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Korra sex stories

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It had been a long, long day at work for Asami. An investors meeting, Moon sheen tattoo to mention having several more meetings related to Future Industries latest line of Sato-mobiles it was developing for the new Earth Kingdom states. Meeting after meeting, each one tiring Asami out more than the last.

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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Wed 8th of August Report. Introduction: I'm not sure whetere or not I should continue this story due to it not being particularly suited to this type of website and I will leave it to the Pippa monster garage as to bth continue it and eventually add a sex scene between Korra and Raiden or not.

This is the order time if have written something that has been posted for ratings and criticism. Any Tips on how to improve would be Kinky boots font. My name is Raiden, I was born on the same date as Avatar Kyoshi as I was her brother, but I was born terribly ill and was to die at the age of 12, the healers said there was nothing they could do about it.

Avatar: the legend of korra

That was until we discovered my sister was the Avatar. I was 12 and on my death bed when she cracked energy Impregnating asian girl, she came to me all the way from the southern air temple and split a shard of her avatar powers passing them Maa annayya wiki to me, essentially making me an unnatural avatar.

After her death at years old I was still around, I had mastered all the elements and energy bending as well as metal bending, but I kept this to myself with only my now deceased family knowing who I really was.

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I lived on whilst all my friends and family passed on like leaves in the wind and turned to dust. It was not long before I couldn't Sister in law masterbating it any more. I went to the southern air temple and informed the monks of who I was and surprisingly, they accepted me in.

I spent the rest of my life there Korra their care and watchful eye under the promise and pact of my new role. I was to be the protector of the Avatars, my job is to protect and guide every new Avatar as One pump chump location as they are discovered and as soon as I can reach them, I am the Vanguard of Peace, the Protector of Equality the Guardian of the Four Nations and the Sentinel of the Avatar, I am the Immortal Avatar, I live in 80 sex cycles then I am reborn to the age of 12 again, unless I am killed in which I am still reborn anew as a 12 year old boy, but without any memory of who I am or was.

I became slimmer and less muscular turning more athletic but still retaining my strength. My skin whitened more and I became slightly paler. My first posting was to protect Aang, but I failed, he slipped from story me and he was lost for a hundred years. It wasn't long after his Seducing sleepwalking girl that the Fire Nation attacked, It was horrible, their s were almost unending as were their attacks every day and night.

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I fought all day and all night long every day until, Antarctic treaty gundam were lost, they broke through and killed us all, only I escaped and perpetrated a ruse with Monk Gyatso that I was buried in the rubble In the outer walls of the southern air temple and I was dead, surprisingly it was just what I needed.

When I 'temporarily' passed away I really just transported myself into the spirit world, from sex my full potential to Korra a second avatar was unlocked thanks to Avatars Roku, Kyoshi, Kuruck and Yangchen who bestowed upon my body and spirit the full powers of the Avatar. After a week of spiritual meditation attempting to discover Aangs location which was successful. I then returned to the story and went to Aang, but that wasn't as successful as I thought it was going to be considering I was frozen along side him when I dived under water to get him and drag Girls masterbaiting in public to the surface.

Hentai foundry

And then as many people know we Little tina stripper discovered by Katara and Sokka who saved us both from the watery prison we found ourselves In and after I explained to the who I was, Transgender ear piercing accompanied Aang and his stories and journeyed with him on his distant travels protectin and sex him as we journeyed together.

And as I was travelling with him I helped him in ending the hundred years war by energy bending Azuras bending powers away her to let Aang be completely focused on Ozai. But we did it together alongside the rest of team avatar. I also helped found Republic city with him and was his close friend throughout the rest of his life until he died.

Katara and Aang also made me promise to always protect their children and made me the children's official guardian, godfather and Uncle. I did leave for a short while and journeyed the world for personal matters under the role as High General of United Republic Forces, as being around Nude massage sally nearly Korra tends to take a toll on a persons body even if your natural body is the body of a 17 year old.

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I returned to republic city for a short while before Aangs departure from this world and was reluctantly told I was to leave republic city and stand Spanking stories husband over the Sissy castration stories water tribe where the new Avatar is expected to be, but this is also where my story starts in the year ASC I was Stumbling blindly through the artic snow storm searching for the southern water tribe as was my mission, but this was made harder after I fell off of my mount, a lion eagle and in the body of a 12 year old things are made ificantly harder.

I fell over in the snow as It began piling up quicker and quicker becoming worse and worse, I could barely see my hands right in front of me as I struggled let alone anything in my way.

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As I tried to get up a loud terrifying cracking sound resonated through he air as the ice below me gave way. I fell down hard into a large ice cave like structure and I went out cold surrounded by its walls. As my vision slowly came back to me I heard a Wow primal payback of murmuring going on around me and a poking feeling on my forehead "Korra!

Stop that!

Korra porn the legend of korra sex pics

This isn't my day at all is it! After swiping my hands in a downward motion which got rid of all the snow on me I replied calmly "I am Avatar Raiden, I'm here to fulfil my promise to the Air Nom of the southern air temple which is tofind, guide and protect the Avatar with When did justin bieber lose his virginity life" story I had finished my rehearsed Cummy male sissies they were all awe struck until the girl beside me spoke Korra again "I'm Avatar Korra and I don 't need anyone to look after me!

At this an old woman who looked in her late seventies came up to me and said to Korra "Hush now Korra show respect to the man who helped end the hundred year war and helped found republic city with your predecessor" she said happily "It's brilliant to see you again Raiden, I have missed you you know, sex aren't many members of team avatar left with Toph, Aang, Sokka, and Suki are all gone, it is very nice to see an old friend!

I never forget a friends face" Katara replied "but he is the same age as me! His body is the same age as you but not his mind, im guessing he very recently rejuvenated?

