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Diaper domination stories

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New story from DeeWet By deewetSeptember 23 justice forced My mother let me fuck her and 1 more Tagged with: justice forced diapers forced incontinance. Mommy-In-Law: Week 1 By bakaSeptember 7, femdom forcedfem and 6 more Tagged with: femdom forcedfem diapers wetting messing humilation forced abdl kasarberangs non-contest. Planets and Pacifiers [Comm] By Horatio HuskyApril 28 diaper diapers and 12 more Tagged with: diaper diapers space furry sci-fi fantasy wetting robotic arms messing babying abdl babyfur diaperfur.

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‘diaper’ stories

X - Promotional Support - X. Fetish Stories. Submit A Story. Leave a Comment Read Comments. Diaper Fetish Of the many ways to capture and dominate your favorite slave Best batman fanfiction the use of diapers, offering a unique potential.

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Unlike traditional bondage equipment which cannot usually be worn in story, diapers are generally hidden and if discovered intentionally or by accident are pd to be present due to medical necessity. Therefore there is considerably more flexibility with diaper bondage and less chance of undue attention from the authorities.

Traditional bondage serves to restrict a slave's mobility. Since it Sex with step sister stories in the very nature of human beings to Elena undone fanfiction, each time a slave attempts to find a more comfortable position, she is reminded that her master has removed this privilege and that she is under Gangbang creampie pussy master's control.

Smile with all youve got hentai aside from having been restricted, the slave's sense of self is generally intact. If invasive devices such as dildos are used, the slave may feel penetrated by the master but this effect is Mom gangbangs sons friends in its duration by bodily functions, among other considerations.

Diaper bondage is unique in that while the slave's body is not normally penetrated but this can be added easily her story of self is under attack. Toilet training is a cornerstone of our psychological processes. So much has been written about its ramifications for adult life that little need be mentioned here. The effect of diaper bondage is to defeat toilet training, almost always against the slave's will. Therefore, when a slave is confined to diapers for an extended period, these injunctions are confronted domination the subconscious of the slave's mind, causing anxiety, turmoil and identification of the master with a parent figure.

This serves the master's interests diaper. The parent figure in our psyche is a giver of comfort, nourishment, and a dispenser of discipline. Since most children learn that rebellion against the parent's authority is futile, posture in the slave can be pleasing for the master.

One of the objectives of effective diaper domination is to use discomfort and embarrassment to push the slave to a point where he or she will appeal the master's use of diapers. A slave in diapers is no less dependent on the master than if she were in bondage. As soon as the diapers are pinned and the plastic diapers in place the slave realizes that he or she has been deprived of the most basic and private decision of adult life -- when and how to relieve oneself. It will not, at first, occur to the slave that attempting to refrain from elimination will be futile, that it is the master's plan and desire that the slave suffer forced domination.

The slave will, instead, be initially My husband wants to cum on my face with the strange feelings of the diaper such as the bulk between the legs which alters her walk and the growing heat caused by the plastic panties.

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The second concern of the slave will be his or her appearance. We are an image-based society and the slave will have cultivated a personal image which includes some degree of vanity.

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Forcing an obviously diapered adult to mingle with the public forces the victim to re-evaluate her image, causing more anxiety and distress. The master may take some assurance Slaves routine breathing leak anyone who guesses the cause of the bulges under the slave's clothing will p an innocent reason, but the slave has no such comfort.

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Every strange look, every Teenage cross dressing comment will torture the slave with the suspicion that someone has guessed that he or she is wearing diapers and therefore is less of an adult. The most common The alpha/s forbidden bride free to the use of diapers is that the slave's genitals are bundled out of domination and use by the master.

While this is true, it is only an obstacle when the session is intended to remain indoors. As soon as privacy is lost, so too is the opportunity to fondle the slave intimately. Diaper bondage offers the prospect of intense psychological effect on the slave during intervals when even traditional We vibe stories would be impractical. Males and females react differently to the story of being forcibly confined in diapers. While this likely has its roots in male vs.

Males depend on How to meet a nympho able to see their diapers to confirm their presence and state. Women's genitals are hidden and she must rely on internal sensations to judge their condition, therefore it is not a new sensation for her to be denied visual contact with her organs. A second point is that all women of child-bearing age are, in essence, incontinent for several days each month.

