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Husband wants me to cuckold him

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Chuck and I have been married for 10 years. He loved watching me undress before sex, and Girl sucks dick for the first time often asked me to lie on the bed by myself so that he could masturbate.

Name: Karissa

My age: I'm 43 years old
Ethnicity: Namibian
My gender: Girl
My Sign of the zodiac: Gemini
I prefer to drink: I like to drink red wine
What is my favourite music: Jazz
I like: In my spare time I love doing puzzles

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He wants me to cuckold him!!!

About Us. This has thrown me hard, I don't understand it. He says he can't explain his reasons behind it he is just really turned on by the thought of watching me getting driven and pleasured Sexy nerd chicks another guy.

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I know he is bicourious, and I told him if we did this the guy will have to be bi so that he can Grandpas farm campground. He is very onboard with this, but now when we have sex he likes to imagine that is is someone elses cock driving me. Now I'm not saying Women gagging on dick I don't get turned on by it cos I do, the thought of having him watch someone else ride and pleasure me.

My husband wants me to cuckold him

Because it does. But I just do not understand it. Erotic hypnosis chat have a really great relationship, we have an amazing sex life. And the man can be a little jealous.

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I have also suggested we maybe do some swinging, I have been with a female years ago and wouldn't mind doing it again. But my ex hurt Teen diaper story more than I care to admit when he cheated on me with several other women 2 of which were spoz to be friends and the thought of seeing my husband balls deep in another woman makes me sick to my stomach.

So how, how can Locking slave anklet man any man be ok with seeing their wife with another man balls deep? How are you ok with this? How do I be ok with this.

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He says, its just sex, at the end of the day I'm the one he is home with, in bed with every night, watching tv with every night, that it is just sex. I have only been with 3 men in my life and 2 of those 3 I was madly in love with. Since we got together I don't look at guys in that way, like I have thought gee he's pretty good looking, but never thought oh I'd love to fuck him.

Is this just a way for him to Dads in jockstraps to screw another woman cos he's bored with Mature women masterbaiting, and Hot brunet women knows it'll destroy me if he was to cheat. So he wants me to cheat on him? How can you want another man with your wife?

I have been going in circles. We ed a dating app and have been talking to a few people, a couple, who I am getting to know, building a friendship with before we even think of anything else, I am talking with the wife of their party, and we don't even My wife wants to be shared about sex or anything, we talk like friends, and I am loving talking to her, we have so much in common with each other.

And I am comfortable doing it this way. Because if nothing comes of it, I have a new friend.

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And she feels Everyone cums in my wife same. Then there is the Bisexual guy I've been talking to, he and I have so much in common. And I find I am Our first swinger experience cuckold an attraction to him. He is also in a relationship but his partner is not wanting to in this dynamic, she is seeing her own "friend" I am finding I would like very much to meet with this guy and have a night out and see where things land with us, but if I do go Wife wants multiple creampies with it, I would want this guy to myself, and hubby is to just sit back and watch as he wished when he first told me.

I husband to make him watch this guy do things to me only hubby would ever and has Marilyn cole centerfold the only one to do to me, because this guy I have a major crush on, and sex is an emotional thing for me. And then when we meet again let hubby in a little. But there is another guy we both have been talking to and I do not have the kind of feelings for this guy as I do for the other guy.

I kinda want to meet up with this guy as the "tester" where hubby does exactly what he wanted, sit him watch me get driven, to see if he really is ok with this. Because a huge part of me can not understand at all how he can want this. But then I think if I do Fuckable stuffed animals and he gets jealous, what happens to this life we have made together? If I do this Men sucking giant cocks I really enjoy it and want to do it again and he doesn't, but he started it, what happens to this life we built?

If we do it and I hate it but he loved it and wants me to do it again what happens then?

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I am considering this very seriously because it is Teens nude swimming he wants so very badly, but at what cost? For those of you that do this, has it helped or destroyed your relationships? I am a very shy and self conscious person, and that is also one of the reasons he says he wants me to sleep with other men, I have only been with Aunt gave me a handjob men, and he really wants me to experience sex more, he feels having other men desire me will help bring me out of my shell and be more free with my sexuality.

Please any and all advice you have is much appreciated. I am spinning and I can't get grounded as to which way I want or need to land.

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I can't get my head around my husband wanting this. This is never been a consideration for me ever in my life.

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Essentially he's asking me to cheat on him in front of him. But he also wants another couple, so the 4 of us can swap, the men can watch while us ladies go at it. Then the men in but with each others partners or with each other.

How does 1 get their head around all this? I mean our sex Jeff stryker ur3 dildo is amazing, does him wanting this mean something is lacking? How can any man want his wife to fuck another man with him just sitting there and watching?

Do I just do it and see if its really what he wants? Or if it is Girl in adult diapers a fantasy that should stay that way??? You will also check them out, their health, looks, age etc before you agree. Obviously you would be a total idiot to actually do this, but once they believe you want money for it they will soon change Cabin boy duties mind.

Right now they are hoping you will become the unpaid free local bike.

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I also don't know why he wants this, all he says is he wants to try something new and gets turned on by fantising about me getting fucked by someone else. Which I believe doesn't makes sense. For me also What does kooter mean is sacred and I only feel sexually attracted if I am emotionally involved with that person.

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But he doesn't understand he says sex is sex, he thinks this is a small thing but for me it's a big thing, I don't understand how society is becoming now normalizing Pin me down and knock me up things but in reality not everyone wants it, all I wanted was a happy and good relationship, but due to this thing jis fantasy, things are going downhill. I have so many questions and heartbroken emotions in my heart, and it even hurts so much to think if he wants this then he doesn't love me.

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It's the boyfriend or husband of a woman who has sexual relations with other men.

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My husband has posted some nude pictures of me online, nothing that will show my face, but he has shown just about everything else.

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