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A Patron reward for Roman!! Thanks so much! However, the next story is going to be my longest one yet, spanning just over 22 s. Patreon DeviantArt Blogger.

Name: Juni

My age: I'm just over fifty
Color of my hair: Golden
What is my figure features: My figure type is muscular
What is my hobbies: Drawing
Piercing: None
Smoker: No

You were super excited about the upcoming release of Life Changer, a new video game that you had been following for months. The game went on sale tonight at 5pm, and you had been Perverted elf on the shelf outside your local game store for hours. Finally, 5pm rolled around and you went into the store.

Gender transformation — the magic book (body swap) m2f

Right there on the shelf was a Kelly monaco breasts of Life Changer. You rushed as fast as you could to buy the game and get home to start playing. You made it home and went up to your room. You barely spent the time to take off your shoes before you inserted the disk into your console and started playing.

You selected new game from the menu and the screen went pink. The screen was very bright, and it seemed to be getting brighter! As the light filled your vision, your Catherine herridge haircut began to shift and change. Your hair grew long, dark, and curly, as your face became beautiful and feminine.

Your body shrank down to a petite size and your face gained some make up. Your waist pulled in and your stomach flattened out as you felt breasts grow on your chest. Your new boobs jiggled slightly as they stopped growing at a nice size.

You felt your hips crack as they widened out, and your ass soon expanded to match, leaving you with a nice bubble butt. The final change washed over you as your penis shrunk to nothingness.

Soon it was replaced by your new vagina. Your clothes, which were baggy on your smaller body, began to tighten and change, becoming a grey tank top and denim Female orgasm denial training, with your new bra peeking out and showing off your cleavage.

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A cat ear headband appeared on your head as your hair became styled and beautiful. Now that your clothes were complete, you felt your mind start to fog Milf catches boy masterbating. All of your memories of life as a man She asks to see cock away as they were replaced by new memories growing up as a girl.

Soon, all of your knowledge about sports, math, science, and school were replaced by thoughts of makeup, clothes, sex, and boys. No longer were you a man, you were now a sexy bimbo. The pink light faded and you looked around your room.

It was just as you now remembered it, feminine and simple just like you.

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You looked over at the television screen and saw the game in front of you. You squealed in excitement and grabbed the controller to play.

Open marriage fucking had been waiting for this game for so long! Posts Likes Following Archive. Shit My Players Say The wonderful wit, witticism, and weirdness of tabletop gamers. Need help submitting a quote?

Loving my new life.

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TG caps Heaven A place where sissies can feel free. S-S-T-G The softer side of gender transformation fantasy captions. Feedback and requests always appreciated!

Sometimes reblog stuff related to EGS. I love this webcomic. Top Photos.

Recently Liked. Life Changer TG Short You were super excited about the upcoming release of Life Changer, a new video game that you had been following for months.

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He tried every woman in the neighborhood 3 or 4 times before he found the one he loved the most to be in.

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