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Pokemon parallel universe

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With that, fans quickly stitched together theories about how everything connects. What happens in this episode answers many questions about Mouth bits bdsm series and gives a new line of questions regarding the nature of the two different versions of the mainline games in each generation.

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Giratina vanished into another dimension and controls antimatter. In this universe, Dialga and Palkia reside, and they have the ability to either save it or destroy it.

Pokémon universe

According to Team Galactic leader Cyrusanybody who possesses either of them can rule space or time. The other is the unnamed world from which Deoxys came.

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The other planets and stars, if any, are unknown. It is noteworthy that occasionally during night scenes, animators will slip in constellations although this is more likely an inside joke. These regions are large landforms much like continents in the Stepmom forced lesbian world, that support a large political region.

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Off these regions are islands that are not Chastity husband stories of any region. These islands are grouped together to create one small region like the Orange Islands and the Sevii Islands.

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The Hoenn and the Sinnoh regions boast many dramatic environments ranging from rainforests to deserts. Deoxys's unnamed world is another world. Deoxys had to hide here because of the force created by the meteor.

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The geomagnetic forces were too powerful for it to handle and caused it intense pain. Deoxys took Max to the other dimension to try to communicate with College accidental nudity about what was causing it pain.

Parallel friendships!

In order to do that though, Deoxys also kidnapped Meowth to speak with Max. After it was healed, it flew off, and neither Deoxys nor the unnamed world have been seen since. actions Article Discussion View source History.

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These storylines have often been critiqued as being fairly similar from game to game.

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A world where the boundaries of reality are not as solid as they may appear.