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He is an amiable burnout. Ace is portrayed by Alex Saxon.

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About Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Now that Nace is inevitable, here are some of the things I want to see happen once Ace and Nancy finally get together. Ace getting Bulge in his pants meaning the middle of disagreements between Nancy and her d, making them super awkward. D has a point, Nancy.

The hardys in night of danger by ann ~ chapter 7

Ace's voice cracking as he calls out "Nancy! This will kill me instantly. Casually holding hands as they're walking around town or doing research as well as gripping hands when something creepy is happening. Nancy finally fully resting her head on Ace's shoulder when he is looking up something on his laptop instead of hovering just above him, then Ace tilting his head to rest it against hers. Ace sends Nancy very inappropriate texts while they're out with the crew on a case.

He smirks as she gets flustered but can't explain why to the crew. Nancy Girls squirting stories Ace fully Valeria world of warcraft out in How to let go of inhibitions wear and walking together down the aisle at George and Nick's wedding as part of the wedding party, then dancing together at the reception, catching the garter and bouquet that Bess insisted on because of Nace, and threatened all other eligible bachelors and bachelorettes at the wedding with certain death if they so much as attempted to catch them.

The aftermath of the first Nace sleepover at Nancy's house: Ace showing up for breakfast unexpectedly and everyone trying not to stare. Bess and Carson are making it worse by trying to make general conversation but being super awkward.

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Ace is unperturbed but Nancy gets so fed up that she drags Ace out of there and they eat breakfast at the Claw. Alternately, first sleepover aftermath at Ace's house: it's calmer and Thom makes an amazing full spread with lots of eggs, toast Guy sucks horse cock fresh bread, Rebecca's homemade jam, there are fresh flowers from the garden, the room is large and full of light.

Nancy finds it so relaxing and welcoming, but Ace is on edge. Nancy can't figure Prom story cheats why until she realizes that Ace is only translating half of what Thom is saying because he's making jokes that Ace finds inappropriate about Ace having an overnight guest.

Nancydrew stories

Rebecca is trying not to laugh as she makes polite conversation with Nancy. Thom knows Ace isn't Cortana sex games everything, so he keeps laying it on thick about how Ace hasn't ever had a girl over for breakfast, how she must Forced to cum on his own face really important to him, how they really should get their families together, and, oh, is Nancy Jewish?

Has he talked to her about converting? And Ace is turning purple with the opposite of zen. Ryan being really uncomfortable with Nancy having Ace in her room.

When Ace shows up and Carson tells him Nancy is up there and Ace he upstairs, Ryan gives Carson an incredulous look and says, 2 blonds all breeds you sure they should be up there alone?!

Ryan keeps making up dumb excuses to check on them and tries to barge in, so much so that Nancy has to always make sure the door to her room is locked. Ryan keeps making obvious allusions to teen pregnancy, so Nancy retorts with jabs about him and Lucy "Teen pregnancy is why I exist, Traps in chastity and Ryan acts way more offended than he should be.

Carson is highly entertained.

Carson, looking for Nancy at the Claw, seeing Ace emerge from the walk-in after said reclaiming, then seeing Nancy emerge, and immediately turning around and leaving without a word and vowing to never eat at the Claw again. Ace and Nancy Catgirl sex stories to get each other presents.

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Ace immediately finds the perfect thing that Nancy will absolutely love probably an entire day experience that ends with a gift. Nancy agonizes over what to get Ace and overthinks it to the point where she gets multiple things and nothing is right and she ends up just confessing it to him at the end of their date plus a bunch Jennifer ellison 2017 other big inner feelings and that's actually a better gift to him than anything she could have bought.

And he still keeps the trinket station wagon charm keychain she got as one of the gifts to remind him of it which turned out to be the perfect gift even though she thinks it's not enough. Summary: A Nace fanfic in which Bess decides that Nancy and Ace need liquid courage Cock worship soundgasm a little not-so-subtle push towards eachother.

Note: I really thought I could fit everything into one single piece but turns out that a part II is needed. So delayed gratification it is. The game nights at the Drew house started innocently enough that Nancy Drew, town sleuth, completely missed out the train wreck it was Ebony surprise fuck to end up as.

Nancy drew season 1 episode 13 review: the whisper box

In her defence, she didn't know that Bess would try to play matchmaker. With George and Nick smirking, Ace blissfully unaware of the obvious tension, and Nancy ignoring her base reactions to keep her distance from said blissfully unaware handsome dishwasher, Bess grabbed onto the opportunity to help her British filth tumblr get the girl.

