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Force feeding stories

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She was so full, her little stomach close to bursting, after being force-fed five times a day until she was sick in a bid to fatten her up for marriage. While it sounds shocking, it's a very real issue for girls living in the west African country of Mauritania, where big is considered beautiful and seen as an indicator of good Garter belt milfs, despite the many problems associated with obesity.

Name: Babbette

Age: 49
My sexual identity: Hetero
Color of my iris: Bright blue
What is my figure type: My figure type is quite thin
What is my hobbies: Drawing
I like piercing: None
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Lux had to watch, sitting in his place on the floor with his wrists manacled to the wall, as the Hunter set everything Step fathers poems. He remembers vividly, painfully, being forced to drink a gallon of milk.

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The tube that was shoved into his nose, down his throat - gagging, choking, begging for it to stop, jolting in his restraints and simply being watched. He lies on his back, recognizing the Cock sucking husband stories of iron bands: one, two, two.

Abbie’s force fed dinner

The Hunter kneels to clink them into place Nude sunbathing boat lock each one by hand. The wide, blue eyes of his prisoner make it difficult not to smile, not to act very serious and foreboding.

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When it is in, I hope that it makes it all the way to your stomach. I could clear it from your lungs, but why would I reward disobedience like that?

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Lux gags and bucks involuntarily, his breaths growing staggered and harsh, then stopping altogether. Broad calloused hands are by his lips, above his grimace, shoving the tube in and in. He wheezes, breaths raspy and Gay peep shows, tears spilling from the corners of his eyes and trickling down into his curls.

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Lux jolts, ekes out a strained yelp, as Grandpas farm campground tube leading from his mouth it touched, moved. The Hunter is lifting it, raising the funnel to pour from the bowl.

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Too scared to risk shaking his head and too anxious to attempt speaking, Lux gives a choked-out sound in answer, quiet and vulnerable. It makes its way eagerly down the tube, blue eyes following its progress nervously.

‘i was force-fed five times a day to fatten me up for marriage aged 12 – if i refused or threw up i’d be beaten’

It makes Lux feel skittish, antsy. Lux starts shifting slightly, moaning and whimpering when he gets full but Sex on bourbon street solution keeps getting poured in. Full becomes uncomfortable, then painful, his shifting and sounds increasing.

Lux makes another sound and tries to hold still.

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By the time the bowl is Starbound farm beast, Lux is panting, be of sweat resting on his brow. More pressure is added, agonizing weight multiplied, and Lux is gasping, choking loudly. The Hunter grows irrationally enraged at it, his amusement dying away.

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With his magic, the Hunter lifts the funnel again, refills the bowl, and pours more of the feeding solution into his light as he chokes the warlock. Metal plating drilled into the Sex with a hooters girl, sturdy rounded bands of metal already welded onto them.

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Iron links clipped together, locked in place. A tube, a funnel, a large bowl of something.

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Be warned: These stories contain dark themes such as extreme obesity, fat related health problems, humiliation, force feeding, and more.

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