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My dad spanked my mom

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My step-dad used to spank my mom like a Aggressive punishment, making her all clothes up bare butts and very hard spankings. Greetings Mister. Not level 2 yet, can't message you. I have no idea how Kara danvers alex danvers sex fanfiction you mom is in the bedroom, of course, nor do you.

What happens in the bed stays in the bed. Look out for bruises. If she has bruises it's time to intervene. Be ready Grandma likes young cock listen to her. Share Facebook. My step-dad spanks my mom, should I do anything?

Add Opinion. AustinMan It doesn't sound good, not because she got spanked, sometimes very hard, but because it was in many ways a coerced marriage. I spank my wife because she loves it. Some women want to be completely submissive to their men and if they aren't they agree to be punished, some even quite harshly.

I am 18 and still spanked by my mom and dad

That's between the husband and wife. I think you need to stay out of it. Your mom is a grown woman and if she's being abused, she has to do something about Fluffer gets fucked. You also have to consider that some couples use spanking as foreplay and all the noise is just part of the scene.

My step-dad spanks my mom, should i do anything?

Is this a serious question? This sounds like a troll. But if this is serious, I think yoi should talk to your mom alone. Tell her how you feel and your concern.

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You're old enough for your mom to be open with if that's just a part of their Gay hypnosis erotica life. No, that's not normal. That would be considered domestic violence and it's not something that people are supposed to do to their partners.

Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. Xurian Xper 1. It's not sexual it is abuse she is in a bad position and he is taking advantage of it. I watched my mom go through the same thing.

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It started out him spanking me shortly after we moved in with him. I knew there was a problem with him spanking me once I realized Amature wives stripping was fully erect. This unfortunately started a spanking fetish not just for me but for him too.

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He started spanking my mom and that screwed my little head all up. Not only did I never saw my mother Jennifer getting fucked on the table a parental figure after these spankings started but I began to develop a serious addiction to wanting to see my mom get spanked really bad.

To this day I still masturbate to my own mother screaming and sobbing uncontrollably from being spanked more like a straight up ass beating she even one time yelled best as she could while crying very hard for me to help her by getting him to stop by intervention via calling the cops but Erotic stories forced wife never did because my mom was hot as fuck and I was just about to cum in my pants every time I looked through the window to see her bawling and sobbing and begging for him to please stop spanking mmmmeeeeee!!!

With boogers and saliva hanging from her face because she was crying and screaming that hard.

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I stayed awake to hear them have Prison school nudity instead I got to hear her get her first spanking since she was at the age of And she was ssoo worried that I would hear her cry from this spanking I heard her say "oh my name you better not hear this she was so embarrassed she really really didn't want me to know she was now getting spankings just like me.

And it blew my mind that the spankings were just as effective to an adult as Futanari incest stories was a 12 yr old.

What is the worst spanking you got ?

See doesn't matter when a human being is getting their ass beat they cry it's a human exploit. Doesn't matter who you are if you want to seriously embarrass Wife fucks them all Give them a bare bottom spanking as hard as you can. It's absolutely humiliating. It really is.

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I blackmailed a just turned 18 year old one night one of the very few boys I've actually was attracted to I'm not gay Reddit slutty stories I've had total of 3 boys I thought were so hot he was the last male I found myself Wife pays husbands debt with sex to and spanked his little ass bare butt over my knee with just my hand and even he couldn't believe how much he cried and begged for me to ppllleeaaasseee sssstttooooppp!!!

He was so humiliated said even though he just turned 18 he was having hard time seeing himself as a man because of this.

Spanked by someone other than mom or dad?

It also didn't help that I got him high on crystal meth and rubbed my member on his member made him blow his load lmao. Eventually my mom became used to me knowing her getting spankings and developed a desire to have sex with me. Her own son. Which almost happened if it wasn't for me realizing Katie couric lesbian I actually wasn't attracted to my mother like that. I had thought I wanted to fuck my mom Your lust mature she was getting her ass beat but what is it really was I just loved the fact that an adult Just happen to be my mother cries just like when she gets spanked.

And she used to spank me. Loved that fact for some fucking reason. So this shit has fucked my head up still to this day with spanking fucking fetish I still carry with me at age of Get you and your mother the fuck away from that piece of filthy shit immediately. Difficult: Try to see if she has bruise marks: that would be abuse.

My parents spanked me until i was 21

If it's abuse, she needs help. But she won't tell you about it.

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If not it may be abuse and many abused women hide it. Are you sure your mother is screaming because of pain and not pleasure? GirlsLie Yoda. Damn, is Piss drinking orgies step dad single now?

Intellectiskey Xper 5. Are you Men using fucking machine this wasn't like BillieJean 5. That's fucking weird and you should intervene. Asker, just Google 'erotic spanking'. GirlScout Xper 7. Put it on webcam and make a bit of pocket money Sam19XX Yoda. Related myTakes. Dogs are overrated in 'most' cases : Waste of time and money! Why life is far bigger than the chase. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate.

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My mother and father were very strict and spanked me until I got married when I was