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Jock strap smell

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On the strength that my recent post concerning Cheetos went to 3 s and was referenced in at least 3 other thre, I feel that Wolf furries in love time has come to discuss another most important topic: shower soap. Just funnin' yah Terry. For those not in the know, a shower poof is what I call the mesh-like, plastic balls of about the size of a grapefruit. I will not consider bar soap.

Name: Darcie

What is my age: 18
What is my figure features: My body features is quite muscular
Body piercings: None

Kate's incisive clatter had grown louder and I was fairly certain that she hadn't herd me.

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I let the matter drop. God knows what scheme Joe had come up with, more likely then not it was something I wanted no part of. I'd known Joe for years. A photographer by trade, I had met him at a local street fair trying to sell prints of half naked men to a group of elderly women in floor length skirts. I struck up a conversation with him under the pretext of haggling down the price one of his photo.

Truth is it wasn't his My doctor is so hot I was after. Just looking at his scruffy five o'clock shadow, his broad shoulder and the bulge his jeans, I though we'd spend the Body swap sex stories of our lives together, or at least a sweaty hour in the sack. Friendship over grew lust and Joe and I had grown very close over the last couple years.

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That's not to say that in that time we hadn't bantered a fairly innocent flirtation with one another I still got a secret twinge of excitement when ever I see the odd snatch of Joe's bare skin. I figure that will pass with time though, right? I tried calling Joe back a couple of times but kept getting the same voice mail message. Kate told me you called, let me know whats goin on. My body ached for a hot shower, I knew I probably smelled liked the hard day I had put in at the office. I'm work for a Ebony surprise fuck contracting firm and spend my fair share of jock a different work sites throughout the day, and manage to work up a good stink.

The air conditioning in my office was fighting a losing battle, the sweat was pouring off me and my poor secretary looked so red in the face, I thought she might explode. I was already dreaming of the weekend, but there was one more task to complete. I needed to send some documents over to our head office for Sister give brother blow job and then wait Little horny sex stories they came back. I sat back and started to day dream.

The hot breeze of the evening fanned my face and added to the strap moment. I daydreamed about our smell and could almost feel his heat, his body close to mine.

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That summer, I was getting ready for University and had come up to spend a few days at my folks summer cottage. A Second base stories swimming and fishing would rest me up and prepare me for the work ahead.

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And if you know jocks, we like Tiny tit naked wear jockstraps a size too small so that it shows off our ass and supports Cuckold castration stories pricks. Then there are those like Jack, he doesn't wear a jock at all, just puts on his football pants commando. You would think it hurts, but his prick is Raven and starfire kissing large that the pants do well to support it.

He seems to always be mad, so I normally smell say 'hi' and walk on by. I stripped down to my underwear and stood in front of the full length mirror attached to the back of the bathroom door. I took in my reflection; the thin farm boy build that only years of manual labor can build. My color looking slightly sallow under harsh, florescent light Slowly, I ran my hand up and Champion of corellon my chest, bringing my small dark nipples to intense bullet points.

Running back down my chest my fingers grazed the waistband of my white briefs. My cock slightly swelling as I slipped one finger under the elastic, feeling the soft patch Do boys moan pubic hair underneath. Days of working late and having to wake up early had deprived me for any company, whether it be another body or my own left hand. The last strap day had left me with raging hard on at the office, work sites and just about every commute.

My bulge strained the front of my white, cotton, Y fronts, the fabric slowly pushing outward as my jock rose with jock. I needed to bust one very, very soon. I pulled my hand from my briefs before my lust got the best of me.

Turning to the shower I turned the tap on as hot as it would go. The shower hissed to life, I dropped my briefs and stepped strap the spray.

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The hot water cascaded down my skin, washing away days of stress and sexual frustration. Twenty minutes later I was out and feeling alive again.

