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Male bridesmaids wearing dresses

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Planning a wedding with my fiancee we're both women. We want to Gigi hadid smut a wedding with both of us in white dresses etc. We're also planning on having bridesmaids on each side.

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By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Male brides maids Thread Tools Thread Tools. Saw my sister masturbating Bi. So, I was having a conversation with a colleague of mine who is getting married soon and we wondered into an interesting topic.

She has a few brides maids lined up but has also asked a male friend of hers to stand on her side as a bridesman male equivalent of a bridesmaid. Now this is not too uncommon in this day and age and her friend will wear a suit similar to Hot black lesbian pussy ushers but with a tie and trimmings to match the bridesmaid dresses.

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However, we got onto the topic of bridesmen wearing a bridesmaid dress as I'd heard of instances where a bride has asked a bridesman to do this. So I Erotic stories from art I'd ask you guys what you opinion on this is. Do you think it is appropriate for a bride to ask this of a guy please note I'm not suggesting whether it is or not? Also, for the males on this site, would you wear a dress as a bridesmaid if you were asked by a good friend especially non trans guys who don't normally wear any female clothing.

Male brides maidsin bridesmaid dress

If so, would you have any stipulations to do so. Your thoughts everyone Happy days. Why not? NingyoBroken Guest.

Attire of male bridesmaid

I'm a Trans guy and don't wear female clothing And sure, if I had top surgery already. First, I'd be one ugly bridesman in a dress :lol:. I honestly don't think I can wear a dress. It's weird how woman can be comfortable wearing dresses Lesbian teachers fucking girls men's clothing e.

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However, I doubt most men are as flexible Gay sauna atlanta women when it comes to wearing the opposite gender's clothing; I am one of those men. If I were to have a bridesman he won't have to wear a dress but a suit of the same color palette.

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Rainbow Kitty. It would be a great excuse to wear a dress. I definitely would for a good friend.

Everything you need to know about having a bridesman

My best friend got engaged a few weeks ago and has asked me to be her maid of honour I told her she could be my best man in my future wedding! She hasn't mentioned anything yet but I wouldn't put it past her Lipstick Leuger.

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I think that some people may be supportive of it, Make me cum grandma others would see it as a publicity stunt and maybe even laugh at the wedding. I think a suit in the same style and color as the dresses would be best. It's best to know what type of crowd is coming to your wedding, like Conservative or liberal. I knew a guy who had a female best man and Bbw pumped pussy her wear a dress, instead of a suit, which would have been very cute.

I have also seen weddings where all the bridesmaids and maid of honor wore either dresses or suits, all the same color.

Thoughts on having a male bridesmaid?

I have heard of them that have worn all suits, also. I know of a gal that wore a scarlet red wedding dress to her wedding. Bridesmaids in black. So, pretty much anything goes. I really cant see myself in a dress but It has got me wondering if I get first crack at the best man mind you he would have Brother an sister having sex be handsome need to draw the line somewhere:roflmao:.

Bridezilla demands male bridesmaid wear dress and make-up

Sounds fine to me, assuming the guy feels comfortable. I would not, but chances are I'll never attend another wedding, I find them so tiresome.

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Sure I would wear the dress, but im not shaving my legs. Most guys probably don't look good in dresses. But if he wants to rock it, no reason why not.

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You can do whatever you want. It doesn't hurt anything. I for one wouldn't do it though.

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Just to put my own answer into my question, if it was a really good friend and it meant a lot too them, I would. I think it's no problem, as long as he's not forced into doing it. I think he should be okay with it obviously and, it would be great if he actually looks okay in the dress so that it doesn't turn into a joke. Like Blossom said, it's good to keep in mind the people that are going to the wedding to avoid Girls blowing strangers comments and gossip. If I'm asked, I wouldn't mind doing it.

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My body is already well suited for dresses anyway, I've been confused with being a female before Stories to get you in the mood, I'm sure it would look okay. I would look terrible in a dress. I think as long as everyone, meaning the bride, groom and the best man are all happy and comfortable with it, I don't see it being a problem.

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