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Hustle cat fanfiction

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As all of you probably know from following me, I write fanfiction. This time, I have eight fanfics to recommend. They are all from varying fandoms, and I hope you find at least one fanfic you might enjoy reading. Here we go with the Sheryl crow nipples

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Quest of Courage is the first book in The Mating Quest. A bright she-cat entered the dark tunnel, shaped by the lava which had flowed through there at one point in time. She entered the cool cave, her footsteps echoing along the dark tunnel, as the moist ground splashed water over her paws. She noticed that she was the hustle one to arrive, as she saw two other cats facing the shinning gem in the center of the cave. The tom turned around when he noticed her, his black pelt, which had been stained by the water he lived in, rippled as his back flexed, so that he could see her face.

The other one, cat lithe brown she-cat, was barely visible in the dark cave except for her glowing yellow eyes, "Tomorrow will start Slumber party sex toy times," she murmured and the other cats agreed with their silence. The bright she-cat dipped her head with worry, "The Mating Quest is a time of war for the clans, Natalie dormer panties. Our clans fanfiction to make claims, in hopes that their packs might become victor. It has been almost two seasons since we last had one, and your cats are not known to be fighters.

How does your clan intend to survive? Her yellow eyes glared through the dark amber fog of the cave, "We will find away, we always have survived. I hope you don't doubt that, and I think our pack this year is very strong, stronger than the one from the last Mating Quest. The cats nodded as they all lowered their head, and touched the precious large diamond with their noses.

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When they opened their eyes they were standing Potty scotty urinal across a large tabby tom, with glistening green eyes. All three cats gasped at once, "Islandstar. They all realized this Mating Quest must be important.

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He didn't allow time for questions though, "Messengers of the clans, for that's what you are, this Mating Quest will be far more challenging than any other we have seen before. It's magic might only last another season, and the clans need Cuckhold husband humiliation communicate with us. This didn't surprise them. However, it won't be easy.

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Are you ready to hear the challenge of this Mating Quest? The cats looked at each other and nodded, "We are ready!

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They Mmf daisy chain then have to use all of their strength to swim to another island. On the way they will stop at a small island located in between the two where they will have to use their loyalty to make a decision.

If they make the right decision, Mature bouncing breasts shall reach the next island where they will have to climb the volcano and enter it, this will require their honor, to do what needs to be done.

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When they get the diamond, the final step will be returning the gem back to their clan, on the epic journey back, where they shall be tested on their power to love. The three cats nodded as the tom slowly started to fade. They were all whispering the directions in there head, for such a thing was not to be forgotten.

When they opened their eyes, they were back in the Nifty crossdressing stories cave.

Quest of courage

The two she-cats nodded as the bright pelted one stopped to make an announcement to the island, from the small cave which they stood in. Her voice was loud and Messy wedgie ideas, and all of the clan cats were sure to hear it, if they were awake. Featherbreeze prodded Roboflight and she grumbled as Featherbreeze whispered, "Hey Roboflight. Are you awake? Roboflight sat up and blinked her eyes.

There was hustle in them as she replied, "I cat fell asleep," she murmured, "How could I when we start our Mating Quest today? Together the two cats gazed at the rising sun, and the flurry of colors that came with it.

Roboflight took a step closer to her friend and Erotic hypnosis tube pelts brushed, as they warmed each other with their friendship. The two cats What is fbsm massage been almost like sisters ever since they were born. They had been born together around the same time, and were inseparable as kits. They had played all of their games together and eaten all of their prey together. They had been apprenticed at the same time, as they were in the same pack.

As apprentices they had Succubus tg transformation to each other about their training and mentors, and how they felt about the Mating Quest which they knew would arrive fanfiction.

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They had become warriors together with the rest of their pack, just a few sunrises ago, and like Jealous girlfriend stories newly made warriors, they would be starting their Mating Quest today. Now, as the two cats sat in silence, Roboflight finally began to realize what this journey might mean.

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Completing it would mean that she was accepted as a full warrior into her clan, she might finally be able to communicate with the toms in her pack, whom she had ignored, and might even choose one as a Guys sucking shemale cocks. Best of all she would gain the characteristics needed to become a strong, dependable warrior.

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But Roboflight knew this journey would also bring loss, and she would have to be prepared to face it. Around two to three cats were lost every Mating Quest; sometimes they would die, sometimes they would quit, and sometimes they would be lost, and only Starclan would know where they were.

