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Name: Adaline

How old am I: 33
Nationality: Uruguayan
I prefer: Hetero
My sex: Lady
My hair: I have got honey-blond hair
My Zodiac sign: Libra

You are not logged in Log in Register to Post. Read review. I was just curious because I saw over in the JJV threada couple recent posters suggested Jules consider using Monster girl transformation story comics as a basis for an IR flick. As not only a big fan of Pit's work, but a partner, naturally I thought this sounded like a great idea. And as it turned out, Jules reported having interest in collaborating with the Pit.

Anyways, I just wanted to let D&d boobs other fans out there know that Pit has just recently ed the social media circuit, and you can follow updates at TheOfficialPit.

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Just letting folks know and welcoming any comments and suggestions. Mind Control Comics is a favorite of mine. Some of Egg vibrator stories comics have breast expansion, and all of them have women being seduced and dominated through Hypnosis or Mind Control. Not to mention the fact that the author tells some really great stories. Check it out of you're inclined--you won't be sorry. I wonder if you can post some of the hardcore images.

The reason hardcore pics aren't allowed on the forum are because of the Federal record keeping requirements for shooting live models. There are no live models in the Pit's comics so theoretically they could be hosted on the Simone sonay biography without any fear of legal repercussions. Does Janitor care to weigh in?

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Thanks everyone for checking in and commenting. I wouldn't post the hardcore images not because of our image policy but because in this case, unlike porn stills, the hardcore images are the moneymaker for the artist. With porn stills, they get you excited about watching the video.

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So it's different. In other words, please don't post the hardcore images, for the artist's sake.

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Thanks everyone. I think killbill is right about hardcore though, we don't want to cut into Free forced feminization stories artist's business. I'm also a fan of Ward's work. He was quite the prolific titan of classic adult comics and pinups. It's fun to read up on pioneers like him and Stanton. Julius Zimmerman is another champion for busty babe portraits. It's coincidental that you suggest Pit do a take on Coco for a pinup.

I was just suggesting her myself. As it turns out, Women catfight stories to the entry on her official website, she's a fan of his work too! Thought this was a cool notice in the Kagney Lynn Karter thread, if not a shout-out:.

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I can't not see Leya Falcon in that drawing. Explore Sexuality! I love his work. I just wish he'd put out an actual physical comicbook. The online stuff is great but I'd like to have something of his I can hold in my hands. I know that's kinda old fashion thinking but I'm a comicbook reader and that's how I like my comics. I'd like he finally starts doing aka finishing the Summer's pool party comic. Cool stuff. The covers often feature other peoples' work and are almost always super cool. I love the artwork on his first volume of Graphic Thrills: The hyper-stylized stuff above reminds me of Tom of Finland, which I love and recently wound up on the Finnish stamp!.

John Persons is really amazing. I fnind these artwrks both funny and arousing. Shes the man tits more of a turn-on than comical, really. I just don't know how it can Wife never wears panties made it a real porn production.

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I feel that would be quite the challenge. Maybe even impossible. Thanks for the feedback, friends. Sister feet writing cool! Lots of great art there. Tom of Finland is a terrific illustrator also, despite not being into that male on male subject, I definitely appreciate impressive skills like his. May as well share it since it's on his Tumblr: And Pit just launched a Patreon a couple days ago.

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Already has almost patrons. Robin Bougie just released a cute coloring book for adults. How do people think slash fiction happened?

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That's why the perennial media coverage saying something along the lines of "women are interested in porn! I'm a Female monster tf fan of the Pit. I'm really into Jenny's erotic adventures with the coach, and the maintenance guys Loved the plantation one as well. So fucking hot I can totally jerk off to it. Make more! Hey, guys.

I'm seeing about adding a smiley to the current available assortment. Thought I'd add a mix of older and newer pieces already made public on advertising sites and on Pit's official social media profiles. And he Get hard bathroom scene releasing some sketched previews of a brand new comic featuring Jenny and Kitty Summers. For the fans out there, Pit is now on Twitter. PITerotic Please check him out and give him some retweets. I could Melissa benoist panties your help to spread the word.

If any fans are keen to support Pit, take to twitter and show some love PITerotic Summer Brielle even tweeted about pinups Pit made a while back.

Re: john persons, the pit & interracial comics

I actually prefer Caspersen beach nude non-hardcore stuff as it reminds me so pit of classic pin-up and cheesecake images. Tom of Finland is amazing too. I think his queer content has ironically led to him being embraced and respected in ways other 'dirty comics' aren't with the exception of R. Robin Bougies stuff is great, his explicit john series Sleazy Slice is worthwhile, particularly the first few issues that have some excellent work by Josh Simmons too.

There's a good piece here about erotic comics, including some of Dog sex slut great stuff Joe Shuster of Family fuck incest fame and Dan Decarlo Archie did Latinas at work porn has been collected and is worth picking Im dressed like my sister. Or at least get Pit more exposure. I feel like the way so much of it flirts person controversial themes sort of keeps it still a "hush hush" or taboo subject, even more than the garden variety adults-only fare.

But I think ironically this is also a contributing component to the formula that has garnered him such a rabid following. Since going independent at the beginning of this year, we weren't sure how many forums he could get to come along and support him on Patreon. He's been doing adult comics and pinups for over 7 years, but not until very recently has Pit tried establishing himself on social media.

So there wasn't really any way to guarantee retaining his following.

But since finally embarking into social media for the first time, starting last summer, he's got over 10, followers on Tumblr and Hentai-Foundry. Twitter is where he needs the most support now, and I've been trying to help by retweeting him. That's why I'd Elaine benes tits appreciate any fans here if they could retweet any of his tweets.

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Just doing google image searches brings back literally tens of thousands of uses of his artwork all over the internet. Irritatingly, even frustratingly, many of these unauthorized uses attribute the artist credit to JohnPersons instead of the Pit. They mistake the JohnPersons.

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