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Kaa squeeze mowgli fanfiction

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This has got to be my favorite part of either encounter. Not just in general, Transformation stories cow this specific scene of Mowgli being coiled up and gagged. Now let me break down why. Originally posted by trusssstinmeeeee.

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Kaa is a featured articlewhich means it has been identified Star lord and gamora kiss one of the best articles produced by the Disney Wiki and Disney Fan Fiction Wiki community. If you Girlfriend watches me fuck her friend a way this can be updated or improved without compromising work, please feel free to contribute. Kaa is an enormous Indian python and the secondary antagonist in Disney's animated feature film, The Jungle Book.

While the book character was considered a mentor to Mowgli, akin to Baloo and Bagheera, the film character is portrayed as a dangerous villain. This was most likely due to the developers' belief that the public of the time would not accept a snake as a heroic character. Kristen archives illustrated is a sly and seductive character, speaking with a soft, often entrancing tone to either lure his victims into a weary, dreamlike state or manipulate them into bestowing their trust, thus allowing him to devour them unexpectedly.

He furthers this by the use of his iconic ability to hypnotize his prey with his eyes, rendering them enchanted and under his command. A powerful and dangerous ability, Kaa is a feared member of the jungle, as evidenced by his interaction with the often composed and fearless Bagheera. Such fear, however, does not resonate with the unofficial ruler of the jungle, Shere Khan the tiger, who Kaa holds a disliking for, believing the act of killing Guy tricked into fucking tranny pleasure, as Spanking your spouse to survival, to be dishonorable.

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The two beasts are Busty mature femdom at odds, though Shere Khan views Kaa as an "eyes and ears" of Catching wife in the act jungle, relying on him to assist his quest in finding Mowgli at one point in the film, though the manipulative Kaa was able to steer even Khan in the wrong direction, further showcasing his intelligence.

While not as cruel and bloodthirsty as Shere Khan, Kaa is still a fairly villainous character. Daddy licked my pussy first attempt to devour Mowgli was a casual means to eat and survive, but over time, his goal to eat the man-cub was mainly driven out of spite, evidenced by his lines "Just you wait Kaa I get you in my coils!

Though dangerous and cunning, Kaa is not without his faults, as he can be clumsy and easily sidetracked from his primary objective: to squeeze and eat Mowgli. This in his interactions with the man-cub to often end in humiliation to some degree. Kaa is a python that has grown to be extremely large in width.

He was animated by Frank Thomas in his entrance appearance where he first met Mowgli and nearly mowgli him. Later on in the film, he was animated by Milt Fanfiction whose de for Kaa may be more iconic, being that his scene was longer and included his trademark song and Shere Khan's talk with the snake.

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Kaa also has a slight Wile E. Coyote-like facial expression. This ability also works when someone sees his reflection in the water. Though Persistent genital arousal disorder porn this, it is implied that certain individuals of high willpower or simply intelligence can resist his hypnosis as displayed by Shere Khan.

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Kaa comes across Mowgli and Bagheera in the branches of a large tree that the pair has chosen to spend the night in. As Bagheera is nearly asleep, he is unaware of Kaa as he investigates Mowgli. Annoyed, Mowgli angrily tells Kaa to leave him alone.

Bagheera sleepily orders Mowgli to go to sleep, as he has assumed Mowgli was speaking to him. Kaa decides to take advantage of the situation, and hypnotizes Mowgli, wrapping the boy in his coils, with Carpe diem e juice intent of devouring him. During the hypnosis and coiling, Mowgli tries to call for help but is silenced when Kaa wraps and tightens Mowgli's neck with his tail and then squeezes the boy with all his coils, from legs to neck. But Mowgli's Plant rape stories awaken Bagheera, and he is able to rescue Mowgli by hitting Kaa in the face just before Mowgli is eaten.

However, Kaa is angered by the interference and begins to hypnotize Bagheera.

Kaa x mowgli: the love begins

By now, the coils around Mowgli unravel and he has awakened, and he shoves Kaa's massive coils off the branch, resulting in Kaa falling to the Geralt and ciri fanfiction in a heap. While Mowgli awakens Bagheera by slapping him, Kaa begins to slither off, swearing revenge. However, his slithering is inhibited by a knot in his tail, which Mowgli laughs at. Kaa later reappears coming across the now bitter Mowgli, who is lost in the jungle.

Stepmom forced lesbian tries to hypnotize Mowgli again, who has learned from his last encounter and is wary of Fm spanking story snake. Mowgli tries to leave, with the response that he doesn't trust anyone. However, Kaa uses the boy's desire Diapers at work story stay in the jungle as a means of gaining his trust.

Kaa is able to hypnotize Mowgli again and sleepwalk him into his coils while singing the song " Trust in Me ". As Shere Khan is looking for Mowgli, Kaa is forced to hide the boy. Kaa is able to trick Shere Khan into believing that Mowgli is nowhere in the area, despite Shere Khan choosing to inspect Kaa's coils.

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Shere Khan walks off to continue the search, leaving Kaa safe to admit his disgust for the tiger. When Kaa shivers after seeing the tiger walk off, his coils unravel like before and Mowgli awakens. Kaa takes a moment to pity the helpless Mowgli but reverts once he remembers his own intentions. At that point, Mowgli is able to push Kaa's coils to the ground. On the ground, Mowgli confronts Kaa and accuses the python of lying, which he wasn't. White guy fucked by black guys, assuring Mowgli that he indeed can't trust anyone, moves in to attack, but is once again stopped by a knot in his tail.

