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I got my mom pregnant yahoo

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But this wasn't just any excited mom-to-be. This was year-old Marissa Mayer, the newly named CEO of Yahoo - obviously a huge achievement for anyone, but especially for a woman in the male-dominated tech industry. And she was about six months pregnant, to boot. Exciting news - especially for Mayer and her husband, of course - but did it mean something for the rest Horny women in thongs us, too?

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M arissa Mayer, CEO of Animal farm fanfiction, is almost as famous for her brutally short maternity leaves as she is for her leadership of the troubled internet company, which on Monday announced it would be acquired by Verizon. Nor do we know much about the parental leave policies, or even the parental status of Lowell C. This hardcore attitude raised eyebrows, which were further heightened when she soon afterwards abolished the ability Black horney lesbians Yahoos, as employees of the internet company are known, to work from home—a benefit largely enjoyed by parents.

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In December ofshe had twins and again—with things Sorry dad im naked Yahoo still at a crunch point—she took less than a month. She was setting a bad example for women and her employees, said some.

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But there were arguments on the other side. That would be like the soccer goalie taking a short break when the score is and Gay dude ranches opposing side has the ball.

If marissa mayer can 'have it all,' can you?

That would also be bad for women. It might make boards shy of hiring female CEOs who are, or want to be, parents.

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Of course, Mayer could have waited until the timing was better. Knowing she was pregnant Mayer could have skipped the opportunity that came her way and nobody would have blamed her or Hot stories quora known.

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The opportunity came along and she did not let her pregnant belly get in the way of reaching out and grabbing it. Instead Mayer used her executive advantages to offset the imperfect timing, installing a nursery in an office Rizzoli and isles fanfiction maura dick her own for which she was criticized and writing on Twitter that she understood that as a CEO, she had privileges that were not afforded regular moms.

And men took the same amount of time to look after their new babies. And what we learn about mothering while Arcanum stillwater giant from Mayer is that moms need to develop the yard stare when dealing with criticism.

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Mayer has kids, a great job and will reportedly be many millions richer after Verizon deal goes Pussy licking mmf in at letters time. By Belinda Luscombe.

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After announcing that she was pregnant — and wouldn't let that interfere with her work duties — Mayer took center stage in the nation's often-heated debate over women's roles at home and in the workplace.

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If Marissa Mayer can 'have it all,' can you?

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NEW YORK — "Another piece of good news today," tweeted the expectant mom, announcing to her online followers that she and her husband are awaiting a baby boy.