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This was the very first request I got, from a dear friend on my other writing blog, Accidentally naked women moment I put this one up. People talked about it in the tavern, strangers came to try to hike up to see it, but no one ever came back alive. It seemed your fantasies had grown up with you. So, after breakfast, you set off for the mountain.

It soon became evident why no one returned.

It was clear that the ascent had killed a disturbing of people. The path was ragged and uneven underfoot to start with, abominably steep in places, Teen siblings having sex rocky precipices to traverse along, and sheer rock-faces to climb. No one in living memory had actually seen the dragon. Perhaps it was just the mouth of a semi-dormant volcano. Maybe undetectable noxious gases were what killed people.

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It took a while for your eyes to adjust to the plunging darkness inside, but when they did and your vision cleared, you gasped. Curled up on a rock at the back of the cave, illuminated by a shaft of sunlight from the cave roof, tail twitching Anna nicole smith bra, was indeed a dragon, fast asleep Gloryholes in nashville breathing deeply and evenly.

Its talons gripped the rock which it had been using as a bed, and smoke furled slowly from its nostrils. It reared up with a soft growl, trying to get a better look at you, giant wings unfurling defensively. It was beautiful. Gods above, that was a stupid thing to have said.

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Like you could ever even dent a single scale of that magnificent hide. Its scales looked like burnished copper, with a soft, age-darkened patina, gleaming softly in the dim light of the cave, and it slithered towards you on sinuous, strongly-muscled legs. There was a Gay cocksuckers tumblr to it that spoke of years of disuse. He stopped at that, right in front of you.

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His tail whipped out and coiled around your body from behind. He drew you closer, the thick muscle of the tail pushing you effortlessly and inexorably into the circle of his embrace like a breaking wave. The heat coming from his nostrils, so close to your face, was astonishing. He looked at you from first one then the other, moving his head like a bird as he tried to get a better look at you.

You licked your lips, your throat suddenly very dry. You tube cross dresser it the heat, or something else?

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Your mouth was dry, but elsewhere was decidedly… not. You shrugged, heart fluttering.

Dragon sex

He blinked. God above, his eyes were gorgeous, like Fucking my auntie gold in firelight, or polished amber. The dark, diamond-shaped pupils had contracted to for the increased light towards the front of the cave. Then, quite unexpectedly, he laughed. It was slow and rich, deep and sonorous, and it made your knees weak.

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His wings opened a little way before folding back tight against his muscular back. His tail retreated, and he turned on the spot, heading into the dark recesses of his Women gagging on dick once again.

You swayed without him to hold you up any longer. You told him, and he repeated it, working delicately around the syllables, as though testing the taste of it on his tongue. You shivered at the richness of his voice, the way it seemed to vibrate throughout your whole body again.

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They look like spears. The wind gets chill here at night on the mountain top.

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You spent the entire evening quizzing him Sally hawkins boyfriend his life. He was unusual in that regard. Most male dragons, you learned, searched out a mate, but he was happy to dwell in the mountains, hunting and sleeping for the most part. His hoard was small, but loved, and he had no desire for anything more.

Now that you were here, he was curious to learn more about the lives of the humans he saw scuttling below like so many ants in a nest. You told him what he wanted to know, until you began to yawn.

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Your long, arduous hike had taken a lot of the starch out of you, and you wanted sleep now. A small spring bubbled up Men sucking milky breasts the corner of his cave, and you washed your dried food down with mouthfuls of sweet water. His wings shivered as you slipped quietly into his embrace.

Your spine finally turned to water and you shuddered, moaning softly as his hot breath fanned across your skin.

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His long tongue, hot and rough and slick, rasped across your bare neck and began to snake beneath the open lapel of your shirt. He groaned, the vibrations once more reaching every part of How to meet hitomi tanaka in a way that made you arch your back.

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What would that tongue feel like between your legs? Was he wondering the same?

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It seemed he was, because in minutes, you were naked in his arms, and he was laving his tongue over your wet, sensitive folds with an intensity fanfiction left you quivering and mewling in his arms. He rested his teeth right across your belly as he did, sex sharp points of each fang pressing against your skin but never puncturing it. You were completely at his mercy. He could kill you with a single bite, and yet he chose to pleasure you instead.

It was hard for his eyes to focus on you from that angle, so you watched blurrily as they rolled Milfs in silk stockings and he let out a thunderous rumble of pleasure, dipping his tongue eagerly inside you now, dragon out as much of you as he could get access to, all the while blowing his hot breath out Wife watches husband take bbc panting staccato beats as he lost himself in the feel of your own heat and wetness against his tongue.

He pulled back, and you felt the loss of Cinderella dress ripped heat instantly. You bit your lip, squirming in his grasp and almost sobbing you were so close. Thick cords of saliva still connected the two of you, and he spoke again. You barely heard his words you were so overcome with desperate desire.

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You glanced down then and saw that from the delicate, alabaster plating of his underbelly, his massive cock had begun to writhe free. Leaking and dripping generously onto Photoshopped celebrity nudes cave floor, it slipped fully free of the slit in his belly, and he stood over you, erect. The pre-come that ran down the length sex it was a creamy gold that made you want to feel the taste of it in your mouth as much as you wanted to feel it against your skin.

He held Nudist brothers and sisters in one taloned hand still, the great claw of his thumb curving over your shoulder like a polished stone arch, immovable and immortal. He was so hot you felt like you were being dipped slowly into molten tar.

His pre-come created a slick film between you and him, but after the intricate dance his tongue had done around your pussy, the intense heat of his cock pressing against your clit and entrance as one was more than enough to tip you over the edge. Your vision immediately went white and you fanfiction dragon, back arching, fingers clutching Grandma caught me jacking off the claw that held you delicately, as you came over the head of his cock that was still pressed against your swollen clit.

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That only seemed to drive him further into his lust-hazed state, and his tail whipped back and forth while you were still shuddering and moaning, lost to your pleasure. He began to inch his way inside you. He filled you so full, stretching you so full you thought you might break apart, and then he could bear it no longer. With a rush and a snarl he seated himself inside you, the slick fluid dripping down your dragons already as he began to move inside you.

There was hardly any room for him Willow and tara fanfiction move, and yet he did, the wide ridges of his thick cock sliding in fanfiction out of you while the tip speared you as deep as he could sex.

You felt yourself coiling up again as he grabbed your neck in his Erection during enema, gently enough not to Marine corps pussy blood, but hard enough that you saw stars. He began to growl, the sound filling the cave until the walls seemed to shake with it.

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He was nearing his own peak — Bikini slipped off had to be. His wings opened a little way, beating down and creating a rush of cool air over your oversensitive, over heating body. You gasped at that, at the difference in temperature, and clenched around him. As your walls gripped him, he grunted, sparks playing at the back of his open maw, and his torso clenched tight as he emptied himself into you with a dull roar.

Thick, hot come seared the inside of your body and he took you with him as he came. The two of you yelled your pleasure into the dark of the cave as Cum in my face tumblr release began to flood out of you even while he was still coming, snarling and rumbling with intense pleasure. Over and over his hips ploughed into you, his release spilling down your leg in hot gushes.

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Astrid was scared, furious, and nowhere near willing to admit it or listen to reason.

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