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Everyone knows that since the first season of How I Met Your MotherMarshall and Lily were meant to portray a strong relationship that would survive any hurdle or challenge faced. While it's obvious that both of them have been almost always equally invested in making it work, Lily seems to be the rock force of the Why do filipinas cheat.

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Hi, I discovered this gem of a show during quarantine Neighbor wife pussy know, Im about 6 years too late and just started watching the show about 2 weeks back. Im currently in season 5 and I love all the characters, but there is this one character whom I fucking hate Lily Aldrin.

I fucking hate lily aldrin

See the thing is, before season 5 I actually liked her but during S5 I started disliking her to the core. I started to realise how self-centered and fucking ignorant she is. Till season 5 she's such a bad person, I just hope by the end of the series she has redeeming qualities.

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The point of the show and indeed with all the best sitcoms is that all of the characters are deeply flawed people. Yeah, all Fucking my sons wife characters do some pretty awful things throughout the show. And from literally any objective POV, Barney is so much worse than Lily, but he gets a free pass for some reason.

Alyson hannigan: lily aldrin

I mean, Barney is manipulative, a sex addict, and a compulsive liar, but somehow he's everyone's favorite. The point Mature blackmailed for sex Barney is that, despite being a horrible person with strangers I mean, the guy sold a woman!

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I mean the worst he did to another gang member is Never ceases to entertain to Demi moores vagina this reaction. In true trilogy style, Marshal Claps Back. Oh no, I threw in my 2 cents and put a spoiler before i realized you havent made it further than the end of the 5th season.

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Had to Ariana grandes toes delete my comment. All i'll say is "baby you have my full support", roll my eyes, and hope everyone knows what I mean.

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I watched the show like 10 times. The first time she didnt bother me that much but the more i watched, the more annoying she got. Although during my current I like handjobs, my least favorite moment is when she returns from San Francisco and asks Marshall to take her back.

The best quotes from how i met your mother ( 3)

Plus the part where she tries to seduce marshall by wearing that dress and "taking deep breaths". Plus Who is the milfhunter part where she destroys marshall's and chloe's relation. Plus the part where she probably wouldn't have come back if she had found success in san francisco.

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I like Lily because of how similar I am to her. It's not my best truth, but it's an honest truth.

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Found the internet! I fucking hate Lily Aldrin.

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Sort by: best. Reply Share. Continue this thread. She's a total grinch.

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Classic Schmosby! Jesus Christ!!

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How could you say that word? Revenge of the Clap. Oh god not that episode. I never knew people took sitcoms so seriously until this thread.

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Well, the seventh season is now full throttle, and after we already talked about How I Met Your Mother season seven premiere and also about How I Met Your Mother Black lesbians in school Naked Truth episodewe are already in episode three, called Ducky Tie, in which after Ted runs into an old girlfriend, he tries to make amends with her since he cheated during their relationship.

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Ted Mosby : Oh, guess who I ran into.