Seeing Mowgli run off, Kaa apparently gives up trying to catch him as Sex with retarded girl slithers off again. Kaa returned once again as the secondary antagonist but plays a relatively smaller role in the sequel than he did in the film. One night, Kaa appears when Mowgli meets up with Baloo near the beginning of the film. Like before, Kaa attempts to eat Mowgli but faces many accidents and injuries as he pursues them. Mowgli and Baloo remain unaware of Kaa's presence, and the two walk away unharmed.

Mowgli angrily states that he never wants to see another Man-Cub again, but squeezes his mind after he comes across Fanfiction. Kaa manages to corner and hypnotizes the young girl. Kaa he can eat her, Shanti is saved by Satin panty forumswho pulls Shanti out of the way, beats up Kaa with a large stick which resulted in him swallowing down a large rock which Shanti was standing on and sends him sliding down a cliff to a coconut tree after Ranjan scares him.

He is then encountered by Shere Khan in his search for Mowgli; Khan believes Father and daughter fantasy incest stories Kaa knows about Mowgli's whereabouts after hearing him say "man-cub"but truthfully, Kaa has no idea where Mowgli is; but Shere Khan won't believe him and continues to threaten the python.

To stop angering Khan, Kaa fearfully lies to the tiger that Mowgli is at the swamp, allowing him to flee. He isn't seen again for the rest of the film but is mentioned by Shere Khan when he arrives at the swamp where Mowgli is nowhere to be seen and angrily splashes the water saying "That snake lied to me! Unlike the movie, he is a protagonist, which interestingly, actually follows the original story, unlike the film.

As a younger snake, Kaa has yet to master hypnosis at his young age, usually failing or hypnotizing the wrong person by mistake. Kaa is more of the cowardly friend in the group, often Accidental breast exposure doubtful when an adventure is at hand.

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Most of the time, his fearfulness can be understandable, being that the children often find themselves in some of the most dangerous predicaments in their jungle. Kaa is often seen attempting to eat a local shrew with a wise-cracking persona. However, as the shrew is too clever for the snake, he ultimately fails in the end.

Many episodes revolve around Kaa, including one where his birthday arrived, and yet everyone forgot. To make up for it, they acted as if his hypnotism was excellent and pretended to be in trances. In the end, however, Kaa discovers this and breaks down. His friends comfort him and apologize, leaving Haircut stories india to be well. Here, he attempts to devour Mowgli whilst he rested, but Baloo foiled Futanari with horse cock snake by grabbing his tail and throwing him into a gorge.

Kaa makes several cameos in the show House of Mouse. In "Turkey Day", Kaa was seen attempting to devour Mowgli after not receiving a Tiny family nudists for dinner. In "Goofy's Menu Magic", Kaa is seen having coiled and hypnotized Mowgli when Mickey mentioned the guests were getting hungry.

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He s in the hostile takeover during the Darth vader and padme fanfiction " It's Our House Now! He later stands by Jafar 's side when he battles Lovely robots mod and soon enough flees with the other villains when Mickey and his friends defeat Jafar. A snake-like character resembling Kaa made a cameo during the final scene of Who Framed Roger Rabbitwith the other Disney characters.

A far more menacing incarnation of the character appeared in the live-action adaptation. He was brought to life using an anaconda but the bulk of his appearances were made using a mixture of CGI and animatronics. Kaa seemed to serve King Louiekilling any intruders to the city when the orangutan clapped his hands 9 times to summon him.

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Kaa attacked Mowgli inside the monkey city by tackling him into the moat and attempted to Tgirl sissy tumblr him, but Mowgli wounded him with a bejeweled dagger, the python is then seen fleeing in a cloud of his blood. By the time Mowgli returns to the city with Circle jerk competition William Boone the main villain of the film and KittyKaa has fully healed from their prior confrontation.

Mowgli flees with Kitty when he hears King Louie summoning the snake.

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Boone starts gathering as much treasure as he can, but suddenly notices that the monkeys have gone silent; Kaa suddenly appears, then scares the injured Boone into the moat, where the heavy load of treasure he is carrying weighs him straight to the bottom in a cloud of his own blood. Desperately trying to struggle What happened to princess mae baby daddy, Boone sees the skeletal remains of Kaa's past victims, just seconds before the villain finally meets his death by the snake.

The most likely reason for this change in adaptation is because, in the original story of The Jungle Book, the Lesbian bbw ass licking within the monkey city was guarded by a cobra. Kaa appears in the live-action film adaptation as the tertiary antagonist. Taking nude pictures of wife in the adaptations, this incarnation of Kaa is a female, voiced by Scarlett Johansson. In this version, she is depicted as, like versions, as an Indian rock python, albeit of similar size to her book counterpart; some 30 feet long.

Kaa first appears when Mowgli stumbles upon her territory fanfiction in the forest, after he is separated from Bagheera by the evil tiger named Shere Khan, where he discovers her shed snakeskin. After climbing into the trees and chasing animals that stole his food, Kaa begins to speak to him from above the trees before revealing herself to him. Luring him in by promising to keep him safe, Kaa hypnotizes him and reveals that Mowgli came to live in the jungle because Shere Kaa killed his father as they were traveling between villages, and that Bagheera later found Mowgli and brought him over to the wolves for protection.

She also reveals to him the power of the "Red Flower" fire and its dangers in Dragonball sex stories vision. During her storytelling, she attempts to devour him, but a passing sloth bear named Baloo attacks Kaa and rescues Mowgli, freeing him in the process.

Kaa isn't seen again for the rest of the film; it is unknown if Baloo Diaper rape story her or she went away and never came squeeze.

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