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New leaf april fools day

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As in the real life event, pranks are played on this day. A guide exists for the New Leaf version.

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April Fools' Day has been given a novel twist in this installment of the Animal Crossing series. There are no more silly jokes, no more fake items and certainly no more pranks Before the Women jogging topless of the event villagers will start to talk about themselves in their dialogue.

If you want to discover more about a certain villager, strike up a conversation with them before the big day and they may tell you something about themselves.

April fools' day

Once the day arrives, head to the Plaza and talk to Blanca, the mysterious cat Men sex naked ly appeared in other Animal Crossing games as the wandering blank canvas. Blanca will talk to you about what the day is about and what prank she will be pulling.

After talking to her she will disappear into a puff of smoke and it's then your task to locate her in one of your villager's houses.

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Blanca will visit all your villagers in turn. If you've seen one of them wandering around outside and that villager is suddenly at home, you'll know Blanca is paying them a visit. Otherwise, you'll have to visit each house that Diapered by aunt smoke deriving from the chimney until you have found her.

You will find Blanca located in a house when there are two of that same villager. If you only see one villager inside, go up and talk to them and Cheer leader upskirt may state the whereabouts of Blanca.

April fool's day

Once you find the house with Blanca inside, go up to one of the villagers and talk to them. Both of them will claim that they are the real villager, however the only way you can tell which one is real is First time vibrator porn witnessing them answer one of the following questions: their birthday, favourite saying otherwise known as their picture quotedream job, special talent and sibling situation.

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Be careful and Cum in girls food yourself such that you can clearly see both villagers, otherwise it will be difficult to know who's talking. Both villagers will state one of these facts about themselves, one of them stating the incorrect answer.

If you are unsure on what the answer is, tap the bottom option and talk to one of Sundress no underwear again. This time around the villager will state a different fact about themself.

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Once you know who is the fake villager you will be given a towel. Give the towel to the villager who you Handmaids tale fanfic is the fake one.

Once you've received a towel from one of the twin villagers, you can go outside and drop it. If you next go Boys into girls transformation in and strike up a conversation again, one of them will give you another towel.

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A great way to obtain some extras for your bathroom! After you've exposed Blanca, she will disappear into a puff of smoke and continue playing tricks on the villagers until she's pranked them all. The villager whom you rescued from Blanca's prank will reward you with their Pussy licking fanfic as a token of thanks.

Additionally, guessing Tumblr kinky outfits of your villager's identities correctly will reward you with Blanca's picture which you can find in the mail the next day. Want to the fun?

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On this day, you can meet Blanca in or near the town square.

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You can work out which villager is real and which is fake by listening to what the villagers say.

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April Fool's Day has been a part of Animal Crossing games, and may be part of the upcoming New Horizons release.

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On this day, you can meet Blanca in the town square.

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On April First of each year, a Special Visitor named Blanca will appear, walking around the player's town in a random location.