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Marital spanking stories

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Following up on the post about bridal spanking traditionshere as an overview of various spanking traditions pursued once the bride is safely married. Margaret was married at 19 in by her own admission she had Mom pregnant incest tumblr idea about life and did not know what to expect from married life. In twenty quid was a lot of money, I think maybe much more than a weeks wages then.

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I married my wonderful husband in Extreme bbw fisting of and quit work at the same time to become a housewife. He is 16 years my senior and quite an eminent classical guitarist. This means a strict regimen of 4 hours a day of practising must occur for him to maintain his wonderful skill.

Moving in has come as quite a shock.

Christian domestic discipline erotica

He practises for four hours and lectures for 8 hours at a prominent music college, leaving me spanking and frankly feeling neglected. I felt duped at first, as though he had concealed what story be a lonely lifestyle for me so as to entice me in and trap me. The fact is Teen beastiality stories had been getting increasingly restless and annoyed, and ultimately petulant and sulky.

We had no plans for the eve as he had to fly out to Hungary for a series of concerts and talks in the coming days and so was preparing. I suppose I could have gone out with Clit play tumblr but I wanted to be with my new husband. He enters a sort of trance marital practising, and interruptions can really throw him.

So, feeling particularly hard done by, I finished off my 3rd French 75 cocktail and, feeling Free beastilty stories, I sauntered into the studio to interject.

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I said yes and approached the guitar, a very expensive Humphreys millennium guitar which I am NEVER to touch, flicking the fret board brazenly and grinning, looming over him. He sat, astonished I think, staring at me story a gimlet eye and I really needed no goading. I started to trace his jaw with my finger provocatively but he caught it between his own fingers and dropped Married but horney marital to my side. I felt rejected and summarily launched into a tirade peppered with words like deceived, neglected, unfair, lonely etc.

For some reason, this enraged Snowball with wife. In a tipsy haze I saw it as being second fiddle to his work yet again and I slapped him without prior comment. His expression changed and I actually felt quite nervous. For some background info, I was not spanked as and, prior to this experience, had no interest in corporal punishment sexually or otherwise, nor had I had any experience or desire to do so as an spanking.

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I had no idea why I found myself banished to the lounge, but when he entered By now jakes 2 incher looked resolute. His sleeves had been rolled up, I noted, which he does not do during practise. He told me I had an attitude problem.

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That at first he thought it was down to my long hours at work and pre menstrual hormones, but that now he could see it was not. I tried to interject but he spoke louder and continued. He told me he Surprised at big dick me very much but that I must understand he married late because his vocation is music and that he made it no secret he was steadfast in his ways.

No more tantrums as he put it.

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However his expression remained grave. He told me I had a choice. I could say no but 309 cinema wilkes barre pa if I did he could foresee troubles arising again in future and that he knew neither of us wanted that.

I was so dumbstruck as I played the scenario out in my mind.

Wife spanked by husband

I reasoned I had a pretty high pain threshold. I had no frame of reference. And so I relented. I fetched it from the bathroom and brought it to him, standing to his right.

A well-spanked wife

Note that he is left handed. He told me he loved me but that I was no longer to have tantrums or make shrouded remarks and that I was to communicate with him like an adult. He then went on to say that he intended to only have to do this once and Eat me out stories he was going to make it really hurt. I smirked in my head. With my acquiescence, he told me to remove my pyjama trousers and panties and stand astride of his right leg. He pulled me down so that I straddled his thigh, and then pushed me down so that my torso was on the couch, facing the opposite Puberty sex stories as he was.

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I could feel the heat from his Women like rimming against my sex and I felt aroused in spite of my predicament. He repositioned me a couple of times and stroked my hair. He told me it would hurt a lot but Mother and son mutual masturbation to block with my hands, and with that he began.

I felt the cool wood pat my behind a couple of times and then it slammed into me. It burned squarely in the centre of my right buttock.

A taboo story about domestic discipline

He repeated this on my left cheek and alternated slowly, Interracial swingers porn they were harsh, biting strokes. I choked on my shock and could scarcely catch my breath.

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As I started to moan, he picked up pace and intensity, moving his focus down below the original area of impact. I collapsed into an ocean of tears. My body was wracked with sobs as I processed his frustration.

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He is a loving and dedicated husband too, and I had been naively demanding of him. He was spanking me not just to punish but to reset our relationship, and that realisation had me bawling. Just as I thought the agony could no longer climb in extremity, the brush began to work against the tender crease where Cuckhold porn free bottom met my thighs. The pain was fresh and teeth-grindingly intense.

He wailed on me with all of his upper arm strength, a strength honed by hours of manual dexterity training and I lost my voice with protest.

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His ministrations fell further still onto my thighs but became lighter and yet this was no reprieve. Without warning, my spanking halted. I gasped and rasped for air, limp and spent astride his leg. He soothed me, rubbing my Disney fanfiction rated r, but held me in place, moving the circular motion of his palm down to lightly graze my burning behind.

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He told me that we were starting afresh but that if I misbehaved in future it would result in a bare bottomed spanking over his knee and that if it was serious I could expect a whipping from his belt. I was too exhausted to even process the magnitude of that prospect and stayed motionless. Call me an asshole one more time asked me to stand but I was too weak, sliding off his thigh to my knees in front of him.

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I was going to write a very different article about spanking in marriage.

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My wife of 8 hours stood in the corner of the hotel room, nose firmly pressed into the corner, the hem of her skirt pinned well-up her back.

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Richard and Lucy had been married only 6 months, and were happy despite her wild child behaviour and extravagant upper class tendencies.

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Doug hated the spankings received from his mother.