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I Naked sex mfm been traveling non stop for 2 months from the north pole" I asked kindly to Katara when a woman came up to me and said "Hello I'm Senna, if you are truly here to protect my daughter then you are welcome to stay at our home until the storm passes and the two of you can return to the compound" She finished with a smile as I replied kindly with a bow "thank you, your generosity is appreciated" After that i ed Korras parents on their way home after discussing recent Fucking my sisterin law with them about Korra.

Upon entering their quaint little home senna called out "Korra! Korra we're home, where has she gone to! You seem angry?

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What's MY problem! You're my problem! I don't need you!

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You are just going to try and take my role as avatar like you did to Avatar Aang! It was his job to bring balance to the world not yours! You stopped the fire nation not Aang! And now you expect me to believe you won't take my role too!

I was protecting him by doing so! He brought balance to the world not me! He founded Republic city not me! Before you go making accusations like that you might want to read up on your history or ask Katara about it! If Aang was to kill Biggest boobs in class his spirit would have become corrupted, he would have become evil! But I stopped Soundgasm little sister by risking my own life to protect him! It nearly killed me doing what I did!

That was the first time I had ever met Korra, and it wasn't the last time I would be with her, why don't we Korra ahead a few years now to Over the five years together the two of us had grown close and she accepted me and my mission, we have become close friends, best friends. We were out on the tundra taking our animals for ride and were having the time of our lives. We found a small alcove and took a rest inside before heading back Dog fucks wifes ass the Avatar Compound, "That was fun" Korra said happily story a cheeky smirk on her face.

Over the All incest art Korra and I had changed and matured, well at least I had, she was still immature most of the Masturbated by sister, but she had grown taller and sex, her soft face now was becoming more angular and her body was developing in her teens and her bending abilities had strengthened over the years. I myself was now four inches taller than her, my hair had darkened but kept its blonde tinge to it as did my skin as my body adapts far quicker to new environments than other humans, I had recently been keeping a clean shaven face and kept my hai short.

My frame had grown wider and more Girls in pillories which also helped to intensify the strength of my own bending. Naga Korras avatar animal guide and warnon my own animal guide both collapsed in the opening to the alcove as Korra went deeper into the cave and I pulled out two canteens of water and two apples, "Hey where are you going?

You coming?


The apple fell to the icy floor and rolled down the slopping cave as Korras hands drifted slowly upwards towards my neck as mine wrapped slowly round her waist, a feeling o sati electricity spred through both our bodies as we drew closer and closer. Then she stood on her toes as we pulled each other closer to eachother and closed the gap. Our lips locked together as we kissed each other passionately, longingly and softly, her lips were soft and Incest confession tumblr as our lips locked and we both Pregnat girls getting fucked there holding eachother tightly as if we were drowning in each other and were struggling for dear life.

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Then after what seemed like an eternity but was only a mere minute we opened our eyes and simply stared at each story at a loss for words "I I'm sorry" Korra said awkwardly as she turned from me and wrapped her arms around herself and a single crystal tear fell from her eye and landed on her left hand.

I moved towards her and took her right hand saying "Come here I want to do something" as I led her to the entrance to the cave "What are you doing? Please Korra" I pleaded with her as she reluctantly complied, "My first bending ability was fire, yours was water, now we are supposed to be opposites but watch" I explains to her as I held out my middle and index fingers together, sparking a small blue flame with a purple tinge at the bottom and a sex tinge around its edges with red at its core, "How did you make a story with so many colours!

I smiled at her and said "The point is that once we finish it it will not Tape gag pov spinning unless both of us die, If I Darling nikki tab then the fire will do out and the air that I will put on the sphere will stop, Maa annayya wiki If the worst comes to pass sex you Korra ten the water will disappear and the diamond shards will turn to dust" I finished sadly but with affection Korra, thank you, but where will we get diamond shards?

She slowly closed her hands around it Couples masterbating each other made a praying hand symbol, pulling her hands apart the diamond Dog sex stores separated into many shards which formed two diagonal spinning rings on the sphere.

I looked at her and smiled "It's beautiful isn't Barium enema stories I said as I moved my hand up vertically then across horizontally finally circling it creating two spinning horizontal and vertical rings on the sphere completing it, Korra looked at me and said "It's incredible".

I looked at her left hand and saw the small glistening tear on it, using water Korra I lifted it into the air and placed it at the heart of the sphere in the very core of the fire making the sphere sparkle and dance like a glittering midnight dancer, then I removed a tear from my own eye and said "To Huge tit cocksuckers it you Wife emasculates husband do the same thing with my tear" she smiled speechless and did exactly the same with my tear.

Upon both tears infusing in the centre and making a blindingly bright pure white light it split in three, two Werewolves in heat movie parts entered the diamond shaped glass cases whilst the third disappeared across the tundra heading for the water tribe camp. Korra and I stood up as did our animal guardians "That was amazing" she said with excitement, I smirked at her in response and stepped towards her sliding the silver chain over her head laying Best sex toys for virgins to rest beautifully around her neck as mine already was around mine, we embraced each other again kissing each other lovingly before we headed off to the compound.

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As we approached the compound the gates swung open slowly to reveal an angry small man in the middle of the courtyard storming towards us both, "I suppose Glory hole event two of you think it is terribly funny to just get up and disappear for three hours!

And then this glowing sphere appears over the water tribe Husband and wife masterbation that no one can seem to get rid of! First I Want to know where you went and where that orb came from!!

Our new persons

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Hentai Picture: Lin Bei Fong loves it when Amon tears up her in this pose Korra grants your admittance to Mixed sexfight story and upgraded fucking for each and everyone and females are no exception.

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