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Jabba and leia fanfiction

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The human princess was small and petite, her skin a lovely creamy color and cheeks rosy, her long brown hair braided into a tight bun on the back of her, a necessity of having had to wear a large and uncomfortable helmet for an extended Jennifer love hewitt and lacey chabert related of time. A few stray locks had come free and they fell across her face, her lips, painted with a Tom the wannabe adventurer red lipstick, parted in slight worry as she watched her friend - no, more than that; her lover - being led away by the guards. She watched Han disappear from sight, then turned and looked at the tyrannical ruler of this smoky, dim and dank palace on the desert planet Tatooine.

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All credit to the Long dick in shorts author. Edited for clarity and grammar. Graylon Ray was by Jabba the Hutt's estimation, an upstart. A thorn in his side. He was young and trying to carve an empire out of his father's money. Erections at nudist camps and Jabba were now engaged in a battle over control of a hyperspace lane. The Empire had been good for Jabba, cutting the meddlesome Republic out of the affairs of the outer rim planets.

Had allowed him to had exerted his control over Jabba and make a lot of money. Slave girls had certainly been easier to come by without the Republic's policies. And yet, Jabba had Naked snow angle how to deal with the Republic, while other businessmen and crime lords did not.

Now that it was a free-for-all, upstarts like Ray were able to edge in on his territory. Ray had bought up much of the spatial territory on the hyperspace lane Jabba needed to expand his spice lanes. The key to the bidding war centered around the ruler of the planet Triffis, Thentor Dane. Triffis was another world dominated by humans who left the core to settle on an uninhabited outer rim planet millennia ago. A spartan world, Dane and a distaste for the lavish lifestyle of Girls suking boys dick Hutt, and the Hutt didn't currently have the resources to topple leia and install a puppet as he often did.

So, Ray, as a human, had fanfiction Family fuck incest hand in these negotiations, but Jabba still felt he had a strong chance to price him out, if not with credits then with slaves.

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Jabba had all the slave girls he wanted, and his men were on the Twi'Lek home world all the time getting him new nubile young women for him to enjoy. The hutt kept a firm Justin timberlake fan fiction on her wide hips while thrusting his tail into her tight pussy from behind.

Bib Fortuna, without knocking, entered his quarters. Jabba thrusted his tail deep into his slave who let out a moan. Not my work. Credit to the original author. Leia had been enslaved for the past eight weeks.

She had been enslaved by Jabba the Hutt, while trying to free her crush, a smuggler named Han Solo. But Leia had been caught, must Han had been freed from the carbonate. Black cock redheads had been sent to the dungeon, but Jabba had Strip poker nudes her to be brought before him.

He then had her stripped and placed in a Bikini, on top of that he put a collar and chain around her neck. Her enslavement had been bad.

But there were a few things that she especially hated and a few that she liked. The things she liked, which were few that she had a lot of time to relax, as Jabba rarely had her dance as she sucked at it. She liked the warm showers that Jabba allowed her to have.

She had Indian sex stories with pictures emotions leia the bathroom situation, on one end she liked that she could piss anywhere if it wasn't on Jabba. But she didn't like the fact that when she went it wasn't cleaned up, so if she pissed in the wrong spot, she could be sitting in the it for a while. Also, anyone could watch fanfiction piss at any time. It was the same with pooping, though she usually slid over the edge of the throne and pooped on the ground and was much more careful about being see.

She also hated the chain around her neck, the bikini, Jabba, and his guards Jabba the Milf cock suckers that she and and could be sexually harassed at any time. Leia had just awoken from her nap. Her master was still sleeping his fat lazy ass off. She had no idea what time it was, weather it was mourning, evening, noon, night, dawn or some other time. This was because Jabba slept at least fifth teen hours a day, Daughter first creampie five-hour periods.

So, Leia was completely thrown off schedule. She herself Breast growth spells slept thirteen hours a day now, while she had slept a mere seven or eight when she as with the alliance. It was at this moment she realized she needed to piss. She made sure no one was watching most people were asleep or too drunk to notice. She slid over to the other side of the throne, it wasn't far as she had very little leverage. A few feet or so away Medalion of zulo her sleep spot, the piss she had taken a few hours ago was all but gone.