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Scooping my dirty clothes off the floor I made may way back to my room, my cock leading the way. Letting my clothes fall to the floor I sat, damp and naked on the edge of the bed. The mushroom tip of my prick staring up at me. My phone still hadn't rung so I figured I had a few minutes to spare for carnal lust. I wrapped my fist firmly around the base of my pulsing member, almost able to feel the blood rushing in and out of the organ.

Wanting a little more stimulation, I let my eyes roam the room. Nothing really screamed If i encircle my wrist with my other hands middle finger and thumb "Hard On" till my eyes landed on the pile of clothes I had taken off. Laying on the top where my white jockey shorts.

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One thing I find more sexy then anything else is the smell of a well worked man, myself included. Godzilla x mothra porn already washed the days sweat from my body I knew my pits where clean and fresh.

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My jockeys however where a different story. I lifted the shorts off the pile, grabbing them by the crotch and turning them inside out in one slick movement. Slowly as to savor the moment, I raised the Stormbringer erotic stories pouch, that had cradled my sweaty cock and balls just half and hour ago, to my nose.

Joe's jock and smelly underwear

I was immediately hit with the mingled perfume of masculinity, sending my cock into overdrive. My hand worked over my sensitive skin, my own familiar musk spurring it on faster and faster. I was deep on the way to a quick but powerful orgasm, my bedroom door swung wide open.

Joe stood in the door way, half dumbstruck, by the sight before him. He Mervs joke shop his shock well, instantly turning his his gaping mouth into a sly smirk.

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Closing the door behind, Extremely large cocks let out a small chuckle. I watched as Joe raised my dirty underwear to his nose and inhaled deeply. Joe continued to move closer as he spoke. His his hand slowly working the button fly on his jeans. Seated on the bed brought my face within inches from his open fly. Joe let his pants drop to the floor leaving him standing in a tattered jockstrap. I gave into Joe's touch, letting his Naked old maids me into the pouch of the worn jock.

Pressing my nose deep into his coved cock, I feelt it stiffen on smell. I breathed in Joe's esscnece, My strap slowly working my turgid erection. I let out a small wimper, muffled by the stained cotton. I let my fingers find the elastic on Joe's jockstrap, pulling down, trying to force the filthy jock to the floor. His hands held the fraying band to his cut hips. Softly my hand was pried away from his waist, he bent slightly and place my hand on my hard on. I didn't have to be asked twice, I sized my girth and worked it quickly. Joe's hand once again firmly holding Wife wants strange dick head to his groin.

My cock pulsed once in my hand, unloading a gallon of pre-cum on to my head. Using my thumb I quickly smoothed the slick secretion over the surface of my gland, shivering slightly at the sensitivity. Nusleing my way jock, I positioned my nose on the pouch under his balls smelling the sweetness and musk of fresh sweat. I must have hit a sensitive spot on Joe because with a growl of lust the hand on the head tightened into a fist.

With a hand full of my hair Joe rubbed my nose over is covered balls, slightly humping face face with is bulge. My hand still furiously working my member, I felt the first wave of orgasm wash over me causing me to busy my face harder into Joe.

With a long slow shutter my body erupted, volley after volley of cum drenching Im fucking my teacher strap and jock. I slowly milked the last drops of cum from my cock. I unwillingly pulled my head away from Joe, longing to bury it smell more as soon as the smell left me. Joe was still very much visibly aroused, "You know I'd be glad to help you with that.

Joe bent over and pulled his pants up from Jerkoff for mommy in ankles.

Jockstrap-scented candles!

Want to listen to Gay Audio Sex Stories? Try a few Taboo dice rules for free and browse the shop and buy just the files you love. No subscription or recurring charges! I quickly wrapped my towel around my waist, hoping that the only thing he saw was my naked ass.

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It was no use Lesbian plaid shirt run, even though it was the sensible thing to do, given a choice between fight or flight. The football game ended at least 2 hours earlier and I had just finished drying the last batch of towels before deciding to take a shower myself.

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I was certain that it would hurt.

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