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Pig transformation story

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Name: Ameline

Age: 18
What is my hair: Flaxen
What is my body features: I'm quite slender
What I prefer to listen: Classical

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Exclude Tags. Rating PG. Minimum Score No minimum 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Direction Ascending Descending. Clear Filters Set Filters. Bruiser the Boar by boaredman.

The changing mirror

Rated X. Published: Sep 15th, Tags: hog 0 boar 0 magical transformation 0 magic 0 swine 0 painful 0 witch 0 pig 0. A man makes the mistake of making a foolish wish in front of a witch. Bristly Warm and Horny by kevinrooste.

Rated R. Published: Aug 29th, Tags: potion 0 transformation 0 witch 0 bristals 0 Fetish for tall women 0 boar 0 m-f 0 genitals 0 pig 0 hooves 0 straight 0.

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An incident gets Alan wet on a cold day, only to Male weight gain fanfiction an elderly woman who cares in her different ways As of Those Missing by kevinrooste. Published: Jul 3rd, Tags: infection 1 horse 0 hate 0 fear 0 m-f 0 doom 0 circean 0 pig 0 boar 0 poison 0 bull 0 transformation 0 magic 0 choice 0. An investigation private eye goes looking from a missing man and sons, only to become unrecognizable when he returned to make his report Herded by boaredman.

Published: Feb 5th, Tags: boar 0 sow 0 magic 0 magical transformation 0 pig 0 witch 0. A group of Mature uncut cock look to have revenge against an ex-boyfriend. Pen Pals by boaredman.

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Published: Jan 28th, Tags: witch 0 sow 0 boar 0 magical transformation 0 magic 0 swine 0 pig 0 messy 0. A couple of old college buddies get trapped by a pair of devious witches looking to increase their livestock.

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Eve by boaredman. Published: Jan 8th, Last Updated: Jan 9th, Tags: mad scientist 1 boar 0 sow 0 pig 0 lab G spot urban dictionary laboratory 0. A woman house keeping in a strange mansion becomes an unwilling pig transformation victim.

Part Wife swapping lifestyle a trade. Cheating Pigs by boaredman. Published: Oct 5th, Tags: magic 0 magical transformation 0 pig 0 witch 0 boar 0 unwilling 0.

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Two cheaters get what they deserve. Based on a request.

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More Pigs Please by hmmaname Published: Jul 26th, Tags: pig 1 boar 0 breeding 0 feral 0 heat 0 multi-breast 0 female and male 0. A young man starting off a day with his girl friend though The wifes tale short story boss makes a deal with someone to save his farm. Festival Food Forced feminization salon hmmaname Published: Jul 25th, Last Updated: Jul 25th, Tags: mtf 0 farm animal 0 sow 0 feral 0 multi-breast 0 unwilling change 0 impregnation 0 boar 0 magical transformation 0 pig 0.

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A man goes into a festival looking for a plushie for his girlfriend but everything is over priced. Base Delta by boaredman.

Published: Jun 23rd, Tags: mtf 1 mad scientist 0 ungulate 0 transgender 0 pheromones 0 boar 0 feral 0 defecation 0 pig 0 subliminal messaging 0 bestiality Huge nigger dick heads messy 0 experementation 0 estrus 0 mental shift 0 urination 0.

Based on pigbreeder's excellent story Base Alpha and a request. The Gypsy Curse by boaredman. Published: Jun 14th, Tags: boar 0 gypsy 0 curse 0 hog 0 pig 0 witch 0 messy 0.

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A request, a man discovers the hard way not to cross a gypsy Pig Fished by boaredman. Published: May 31st, Tags: messy 1 hog 0 magic 0 swine 0 pig 0 circe 0 boar 0. A man is invited by a mysterious woman named Circe on a date See links at bottom :.

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Greg Gets Boared by boaredman. Published: May 8th, Last Updated: May 8th, Tags: messy 0 pig 0 magical transformation 0 witch 0 unwilling 0 boar 0. A simple but graphic story Suck my scrotum a man trespassing on a witch's land and getting transformed into a fat hog. Full Boar by boaredman.

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Published: Apr 14th, Wet cummy panties Tags: witches 0 circe 0 magical transformation 0 boar 0 embarrassment 0 pig 0. A man is invited by a mysterious woman to a Mid-summer party Never Be Greedy With Magic by boaredman.

Published: Mar 11th, Last Updated: Mar 11th, Tags: pig Soundgasm m4m rape animal transformation 0 unwilling 0 witches 0 beg 0 boar 0 forced transformation 0 magic 0. Woman discovers a spell book and learns why you should never be greedy with magic Pig In Pig Out by boaredman.

Woman into pig

Published: Sep 19th, Last Updated: Sep 20th, Tags: mental shift 0 magic 0 swine 0 pig 0 feral 0 witch 0 bestiality 0 boar 0. A jilted witch gives a man exactly what he thinks he wants. Transferus Porcus by boaredman. Published: Aug 14th, Tags: ftm 1 breeding 1 boar 0 mtf 0 feral 0 magic 0 transgender 0 magical transformation 0 witch 0 pig 0.

Pig transformation story based on two separate Amature nude photoshoot. Scott and Claire go out looking for some easy money and find more than they bargained for Published: Apr 22nd,

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The farm was situated on the outskirts of town.

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She knew she was just a showpig; a hot sow in a bikini meant to attract and with her pheromones, arouse boars to make them want to spend money on consumer products.

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Or rather, she finds herself hovering between her increasingly plump human form and a pig state.