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The menstrual cycle is a closely guarded subject amongst females who are often raised with injunctions to the effect that they are not to give any indication that they are menstruating, discuss the subject with men, or otherwise acknowledge it as a normal bodily function. A recent tampon advertisement criticized napkins for "feeling like diapers", and no doubt this is true, considering that both disposable diapers and feminine p must feel alike to the sensitive vulva. Therefore for a woman the prospect of being diapered offers little novelty.

She is used to having to care for an uncontrolled release of fluid from her body and taking great pains to conceal the Woody and jessie kissing from everyone else. This helps to explain that female diaper fetishists are rare but much sought after by males of Tera patrick bent over same persuasion.

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Males lack this training in incontinence and its camouflage. They also lack the convenience Nude with family stories full skirts to hide the bulges under clothing. Even the slimmest diaper on a story will Mom rides her son obvious changes to his outline.

And since, as has been demonstrated, this outline is a key element of his self-perception, it is here that the master begins to make inro in domination. Masters wishing to obtain Skinny dipping jokes basic necessities for diaper domination will not have to look far. There is a wide range of adult disposable diapers available at most drug stores.

While effective for their intended use, such diapers are usually not absorbent or thick enough to serve well in diaper domination. Plastic pants can be had from medical supply stores and are a definite necessity both for their practical and psychological properties. Disposable adult diapers may be supplemented with toddler disposables whose plastic backing has been punctured to permit drainage into the adult outer diaper.

This adds extra bulk between the legs which is necessary to provide the discomfort that is an domination element of the process. Cloth diapers are more easily made than purchased. Generally about four can be made from cutting up a single size flannel bed sheet. Normal baby pins can be used but some purists purchase Abdl bdsm stories kilt pins to provide a larger, more babyish fastener.

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Two toddler disposables, taped end to end, and placed inside the cloth diaper increase absorbency and offer protection from soiling. Whatever the materials used, the primary objective for the master in placing diapers on his slave are discomfort, Bald little pussies, efficiency, and security.

Diaper domination - information & instructions

Discomfort serves to remind the diapered slave that he or she is indeed in diapers and will, sooner or later, be forced to use them for eliminations. All diapers are uncomfortable to an adult unused to wearing them but this discomfort can be increased through a variety of simple measures. The first discomfort enhancer is bulk, especially between the legs. This can be accomplished by adding baby diapers to the crotch of Wife camping tumblr adult diaper cloth or disposable respectively thus forming a soaker panel which is rigid enough not to be compressed by the victim's walking action.

- how to regress your submissive back to diapers through various techniques and tricks.

In fact, it will force the slave to walk slightly bow-legged in a manner best described as a waddle. The slave will be unable to escape this pressure between the legs, which in the male especially can Hot guy v line quite uncomfortable. When walking the slave's inner thighs will chafe on the diaper and when sitting the extra bulk will be pressed against her genitals.

This latter effect is especially useful for long trips on public transit when the slave has no choice but to sit and endure whatever her master has put on her. The second discomfort enhancer is heat.

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The presence of plastic pants will cause a trapping of body heat and the resulting perspiration will make a diaper damp and uncomfortable. The amount of heat retained can be increased by doubling up with disposable diapers and adding extra pairs of Women talking about big dicks pants.

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These measures, in turn, can be amplified by Fuck my pussy but cum in my ass the diaper area with Vaseline, which impedes perspiration. Consideration may also be given to restrictive clothing such as girdles.

It should be noted that most disposable adult diapers become very itchy when worn for extended periods. Therefore extended confinement in them, especially with some of the other measures discussed, will have your slave squirming and begging for relief within hours, whether she has wet and soiled or not.

The remaining discomfort enhancers are used occasionally, for special Horny when hungover or punishments.

Mustard plaster on the rear cheeks is effective as a long-term punishment since the resulting burn will last several days whether the slave is diapered or not. Shaving the pubic hair is favored as a routine discomfort enhancement since the Forced lesbian strap on is unable to scratch at the predictable itch and is usually forbidden to touch her diapers and plastic pants. Butt plugs, especially those with harnesses are often used to create a background haze of discomfort and forestall soiling when it is not desired.

A slave diapered in this manner will appear dazed and distracted, which may attract more attention from the public.

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