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Name: Dottie

Years old: I am 40
What is my ethnicity: I'm argentine
My tattoo: None

Hi Doc! What you do, how you inform people, how you ease even the most worried folks is something that is so valued.

I can't say I am a freaking out but just hope that you could shed a bit of light on something. I see Thai hooker stories question asked, quite often but usually it is in regards to genital contact between men.

I am asking as a young woman. Here is the cliff notes version.

Got together with a guy. Hot and heavy action ensues.

He performs oral sex and hand manipulation on me quite rough, I add while blushing. I do not perform oral sex on him.

NO actual penatration, but we did rub genitals frottage? To the point where a bit more thrusting action I have to laugh Pop that cherry.com typing ithe would of hit a "home run".

Yeah, yeah Tna lax salinas type of rubbing where he's THIS close, but no cigar. Just didn't want sex and didn't want to have any sex related guilt which is an issue I have and am fully aware I need to work on.

So, basically I am asking because I didn't get much of an answer in a direct sense in the archives.

Is there a risk in his rubbing his sailor up, down and Cuckold cocksucker stories around my port? I am trying to be cute here, but failing I know!

Thank you in advance! I appreciate it and I am sure Girl wedgied and spanked are other ladies out there who have done this very thing come on girls, it feels good and aren't sure what exactly the risk is.

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You are awesome Doc! Frottage, by definition, involves only skin-to-skin contact. From an HIV perspective, this is considered safe.

Some STDs, such as genital warts, can be transmitted by skin-to-skin contact, but HIV cannot pass through intact skin. So "up, down and all Hottest lap dances would not be an HIV-transmission worry unless the sailor found his way into your "port love canal. Yes, I think many of this forum's readers Girls giving boys handjobs agree with you that frottage does indeed feel great and many a "homerun" have been hit using exactly this technique!

Bob Frascino, M. Question Hi Doc! Answer Hi. You should know: The answer above provides general health information that is not intended to replace medical advice or treatment recommendations from a qualified health care professional.

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The term frottagefrom the French verb frotter to rubrefers to sex that involves rubbing the genitals on different parts of another person's body, usually with the partners situated face to face.