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Melissa and joey fanfiction

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FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply She's getting prepared for college. Ryder is suspended from school for the rest of the school year. But they're still together. Huge dick huge cum something happening between Joe and Mel? Ryder and Shayne are still going strong and Shay's create festival is nearly finished. She's nearly 16 so follow her journey once more.

She's 15 and has a unique sense of style. She is close to both parents, but chose to live with her dad.

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Joe has lost all his money in a scam by the Scanlon husband and wife duo. His daughter is the only thing he has left.

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What happens when Joe takes a job working for Mel Burke? The Crumpled Napkin by BlackMariah2. Nobody is perfect, and they need to learn this together before its too late.

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When he returns from the batting cage, Mel makes him a offer that he doesn't refuse, leading to a new beginning for them all. Crash Into Me by beautifulindigo reviews Mel gets into an accident.

Joe is worried. Everyone's trying to figure out who could have gave Ryder the hickey, if it wasn't Holly, but no-one thought for a second it that it could have been a boy. Ryder story. Inspired by quotes from Kathie lee gifford smoking office. Chasing you by Imleslieknope reviews During a decent proposal. Ryder is not sick and Austin gets to propose. Zander and Lennox contemplate living arrangements.

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Just something I came up with when i was bored! Please review! Whatever May Happen by mamaXunicorn reviews Their months and months of trying and negative tests had all led to this moment and whatever may happen, they were in it together and would be forever. The Vows by mamaXunicorn reviews Mel gets a chance to say her Hot horny mexicans vows to Joe. Deleted Scene post the season 3 finale.

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Lennox's Perspective by Jaz L reviews Sorry for the really lame title but i can't come up with anything else right now seeing as i'm not exactly sure where this story is going! This story is in Lennox's perspective, as she struggles with her life, school and home.

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This is my first ever story that i'm publishing so please give me some lee-way! So Into You Giving daddy some pussy Seblainer reviews A moment where Joe enjoys watching his new bride on their wedding day.

Warning: Contains HET. You're Stuck With Me by CheerleadingGymnasticsGrrl reviews Joe would do anything for his daughter, that's why he took the job for Mel, that and he had nowhere to go. Follow her as she attempts to survive life with Mel and Joe and the Scanlon siblings. Choice by prodigy-xoxo reviews Ryder's best Tumblr female led relationships is a girl. When he suddenly has the will to ask Holly Reback on a date, both he and his friend who is a girl are thrilled. But when Ryder makes Holly choose Incest breastfeeding stories her or her best friend, which choice will Ryder make?

A Friend in Need by daisymay reviews Joe comes to the rescue when Mel is hurt by her blind date. Warning: contains attempted sexual assault, not graphic. Melissa and Joey by rosemusic20 reviews Don't be fooled by the first chapter. It is about Mel and Joe's relationship for the most part.

Let me know what you think. There weren't enough Melissa and Joey fanfics so i decided to write one. Terms of Service.

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Requested by Anon: Hi mind doing a Ryder Scanlon imagine, reader is friends with Lennox and she is like the one night stand kind of gal, she has a fling with Ryder, Ryder catches feelings and you can take Katesplayground real name from there.

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Lennox Elizabeth Scanlon is a free-spirited 20 year old student at the University of Toledo.