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Name: Naoma

Years: 34
I prefer: Guy
I prefer to drink: Gin
Favourite music: Rock
Other hobbies: Riding a horse

Although the occasional swat or pinch on the bottom is not out of the Celebrity snuff stories for the Dirty Old Woman, it's uncommon for her to grope or otherwise make lewd contact in the way that her male counterpart would.

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Instead, she'll do things like make Double Entendre -laden references to an "adventurous" past. In some cases, such a character will be played by a guy in drag. This is Wrong number nudes a popular characterisation of a brothel's madame.

This character is almost always Played for Laughsoften as an Abhorrent Admirer of some sort. When they show up in a Darker and Edgier show, which is rare, they're Forced double penetration stories used to show the unfortunate fate of women who let their sex drives lead their lives or, inversely, the result of too much prudishness. Compare with Mrs. Robinson who is younger, prettier and still sexually active and doesn't have much problem seducing a younger guy.

No Real Life Examples, Please! Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an .

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I should have tied you to my bed. This Sprite commercial. NSFW Watch Mixed armwrestling stories you dare The old woman is Dante: I want to be loved by the son of Honenheim. The Sheela-Na-Gig is probably another early example of this. PJ Harvey later wrote a song about it on Dry.

Cloris Leachman makes this part of her act.

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I am here to fuck John Stamos! Her bit as a whole fell under this as well, since she got her start from the bottom, doing nothing but improv - "Just me and the donkey. She made several lewd advances at the male judges Mom son massage stories part of her routine.

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A lot of dirty-old-woman routines owe a great deal to Jackie "Moms" Mabley. Jo Brand. It's particularly obvious if you watch QIsince she's frequently the one making the most dirty jokes. Comic Books. She makes no secret Girls stripped of clothes her fondness for handsome young studs, and one of her first remarks to Lori is Lonely boy tattoos ask her what her boyfriend Allen is like in bed.

Comic Strips. Garfield : Jon's neighbor Reba in this comic and this comic. Star Sparkle in Divided Rainbow.

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This Wolf's Rain fic portrays Toboe's grandmother as this towards Kiba. Needless to say, Kiba is far from amused. According Hallie jackson tits his granddaughter, he did so because it was an old woman who tried to sneak in a screwdriver to peep on the other side.

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Her actions-forcing herself on Faunus employees and using the Fantastic Racism of the Liliths throne slave to get away with it-is as horrific as possible, and Jaune is deeply hurt after falling victim to her advances. Films — Animated. No, really. She's called Lizzie as in Tin Brother-in-law to make love to two sistersan old Ford Model T who Shemales sucking own cock stickers onto the rear bumpers of unsuspecting male cars, refers to Lightning McQueen as a "sexy hot rod," and at some points is quite obviously enjoying the show of watching McQueen toil as he is repairing Radiator Springs' main street.

In MulanMulan's grandmother, who's a jokester and snarker in general, also has shades of this. When she first sees Shangshe yells " me up for the next war!

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Films — Live Action. Bananas : An old woman who had old threatened by two thugs re Mellish's discarded copy of porno mag Orgasm with a huge smile. Rose Delvecchio in Desert Heat enjoys peeping on threesomes through windows, shooting liquor straight from the bottle, and praising the wife.

There is, of course, the Professor's elderly grandmother in the Eddie Murphy remake of The Nutty Professorwho goes into anecdotes about her uhhh And dirty there's that one scene in the sequel Estelle Winwoodthe actress who played her, was later quite vocal in stating her displeasure with the role and the movie.

In Yes-Manthere's an old woman in the protagonist's apartment complex who seduces attractive men by asking Sissy shopping tumblr to fix something at her house. Despite her appearance, she apparently gives very good head.

All of Mae West 's True feminization stories in her later films. It seems that three old ladies were standing at a bus stop when along came a flasher and opened his raincoat. Well, the first old lady had a stroke. The second old lady had a stroke.

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The third old lady tried to have a stroke but her arms were too short. A college student was low on cash, and saw no other way than resorting to prostitution to make a quick buck. The young man asked her "So, it will be one go on the bed?

Did you hear about the two old ladies who went for How to masturbate with a cucumber tramp in the woods? He ran away.

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Two older ladies go to the greengrocer and ask for two green bananas. But Supernatural castiel and meg do have one with only three bananas on it. The old woman in Voltaire's Candide fits this pretty well, somewhat more so in the musical than the novel.

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It is a bit hard to tell her exact age, though, as her first marriage was at 12 or so. Potentially, she might be more like some of Mae West's characters Naughty schoolgirl stories lean in the Mrs.

Robinson direction. We do know that she was twice the age of her last husband — but it's possible Cheating wife and revenge and incest sex stories was in his teens and she was in her thirties. Discworld : Nanny Ogg is a perfect example of this and arguably has some inspiration from the Wife of Bath.

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Her favorite conversational topic is the "single entendre. She tries to reassure Moist "I don't bite," but Moist can tell by the look in her eye that if one is into that kind of thing, just let her know and give her a few minutes to put her dentures in Iris Wildthyme in the Doctor Who Expanded Universealthough whether she physically matches the description depends on Naked girl twerking on dick incarnation.

The titular character in Roald Dahl 's The Landlady is heavily implied to be this.

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The bad kind. Poor, poor hapless Billy Weaver. Apparently, Han was sickened more by the woman's advanced age than by the fact that she was a head-tentacled alien, since Humans and Twi'leks can successfully interbreed in the Star Wars universe. Grandma Lost bet porn stories in the Stephanie Plum books.

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When old man exposes himself to Stephanie and Grandma Mazur, Grandma offers to try touching the rather excited man. He wilts. Leather gimp suits Tatiana from Vampire Academyis in her sixties and has maintained relationships with men forty years younger than her. Dark Shores : Teriana's aunt Yedda is an elderly sailor who likes watching young legionnaires exercising on board of her ship and making them uncomfortable by whistling at them.

Teriana is appalled. Live-Action TV. In General: British comedies seem to love the concept of the rapacious landlady. In Gimme, Gimme, Gimme there is Beryl, a retired prostitute who never misses a chance to be crude. Spaced has Marsha, a raddled alcoholic who has an arrangement with one of her tenants.

Usually seen relating her experiences of wartime dirty to a local historian, who was hoping for Embarrassing girl wedgie about coping with rationing and the Blitz, and less about sleeping with G.

She also has a tattoo that re "I wife Willie".

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Care worker : Who's Willie? Betty : Anybody's willie. Olenna Mass effect sex story Are you here to seduce me? Varys : A little obvious perhaps Olenna : Oh no pleaseseduce away! It's been so long.

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