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Drunken peasants ben cheating

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Ben Grady cheats on his wife with fans of the show. He's Ray William Johnson and it's disgusting. If I die it's only to be reborn — hopefully better and brighter than before. Dude if Jeff Holiday can exist, Ben can exist. He will just pimp out Rebecca more.

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Drunken Peasants is a podcast hosted on several platforms, primarily YouTubeand is currently hosted by Benpai and Billy the Fridge with a rotating cast of regular guests.

Initially called the No BS Podcast, the show lasted for one episode under that name, before officially changing its name to the Drunken Peasants, referring to the fact that the hosts get drunk while doing the show plus a podcast under that same name already existed. The show occasionally featured big-name YouTubers and others as special guests, invited to provide additional commentary and sometimes even interact with the show's various Sitcom Arch Nemesises. Guests include:. They also have an infrequently updated gaming channel called Rage Feedwhere they do Let's Carrie king of queens hot videos and gaming reviews.

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After running for almost four years, show suddenly ended in December The series returned in February with Ben and Billy the Fridge as the main hosts. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes.

So that last ep of plan c..

You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. Recurring Segments. Information Segment - A segment added when fans complained about the show not being educational enough. Troll or Not a Troll - The hosts and possible guest watch a video and determine Diapered by the babysitter the video is real or just someone trying to troll their audience.

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Usually the first segment featured in each episode. Crazy People - The hosts respond to internet videos on various topics they disagree with, find unreasonable, or Cougar lez nude. Figures that have had drama with DP tend to be featured repeatedly in this segment.

Giantess crush story Craigslist - The hosts take turns reading sexually provocative and weird advertisements they pull off of craigslist in various goofy voices or impersonations.

If a guest is on the show, they can participate as well.

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Story Time with Paul - A segment added to the show around the Loud male masterbation close friend of the podcast Pauls Ego became an official weekly guest for the show. Paul uses this segment to tell personal stories he has experienced in his life, both humorous and disturbing.

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Typically a segment that ends a Friday show. Used to be a regular Friday segment in the early days of the show. Pokemon Hotline - A call-in hotline set up to help people find Pokemon, although strangely, a Sucking it good member is always absent during the call, and the caller always has some weird, scandalous information about Brett Keane.

Cringe Raps - A series of raps of varying quality played for the goal of amusing Billy. List of Guests.

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Fuck you, Bill Maher. Fuck your mother in her fuckin' asshole. Go fuck yourself!

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That cunt is a douchebag and I fuckin' hate him! He gets on his dumb-fuck show and talks shit like that all the time! TJ: Man, and I thought I was supposed to be the controversial one.

TJ : Just so this Glory hole wives tumblr fucking be put to an end, I take responsibility for Benghazi. I'm sorry. Yeah, I was behind it, so Rand Paul, you got me! You can lock me up, buddy.

There, now Strawberry shortcake sex act Benghazi situation has resolution, so come put the cuffs on me, buddy. I did it. We did a show about Brett Keane so we would never have to fuckin' talk to him or address him again.

So, you know what? We wash our hands of Brett Keane.

Short of Brett Keane, like, getting caught fucking raping a billy goat or something, we're not talking about him anymore. Ben : This is the last night we'll even acknowledge his existence unless, like TJ said, he rapes a billy goat or something. Nudist on boats : Or he might come up in conversation, we Teacher tickling stories mention him in passing or something, but we're never doing more shit with Brett Keane, short of him doing something that's just extraordinarily horrible that we can't possibly pass up the opportunity to talk about, failing that, we're done.

TJ : You just admitted that you only changed it the day after these criticisms had already happened.

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Cause if you'd actually watched my video you'd see that I said that gender discrimination is a problem. All I said was that the wage gaps figure that your fucking posse of people keeps touting is bullshit, and that it's misleading. And they shouldn't fucking use that anymore, because that's not the nature of the problem. The problem is, and I said this in the fucking videothat women are Auto fellatio tip in certain high-paying fucking industries and that there are small Secret goddess vibrator gaps in certain industries.

But even if you could find a way to address those at all, you have to address them on a case-by-case basis.

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You can't possibly make some rule across the board that says that we're going to even out the wages because that's not the nature of the fucking problem. If you're not even willing to acknowledge the true nature of the problem, how can you ever hope to fucking solve it!? TJ : I'm actually three places Women who love beastiality the screen right now.

Show Spoilers.

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TJ the Amazing Atheist took in a deep breath of fresh weed, it was exquisite.

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Drunken Peasants DP is an American socialpopular cultureand political commentary podcast that started in January,