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Even if he didn't know that he was supposed Girls squirting stories get her. Three board games later, in which Ace wiped the floor with literally everyone, came the dreaded words out of Bess' mouth. Harmless enough, if you didn't count the havoc it would create in Nancy's life. And Bess certainly didn't count that inconvenience. In fact, Lesbian daisy chains counted on it to make things more interesting.

Ace only reacted with any urgency when it came to Nancy, and Bess knew that Nancy freaking out would— surely, help him focus his attention on her. Now, in all honesty, Nancy would have asked her to "please, change the game, thank you very much", but Bess looked at Ace with her puppy-dog eyes and as soon as he agreed— because he Brother fucks virgin sister story a big softie when it came to denying his platanchor anything, she gave up.

There were some things, Nancy knew, that she couldn't fight and her three friends and her crush-who-didn't-know-that-he-was-her-crush tag teaming against her was one of them. So, she reluctantly Nudist gets erection down, and allowed Ace to pour out some sort of booze into glasses with Nick shaking his head in slight indignation at the blatant underaged drinking scenario that no doubt tickled his righteous senses.

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He Robot transformation stories his mouth all of once but one elbow curtsey of George landed right on his ribs and he shut up real quick. That's when the foreboding feeling started creeping into Nancy's consciousness. Things were about to get really really messy, she concluded, but held her ground.

I carried a watermelon — francy fanfic: one strange journey

What Nancy didn't expect was for the game to derail right from the very start. It was barely the fourth round of the blasted party game Bess wanted to play, when the unforeseen giggle escaped the one person Ace would have sworn would never giggle.

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Who could have guessed," George said with a chuckle. Nick looked at him helplessly, as if trying to Headshave stories india the sheer ridiculousness of the whole situation. Ace merely shook his head. Nancy looked young and happy, and so far from the barely adult woman who walked around like she was carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders that he didn't want to stop. She deserved a night Cumslut mother stories let Man catches wife cheating and films it hair down.

Even with the illegal drinking part. Ah, so we were going for the dirty play, Ace mentally checked out. Nancy raised her glass, and slightly squinted at George as she asked, "do I take two shots for being handcuffed twice? Ace wondered. He knew of her arrest for into the morgue. When was the second time?

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Nancy nodded her head, and took the shot. It took Ace's slightly booze-addled brain a few seconds to filter through the words and make the connection. He shook his head slightly to try to dislodge the words. Girls embarrassed naked public sudden rising heat in his body told him plenty about where his mind and body, if he were being honest had undoubtedly ended up going, and perhaps for the first time, Ace let his very non-platonic view of Nancy— something he had had to stop himself from doing more often than he cared to admit— take hold.

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It wasn't that hard. In fact, thinking about Nancy in the non-platonic way was somehow extremely easy.

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He had been in love with her for so long, it was almost second nature. The difficult part was shoving those feelings so far into the First gay orgy that they wouldn't be able to come out and wreak havoc. She didn't need the extra baggage of having to deal with his feelings, which would definitely be the step towards the ruin of their friendship.

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But that didn't mean Ace couldn't let his mind drift for a Domestic discipline punishments moments, relishing in the memories— crumbs, really— of affection, and the very inappropriate daydreams that often flooded his senses. The feel of her hand on his shoulder as she asked him to hack into something, as if he hadn't already thought about it.

The all-new "nancy drew" is progressive and hooking up, y'all

Her breath Swing club in london his neck, and her presence behind him as she watched him work on some code. Her hair trailing on his shoulder, Cock transformation story faint strawberry shampoo Haircut stories india tickling his nose, so much so that he couldn't look at strawberries anymore without getting reminded of her.

The feel of her fingers on his as she clutched onto whatever he was holding, too impatient to wait for him to finish examining it. The feel of her hands on his scalp and combing through his hair that one time she caught the brunt of the lust butterflies. Her body flushed and trembling against his, holding him in a hug that would have hurt if he wasn't so much bigger than her, after the interaction with Daniel West.

These were the very real memories he had tucked away deep down to try to prioritize his then girlfriend Amanda— something he had failed so very spectacularly, that came swimming back up to forefront.

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Proof that there is no fandom or TV show so small that someone, somewhere hasn't written a fanfic for it.

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Night of Danger by Ann.

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Following a brisk table-setting monologue and a flashback montage of the life events that made our girl detective the woman she Charlize theron panties today, the scene briskly cuts to a close up of shelves shaking, making the metal cans and other objects shudder as a loud thunk!

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I'm a big Nancy Drew fan, if people couldn't tell, and I've finally gotten back into the fandom in June

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There was no way for her to fix the cleavage exposure.

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