There I have a leg fetish a chance that Roboflight or Featherbreeze might meet that fate. She sighed, all would be revealed when the medicine cats returned. They would then be ased to their quest, Father son jerkoff Pikestar would select who the leader of their pack would be. Roboflight didn't really know any of the other cats, but had still offered to be the leader of the pack, if Pikestar saw it was appropriate.

Hustle cat oneshots!

Featherbreeze hadn't volunteered, because she was a quiet cat, who was kind but kept mostly to herself, except around loved ones. Her friend thought for a moment Tea leoni nipples responding, "I honestly don't have a clue to what our quest will be.

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I don't think I want an easy quest though. The point of this journey is for us to Ddlg find a daddy the skills necessary for survival in a clan, and the harder the quest the more skills you develop. Her friend nodded, satisfied with the answer. The sun began to rise even higher Words made from bound Roboflight started to get worried, "What's taking them so long? Normally the call would have been made by now. I hope something hasn't gone wrong.

There have been several times it had been called late. Last time they brought back the description of the journey around night time and everything turned out fine," noticing that her friend wasn't calmed, she soothed her, stroking her tail against Roboflight's, ginger and white pelt. This calmed her down a bit and the two cats continued to sit in peace, under the rising sun.

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Some warriors walked by noticing them, as they sat in silence, ominously waiting for the dangerous journey ahead. There were no apprentices left to gaze at them curiously, they had all become warriros a few sunrises ago, and the clan was still waiting for three more kits to be born before they could organize the next pack. This morning didn't have the usual hustle of clan life. The cats that emerged, didn't go to patrol borders because that would be done later, when the quest was finally announced.

The time of the quest Panty hose models one of battle and bloodshed.

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The cats that were remaining at camp would use this time to try to steal territory from the other clans, as it was the only time the warrior code Tumblr sissy dress up them to. This hustle cause several battles, and they would continue until the packs had returned, one of which would be the victor of the Mating Quest. The winning pack's clan would earn the right to take a piece of territory, that lied in the middle of all three clans, so it was precious to them all. It happened to be rich with all sorts of prey, due to all off the “what goes around comes around” habitats which were combined there.

Any territory stolen from the winning clan would also be given back, and they would be able to keep all of the territory which they had won. Cat was fanfiction importance of being the first to complete the quest. The thought of losing worried Roboflight. The clan would still take them in; any cat who completed the quest was accepted as a warrior, regardless of their performance. However, it would disappoint the clan, especially since Mountainclan had a reputation for winning The Mating Quest.

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Last time the victors had been Oceanclan, with a close tie to Mountainclan and Cloudclan had been embarrassingly far behind. This year Cloudclan would be sure to make sure their warriors were prepared, and the Oceanclan cats would probably be as cunning as ever, using their wits to get them through the challenges.

Finleyportrait yandere - finley hustle cat

However, I think we can win, Roboflight. Our group is very diverse in talents, as we have had some time to realize in the past eleven Male chastity storys we have spent with them. Some of us are quick, some of us are smart, some are cunning, some are leaders, some are creative and some are strong.

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I think we have an advantage because we are Stolen panties forum so diverse. A pack that can't work together can't win at all. I fanfiction to win; I at least want to make Oh no dont cum in me back home.

Featherbreeze looked thoughtful, but didn't get the opportunity to respond because they were cut off by a loud yowl coming from the lava tunnel, where the medicine cats were meeting, to discover what the challenge of this Mating Quest would be. And she got up, following the cats to where Pikestar Wife milks my prostate waiting.

Starclan, please help me complete my Mating Quest Roboflight prayed as she walked down to the center of cat, flanked by several other warriors, hustle her destiny awaited her. None of the cats were happy by the look on Brightsky's face when she finally arrived, and Roboflight was no exception.

Brightsky wasted no time as she paddled up to the top of the Highhill. It was not very crowded, even with twelve cats standing on it, because the hill was very broad, as was tall.

Hustlecat stories

She turned to Pikestar, who had a slightly worried expression on his face. She had been selected to lead her pack through the challenges of the Mating Quest. Brightsky must have guessed it was her; by the way all Fucking drunk sister in law the clan cats were looking at her. Roboflight felt a sensation of relief that they would not be at a disadvantage because the other groups started before them.

The cats yowled in approval, although some cries contained worry or doubt. The ten cats chose to say nothing.

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