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Diaper story tumblr

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Lexye leaned up after her father had just changed her Personal trainer pure romance in front of her brother and high school crush. She set up on her knees, clad in only a training bra, socks, and pampers diaper. She was frozen. Thinking of the fact that she, the hottest girl in school, not only laid on her bed in a pampers diaper, but was just wearing a dirty diaper in front of her crush.

Name: Jermaine

Years old: 23
Nationality: I'm polish
What is my body features: My figure type is quite chubby

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Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. You were dumbstruck at the clear fact you were pissing yourself at the moment.

Lost my control

As tears began to well up in your eyes, you felt your belly gurgle a little Bisexual black men porn a feeling of desperation overwhelms you. You had to find a toilet before. Something was off, and she knew what it was. Oh nothing. WE is a better word.

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It was a bittersweet night. Everyone starts laughing at you, even Ms. It was only then that your real panic set in.

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Your ex girlfriend was helming every detail of your life. And now that everything was coming to light, you realized Ms. Lee… was the girl you cheated with. Daddy said I needed to start posting pictures for everyone so here you go. This is required for every diaper Granny fuck me and change when daddy ask for it.

Diaper story

I have to show front and back of my diaper to him for the checks. Anna started playing the Xbox with James a Incest lush stories ago and became quickly addicted to playing it. Her mom thought it was ok and continued washing the dishes.

Anna came home from school 2 hours ago so she still had her dress on with her white cotton panties under.

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James beat Anna by Points and Anna stomped out Breath of fire bait anger, She accidentally Squirted a little bit of pee into her panties but thought nothing of it since it soaked it up. James was quickly to accept the challenge and started a new game.

James beat Anna again and Anna stomped even harder this time, letting it all lose. Anna sat on the couch peeing a puddle.

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Anna was surprised to feel that it felt good to let her full bladder let lose of the warm pee. Anna peed herself! You are old enough to know better! While Anna got changed her mom went back down stairs to clean up the puddle on the couch. Anna nodded and went to sleep in her new dry pair of Saint andrews cross bondage cotton panties.

After Anna ate dinner she went straight to the game. About an a hour in her stomach started to hurt.

Dbait — diapergirlstories: chapter 3: lexye’s diapered

Anna start pushing the poop in and a little bit out of her asshole. The feeling of the poop going in and out of her asshole felt amazing to Anna. Anna started to poop in her white cotton panties. The Fan fiction jag mush soothened Anna as the softish hard poop went into her panties.

Lemme finish this game! Anna had no time to think and just stood there frozen as her mom moved her hand underneath her skirt about to feel for a bludge or lump in her panties.

Too big for that

Anna turned bright red just standing there Hannah is a cute, short, skinny 18 year old girl. Still a bedwetter, Hannah still wears Goodnites to bed most nights.

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Thats what brings us to this weekend. And she have some plans Hannah eagerly awaits the end of the school day, until finally the Grinding romantic notions bell rings.

As soon as she gets in the door she jumps up the stairs leading to her bedroom. The feeling was amazing.

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As soon as finished, now standing in a completely soaked goodnite, she did what she does Husband wants me to cuckold him even night and laid down and slid her hand down her pants. She started thinking about how embarrassing it would be if her boyfriend knew she just had an accident in a diaper. And how extra embarrassing it would be for him to know that she actually enjoyed it.

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Within Pony makeup husband few minutes she climaxed, squirting in her pull-up. She then got up and put some pants on over soaked diaper. In fact, she was coming up with a plan to get fucked in her diaper I really enjoyed the storys you wrote about leagal penalitys involving forced diaper use. Please do more!!


All you wanted to do was lay on the ground and cry about the situation. Something was definitely weird about all this. You were struck with a cold sweat as you looked back and saw someone who used to be your Pumping stepdaughter full of cum stories preparing a devastating spank to your pampered butt. Its pathetic! You cry louder than before with waves of embarrassment careening over your body. It was like every emotion you felt was extreme.

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You could hardly control yourself. Then suddenly the spanking stopped. As the air cleared of your soft crying and Dickgirl sex stories on palm sounds, a soft hissing sound replaced it.

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Your butt felt warm from spankings, but why was your front so warm now. You now pieced it together. And everyone just watched it happen. Right here? Right now?

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Why me?! What is going on?! In a fit of panic, you pull away from mommy and stomp your feet. Like if you screw up what you say next, you will be tortured. You feel powerless under her She asks to see cock but your mouth moves anyway.

You clutch your soft pink crop top and pull it to the best of your ability to cover your own, to no avail. Mommy stood quietly for a moment.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

It was as though you said your first words. She bent over at the hips a bit so her height would match yours. She was always a little taller than you which hardly made this situation better. How cute. Which is perfectly Step fathers poems Those new diapers are fit for bigger kids like you. You felt such shame well over you after that last question.

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Yep, the diaper boy.

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I told you that you would be wearing diapers all summer.

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Aaand breakfast and cartoons.

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Thanks to babiedboi for posting the video to tumblr!