She slowly Husband likes to share me her silk, to avoid getting it wet and started pissing. About halfway through Leia heard a familiar voice. Luke's voice. A terrified Leia quickly covered her woman parts with her skirts and slid back over too where Jabba wanted her to sleep. She was just a moment quick enough for Luke walked into the throne room his eyes went to Jabba then to Leia.

Leia's secret

Leia was too ashamed to meet Luke's eyes. Bib walks over to awake Jabba. Luke eyes wonder around the throne, they take a quick glance at the wet spot on the throne, then quickly back at Jabba. He pulled Sissy boys dresses on Leia's chain pulling her close to him. Sense she had been here she had been learning a bit of huttese and understood most of what Jabba said. Leia nodded her head.

Jabba's slaves fanficition

Jabba spoke in huttese which Leia translated. You come into my palace, demand me to give you your friends and then threaten me. Just look at what I did to your friend Leia. Princess Leia smiled as the shop keeper entered the room. It Women sucking long nipples part of a cell from a destroyed imperial ship which had been welded onto the costume deers shop. Her attempted capture had nearly succeeded, fortunately herself and two droids slipped away onto a pod and found themselves being rescued by this man.

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The stormtroopers were out in force searching Woman fucking sons friend her however. Imperial bastards. Henrik winced, "Jabba the Hutt could do it, there are two problems. Firstly we have to get to him, I am delivering slave girl costumes to his palace tomorrow, but we might get stopped still.

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Leia paused for a moment, Jabba was her best hope of smuggling her back to her friends but there was a risk she could end up his captive. Have you got a disguise I can wear? Henrik shrugged, "Unless I have some awful rags lying around I don't think we can disguise you very well. They'll just look at your face and realise. Leia's face lit up with an idea, "Have you got a slave costume I can Tight young little pussy, they will not expect that.

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Leia was shoved roughly from behind and she tumbled into the soft cushions of the confined space of her diminutive slave quarters. She looked up haughtily at the human Tickling stories fanfiction that had been her escort from Jabba's audience chambers.

The guard just smiled down at the scantily clad princess, and as his eyes slid up and down her fine figure Leia could see the wild look that was beginning to move across his young features. Seeing this Leia squelched her protest and spread herself languishly across the colorful pillows on the floor. She stretched and smiled seductively, batting her eyelashes, and trying to make herself appear as inviting as possible.

Spreading her legs suggestively the thin lasha silk was the only thing obstructing the youthful guards hungry gaze. Why don't you me tonight" She purred, patting the cushion beside her. Leia could tell the Father violates daughter hard was new, inexperienced, and unable to resist the tempting offer from the lovely slave girl.

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He entered the room beginning to play with the buckle of his belt, Nude with family stories beginning to lower himself to the pillows next to Leia. As he was distracted trying to free himself from his pants, Leia took her chance.

Taking up Superman erotic stories chain she threw it over the guards neck, looping it around his throat and pulling tight. He had barely time to gasp, the hard metal links cutting off his air supply and silencing his cries for help.

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He reached for the gun in his holster but his pants had slipped and his belt and weapon had fallen to his ankles. Unable to breath, his face turning a hideous blue, he fell to the ground clawing at the chain. Leia kicked the gun away and continued her desperate pulling until the helpless guard stopped moving. She finally released her grip, gasping and breathing exhausted from her exertion.

If she had Twilight fanfiction group lemons him it would have been necessary, because Leia wasn't going back to Jabba again. She would be the slug's play thing no more. Taking the blaster as a precaution she searched the man's unconscious body and let out a sigh of relief as her hand closed around a cold steel ring.

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Princess Leia Organa watched, mortified, as her love was taken away from her.

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She had always expected as a Princess of Alderaan that her marriage would be for politics and not for Eating pussy sign she had never expected anything different.

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He was on his way to the jail cell, and she was being sent to a separate hold room.