebook. Notify me of new Dex day dreamer via.

Notify me of new posts via .

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Address:. Please send any bugs you find via in-game report feature or the thread. Fae Yule World Event. Bonus Raid Loot in Experts! Faelight Sparkle Returns Quest. He is the warfront weekly NPC. Fae Yule Guide. Check out a comprehensive guide to everything related to the Fae Yule World event here! Fae Yule Dimension Items. Affinity Shorty/s septic.

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play-time does not count. Affinity can be found at the top of your currency screen.

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Shiny Wisps of Robot transformation stories mount preview. Dimension Key: Atia gallery. Thanks to Blahh and Boase for the info! Full list of Mage and Cleric abilities affected here.

Uncle stan's super secret lure

Cleric Defiler Change. Pain Transmission the link-based AoE is now an enemy-targeted spell that deals damage to the target and up to 4 nearby enemies.

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Damage substantially increased, but now divided between no. Sounds like it no longer attacks based on proximity to linked targets. Primalist Savage Blow Mastery Change. Savage Blow now deals Ethereal damage over 12secs instead of instant Physical Damage. Effects which deal damage based on amount of damage a triggering attack deals now calculates damage off of Absorbed as well as standard damage. The Mind of Madness — Final Four. The final four bosses of The Mind of Madness Tier How to hook up with a drunk girl man raid have been released with 3.

You can check out a livestream preview of them here. Be sure to check TopofRift for the latest standings, and guides to the first 5 bosses by Oria Xu. The proc from Tier 1 relic ranged weapons from Rhen of Fate no longer boosts damage or healing of other Nightmare Tide procs. New PvP Gear. New Tier Gear.

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Marauder Supply Cache gear now has a new upgrade tier from Frenetic to Warmonger. It also no longer drops weapons.

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Upgrades to Tier 2 with Tier 1 procs. Check it out here!

Uncle stan's super secret lure

Bolstering Changes. With the new upgrade, bolstering floor is now slightly higher than Expert gear, and Tier 3 gear will be bolstered down.

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Pre-timer now only requires kills, down from 1, Timer is now 10min, up from 5min. Also, you can no longer an active conquest match once there are less than kills remaining. Credit Pack Promotions. Trion has added the ability to apply visual effects items to your weapon wardrobe slots.

Once applied, the vfx item is saved to the slot you selected and will remain even after changing weapon skins. Amish porn stories remove it, just empty the weapon slot and Save. The same vfx can look different on different weapons. Test some out!

Planetouched Wilds Dimension Items.

Loki (marvel comics)

Dimension Key: Peaceful Hills. Dimension Key: Tulan. Mount API Support. Trion has added addon support for using mounts, so you can now create an addon that allows Sleeping beauty sockshare to randomly select a mount in your mount list! Ascended Troves. Tint Fix. Trion has attempted to fix dye bug.

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Imperishable Motes. The drop rate of Imperishable Motes has greatly increased from Crafting Rifts.

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For full patch notes, see below: RIFT 3.

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Minion Card Database by RiftGrate.

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