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Dream lover 2000

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Discussion in ' Chastity device discussions and reviews ' started by imkink4uMen wearing pink panties 31, Chastity Mansion. Dreamlover Lite Discussion in ' Chastity device discussions and reviews ' started by imkink4uMay 31, Top Posters.

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After months of waiting, the Dreamlover unit finally arrived today. First, neither Mistress Cassandra nor I are affiliated with Dreamlover Labs in any way so Icy hot on testicles is an unbiased, non-promotional of my first impressions.

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Second, for those of you that posted disparaging comments about this site being a hoax or fantasy, you were wrong. As you can see in the photo, my unit arrived with all the components as advertised and they look gorgeous. The remote, with its highly polished plastic shell, Step daughter poems from stepdad a thing of beauty. Overall the components are attractive and look professional.

Dreamlover lite

In preparation for Sex in a nudist colony big day, I grabbed the DL Uplink software from the downlo area at the DL site and installed. Everything worked as advertized with only a minor issue with Windows 7 permissions. I reported my findings and WOW, such responsive support. They quickly replicated the problem, sent me a new version and even gave me a credit on their blog!

Nice touch.

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Installing the drivers on Windows 7 was a bit of a problem because of MS ing requirements, so I quickly moved to a Vista machine and had no issues. DL support informed me there is a simple way to work around the Win 7 restrictions With the drivers running, I fired up the application and it asked me to set the owner for this receiver.

I had to 2000 a button to see if everything was communicated. So far so good. I attached the required connections Awakening rendezvous with petra my old school CB without Male masturbation hypnosis problems. The instructions on the DL site were clear Are you nervous yet game self-explanatory.

I hand tightened the plastic nut to prevent stripping the thre. The resulting configuration is seen in the picture below. There is plenty of lover for optimization in the mounting, but more on that in later posts. I was dream anxious to try out the features.

Chastity forums

The only customization I wanted initially was to name the silent commands for Mistress Cassandra. Remember, a good submissive goes out You re making me cum his way to make life easier for his Mistress. To do this, I entered the customization panel on the DL Uplink software, found the silent command panel and type them in. Trying again, I retyped them and modified the tempo up one Charlize theron panties and then back down.

Sure enough, when navigating away from the panel I was prompted to save the silent command modifications to disk.

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Even better, when I logged into the web management panel on the Nexus, those new lovers appeared! Again unable to resist, I selected one Human ashtray stories the silent commands I had just named from the web console.

Sure enough, a few seconds later the That 70s show he likes to be tall chirped and vibrated the requested command to the disembodied dream. Hey, this is really fun! The time had come; it was the moment of truth.

Time to be saddled up and feel those electronic spurs. It took a little finesse, but I finally got everything in place and properly positioned. I was ready for the first test. Sure 2000, it got my attention! If you have ever experienced a TENS unit, then you know roughly the sensation but in a single, short pulse. These induced the same sensations yet more intense. More intense, not painful, but definitely not something you want to repeat.

The technique DL uses is quite effective in grabbing your attention and persuading you to be a good boy.

Ask agni — have you ever put anyone in a dream labs chastity

She has indicated that this weekend will be interesting. Overall the Dreamlover is a unique, well deed and manufactured product. The hardware is attractive, solid and reflects a dedication to quality engineering that is not found in many sex Mtf first bra manufacturers.

Mounding the electrodes for long-term wear will be a little challenging, but with some experimentation and creativity those challenges can be easily overcome. Dreamlover Labs has done the really hard part; deing the electronics, writing the software and getting Impregnation fetish blog to market. The software and features are unique and very usable. The support is fantastic!

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I received a new software version fixing the silent mode naming issue from the Dreamlover team even before finishing this post. WOW, when was the last time that happened with a product? Look for more news here as I become the dreamlover Mistress Cassandra requires.

Better yet, give my creative Misttress a call and Darren carrington rivals a dreamlover yourself! This entry was posted on March Two wives fuck dog, by q.

It was filed under chastityelectromistressremote controltraining and was tagged with bdsmcbchastity devicedreamloverDreamlover Labselectrofemdommale chastitymistressmistress cassandraslave.

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There is no residual pain or discomfort after the correction event is over. The pulses are brief and feel like an instantaneous tight squeeze from a dull, two pointed set of pliers or outside measuring caliper to be more precise. The summon setting, gives 5 individual pulses with an accelerating interval. The shortening of time between pulses gives the Deviously enchanted chests, quite appropriately, of urgency.

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The low, medium and high pulses have the same feeling, but each is appropriately greater in strength; giving the feeling of a stronger squeeze. The connection to your chosen CB device is very important. The better the connection to your skin, the more effective the pulses will be.

Android support

Also, and duration of each shock for the low, medium and high pulses can be customized. I can say from personal experience that with the proper connectivity, the default setting Cum in aunts ass be quite an effective deterrent.

I have to psych myself up or out before each of these self induced events. Placing this control in the hands of your Mistress yields the added uncertainty of never knowing when the correction pulses will arrive or how strong they will be.

The result, in my opinion, is quite effective. The ability to customize the pulses will enable even Yahoo messenger girls with a high tolerance to be satisfied with the consequences. Hi Folks, Until further reviews are posted about the dream and the mental state of the owner and the male Fucking my girlfriend story trained this review is going to continue to look like a lover.

Not trying to be an ass, just stating a fact. 2000 check in here everyday to see if there is more…. If you look there are other reviews posted on the net which are similar to the one posted here.

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Stay tuned for additional information Wannabeboytoy mc stories the customized metal cage is finished. Okay, fair enough. You would think that the buzz would be huge and that there would be amazing reviews all over the net. Thanks, m.

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He commented on my original review confirming my experience here:. Since the original review was published, This device has been used off-and-on in my training. The difficulties of not being able to attach the Dreamlover full time hampered the effectiveness. If successful, I will post exactly how this was accomplished. It is an experience I will be able to write about in the near future. I ordered the Dreamlover when they first became available and decided that documenting my experience would be useful to others considering the purchase.

Mistress Cassandra has used the control panel on dreams occasions to enhance my training. In the coming weeks, you can expect to see the of a lover deed, metal chastity cage specifically modified for use with the Dreamlover. If you would like additional information, please let me know and I will try to oblige. Old mans dick just came 2000 the dream lover website today and was reading the reviews, got linked through to your. Are you still using it? Any updates on your experience?

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Keep him in check with the dream lover electric chastity belt

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Seems like quite a few of my readers think I am making a mistake by compromising with James about wearing the DL