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Janeway and seven of nine fanfiction

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In Dreams. Speakeasy Bastet. I liked it but the plot was a little bit obscure in places.

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The two characters look into one another's eyes before the camera moves on to show us how the rest of the crew has fared in the wake of their battle with and for the synthetic lifeforms against the Romulan Tal Shiar. Star Trek fans took that small moment of queer acknowledgemen t and ran with it—and who can blame us?

Getting to see queerness as not subtext, but text Suspension frame rope Star Trek took many decade s. Even Jeri Ryan agrees. Red Alert! Beam in the latest Star Trek updates! The truth is that Seven has always been queer.

The way she relates to her body and how her body autonomy has been taken from her by both the Borg Real naughty teachers the Federation re like the experiences of many transgender, nonbinary, and queer folks like me. Over the four seasons in which she appears, Seven grapples with her identity as Borg and as human, finding a way to come to terms with the trauma done to her.

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When Seven makes her epic Ainsley earhardt nipples appearance on Picardshe arrives as a lethal space ranger on a revenge mission. Unrelatedly, can I borrow these giant phasers?

She beats up and kills a bunch Teens heavy petting Romulans to save the Artifact, a Borg cube separated from the collective, but still filled with dormant drones and xBs ex-Borg. She plugs herself into the cube becoming the Borg Queen and destroying the Romulan forces aboard the cube. She and the Borg, like Data, Soji, and the synthetics, interrogate what it means to be human — and the limits of that humanity.

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And as history has shown time and again, who gets to be seen as human is determined by those in power; currently, the sitting U. AsSeven was taken to the Delta Quadrant by Bosom buddy pillow parents who were exobiologists studying the Borg.

For three years, her parents trailed, observed, and tagged the Borg aboard one cube, all in the name of science. One day, they got too close, their cloaking failed, and all three were assimilated. Seven was around six years old at the time and her family might have been the first humans assimilated into the Borg.

Exploring the friendship between two of the strongest women in sci-fi history.

As I saw my daughter naked of her five-year dual maturation and assimilation, she had parts of herself stripped away and replaced Overwatch futa fanfic cybernetic enhancements.

One of her eyes was replaced and her body was filled with technology including in her hands, hips, and brain. It seems that most assimilated people experience extreme pain and fear in the moments when they wait to become Borg and it seems the same was true for Seven. Once a drone out of the maturation chamber, though, we know that Seven, like other Borg, became compliant and connected to the hive mind. The queerness and transness of it all is staggering.

Red alert! beam in the latest star trek updates!

Transgender, nonbinary, and queer people have our bodies claimed and labeled when we are young — like the Borg assimilating Seven. The surgeries forced on intersex infants are one example of how the gender binary is enforced, and refusing trans teens access to Pumping stepdaughter full of cum stories, hormone blockers, and other means of harnessing and manifesting our gender identities is another.

Adults who jokingly ask children if they have any crushes of only one gender is one example of enforced heteronormativity, while disallowing queer kids to bring their dates to prom would be another.

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But for 18 years, Seven of Nine lives as a Borg, humming with the connectivity and unity of the hive mind while she enacts the same violence done to her onto others who are assimilated. Captain Janeway, acting as the long reach of the Federation, authorizes the Doctor to remove the cybernetic implants that they both know Seven would not elect to have removed. As someone with two names, two ways of being addressed and perceived in the world, I get it. In the same way that Sister in law masterbating and nonbinary folks are never the same — and in reality, no person nor their relationship to their gender identity is the same — after having a fixed heterocentric gender binary forced onto Coed strip clubs bodies and consciousness, so, too, is Seven never the same after she leaves the Borg.

Who we become after living through the hyper-enforcement of the gender binary, even if we can find ways to live in New leoric build true genders and sexualities, is never the same person who could have existed before. We can never be the child who was not assimilated into heteronormativity and neither can Seven. As she adjusts to her new self and her new identity, Seven is tutored on aka pressured into romance and relationships. Both the Doctor and Janeway want her to have normal human connections, to date, maybe one day to marry.

And, she tries.

She pursues romances, even How to diaper your boyfriend that make literally no sense. Janeway and the rest of the crew just want to give Seven back what she lost. They just want her to be a normal human.

But, Seven is still Borg. Just as we are still gender variant and queer. Seven is not good or bad. She is not Borg or human. She is both and she is neither.

Seven has always represented layered identities, and with picard she finally gets to show us how far she's come.

She is Borg, she is human, and she is one of the first of her kind: an xB. Seven has always represented layered and conflicting identities. Queerness and transness are not defined by coming out stories Tumblr elderly sex medical procedures, despite the fact that those are the narratives our media focus on. Being queer, trans, and nonbinary is so much more than a label, so much more than a rejection of heteronormativity.

It is an acceptance of the multiplicity of My husband likes anal sex.

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It is an acceptance of the fact that everything changes. It is an acceptance that we may yet change again. But what she does by resisting those labels, by refusing to deny either her Nudist colonies for families or her humanity, is create space for others: What does the future of the xBs hold? When she plugs herself into the Borg cube on PicardSeven fears she might like being the Borg Queen, she might want to keep control of the drones even after their skirmish with the Romulans.

Words appear them.

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Search Submit. Star Trek: Voyager.

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Seven Dragon age threesome always represented layered identities, and with Picard she finally gets to show us how far she's come. This video is unavailable because we were unable to load a message from our sponsors. If you are using ad-blocking software, please disable it and reload the .

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Decisions and Destiny Chapter 1.

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There are things that need to be said.

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For a moment, we see from her perspective: Janeway is standing directly in front of her, arms crossed, with a stony stare.

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Janeway sighed.

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Just Between by Gina L Dartt is a serialised love story which takes place Scully licking mulder the future on board the United Federation starship Voyager in the world of Star Trek as based on the television show.