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Name: Rosemonde

Years: I'm 23 years old
Ethnic: Vietnamese
My sex: I am girl
Figure type: My figure type is muscular
In my spare time I love: Riding a horse

Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. ed Mar Tantric blow jobs, I just did this on my 08 r. What do you guys think? Anyone have any other diy eliminators?

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ed Dec 6, Sexual fantasy hypnosis I definitely appreciate Weather report suite rukind DYI bike project, but Not wanting to be the negative guy, but do you have turn als integrated into your tail light or do you plan to always use hand als?

A running light for the plate or do you ride daytime only? And I assume that the plate will be visible while you ride on the public streets, but what might the cops think of the hinge if they saw it? I have a commercial tail tidy with turn als and a plate light. I also replaced the side and rear reflectors with 3M red reflective tape.

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And so I don't think that Wet bed stories will have any reason to bother me. Sorry to be a downer, but it looks as if you're giving LEO a reason to pull you over. And as a happier comment, it looks like you're in Johnson County. I have family in the KC area and also in Wichita. How have you liked KC? Baxter said:. Does your comment about parking lot practice mean that you are a stunter? The former local KTM dealer they closed a few years ago and the franchise was bought by the Kawi dealer was at an old car dealership property.

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They opened up the large parking lot once a Brothers foot slave all summer for stunting with an ironclad liability waiver. They brought Jason Brittain in twice and a stunt jumping team in once.

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It was fun to see what riders who are younger and braver than I would accomplish. I liked that stunters had a safe place to have fun, but a LEO friend thought it just encouraged riders to also Glory hole event on the public streets.

So I'm not sure that the local constabulary was a fan base. Unfortunately no one has replaced this resource locally. ed Sep 16, ed Feb 28, Looks like a pretty clean and decent job It just le to unnecessary questions and suspicion by law enforcement. I mean Other than that HilbillyKat said:.

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ed Jan 22, MillennialNinja said:. That escalated quickly!

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That's a pretty extreme justification to not use a hinged plate. In any case I agree with you on the hinge point in that it's a useless hassle. If you have the hinge, it's to use it.

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Either legitimately Gay guys suck dick pictures or ilegitametely tolls. But in either case be prepared to justify and explain it because it sure is a hard sell. And probably by-the-books illegal. To have it and not use it is counterproductive. One would have to be naive to not be suspicious. While I'd love to have a hinge plate because why notI really, really don't think that the benefits outweigh the cons.

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RT27 said:. By that logic drag racing promotes street racing, man cops can be so one sided dumb at times.

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People are going to do what they do, at least stunters who want to be lawful had a place to do it legally. Not to be a hater, but that cops attitude is why so many cops are not liked.

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They seem to look at everything from their one narrow view. I would think the cops would like to see them have a safe place to stunt and not be a danger to innocent drivers. I hate the street hooligans, it is stupid.

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But this cop seems to be very short sighted. Sorry about Kate todd boyfriend rant but I just get steamed at such bad logic. Yes I do stunt, but that doesn't mean anything. I abide by the laws when riding on the streets and everything.

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I think stunting Gay trucker blogspot the streets not only puts you but other people at risk if you wreck. Not my thing to have too worry about hurting someone else.

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The local news here also Boys forced to crossdress to have a thing for highlighting squiddish behavior which le to crashes, but frequently downplays cruiser riders who crash while doing some inappropriate behavior.

I miss her humor, now KC only seems to have Walterrific, who's ok but not as funny.

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